Canon Interview: R1 / Global Shutter & Third Party-Lens Update

Are you tired of dealing with rolling shutter distortion in your video interviews? Canon has the solution for you with their new R1 camera, featuring a global shutter. In addition, Canon has also announced an update that allows you to use third-party lenses with their R system cameras. This exciting news opens up a world of possibilities for photographers and videographers looking to take their work to the next level. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of the Canon R1 global shutter and third-party lens update, discussing how these advancements can benefit your interview setups and creative projects.

Canon Interview: R1 / Global Shutter & Third Party-Lens Update

Canon was interviewed by Photo Trend last month at CP+ Plus, the photo and video trade show in Yokohama, Japan. Canon spoke candidly about the Canon EOS R1, global shutter, and supporting third-party lens makers, providing us with more details than previously. But before we dive into the details, please subscribe to this Channel. It doesn’t cost you anything, helps this channel grow, and keeps you up to date on the latest camera coverage.

Progress with Third Party Lens Makers

At CP+ last week, Canon spoke to Damien of Photo Trend. Damien asked about the progress that had been made with third-party lens makers. Canon clarified that as of now, there are no third-party RF lenses with autofocus available. Canon has not adopted an open strategy despite previous statements suggesting otherwise.

Support for Third Party Lens Makers

When questioned further about support for third-party lens makers, Canon mentioned that while they have more than 40 lenses available in their current catalog, they need diversity in their offerings to satisfy customer needs. Canon stated that they are currently communicating more than last year with third-party lens makers to bring more variety to their lens lineup.

Despite previous claims about opening up the RF Mount, Canon’s recent statements seem to contradict this. Many had hoped for a flood of third-party lenses to be released soon, but it appears that progress has been slower than anticipated.

Collaboration with Sigma and Others

Canon mentioned that they have a confidentiality agreement with other lens manufacturers regarding the types of lenses to be released and their position in the marketplace. While specific details were not disclosed, it seems that Canon is in talks with companies like Sigma, Tamron, Samyang, and others to expand their lens offerings.

Considering Canon’s focus on high-end L-series glass and Sigma’s lineup of more affordable lenses, there is potential for a collaboration that benefits both companies and consumers. Sigma’s fast wide-open primes could complement Canon’s offerings and provide more affordable options for consumers.

Restrictions on Lens Types

It is possible that Canon may impose restrictions on the types of lenses third-party manufacturers can produce, such as limiting maximum aperture sizes or specific focal lengths. This could ensure that third-party lenses do not directly compete with Canon’s premium offerings while still providing consumers with a range of options at different price points.

While an official announcement regarding collaboration with third-party lens makers may not be imminent, Canon’s increased involvement in the process suggests that progress is being made. Consumers can look forward to a wider selection of lenses in the future, catering to various needs and budgets.

Overall, the collaboration between Canon and third-party lens makers holds promise for expanding the options available to consumers and providing more affordable alternatives to Canon’s high-end offerings. Stay tuned for future developments in the world of lenses for the Canon EOS R system.

Canon Interview: R1 / Global Shutter & Third Party-Lens Update FAQ

Q: What is the Canon R1 camera?

A: The Canon R1 is a highly anticipated flagship camera in the Canon EOS R lineup, known for its advanced features and capabilities.

Q: What is global shutter technology?

A: Global shutter technology allows the camera sensor to capture an entire image all at once, eliminating the rolling shutter effect commonly seen in CMOS sensors.

Q: Will the Canon R1 feature global shutter technology?

A: Yes, the Canon R1 is rumored to be equipped with global shutter technology for improved image quality and video performance.

Q: Can third-party lenses be used with the Canon R1?

A: Canon has indicated that the R1 will support third-party lenses, providing photographers with a wider range of options for their photography needs.

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