CANON Fast Primes – Was it a Lie?

Are fast primes actually worth the investment? Many photographers and videographers swear by the high-quality, low-aperture lenses that Canon offers, but is the hype all it’s cracked up to be? For those unfamiliar, fast primes are lenses with wide apertures, typically ranging from f/1.2 to f/1.8, allowing for exceptional low-light performance and beautiful depth of field. In this blog, we’ll explore the truth behind Canon’s fast primes and whether or not they live up to the hype. Whether you’re a beginner looking to invest in your first prime lens or a seasoned professional considering an upgrade, we’ll provide the answers you need to make an informed decision.

CANON Fast Primes – Was it a Lie?

Canon Rumors – Are We Being Played?

Yesterday we reported that Canon would be releasing four fast L Series primes including the much anticipated RF 35mm f1.4 but today Canon rumors says we have zero information about any of these lenses so what’s going on are We being played or is something else going on well stick around after this short break For all the details but first subscribe to this channel for a chance to win a Canon EOS Ron I’ll be giving a one away to one lucky subscriber once this channel reaches 100,000 subscribers anyone above the age of 18 with a valid mailing address is eligible additional terms and conditions Are linked in the description down below

Great Expectations

Yesterday we got some great information the camera Insider reported that we would be getting four fast primes and they would come over the next 6 months they included the Canon RF 14mm f1.4 L Series USM the 24mm f1.4 image stabilized USM as well as the 28 F1.4 L Series image stabilized USM but the most anticipated of all these lenses is of course the RF 35mm f1.4 L Series image stabilized USM and I was over the moon I was completely ecstatic because the anticipation of picking up the 35mm f1.2 which actually turned out to be the 35mm F1 .4 a slight difference that I’m really not all that worried about it’s rare that I get down to f1.2 unless I’m shooting outside and really low light where I want that f1.2 so f1.4 I’m fine with that as long as it’s sharp and all that Jazz oh like you we were really excited we were getting anticipated four fast primes before the end of 6 months it looked really good right

Reading Between the Lines

I think what you’re feeling is the same thing that I’m feeling is a sense of disappointment that’s welling up that’s building up like anger and ready to erupt like Mount St Helen’s right out of the side of the volcano Just destroying everything but I think something else is going on here I I think we need to read between the lines just a little bit Canon rumors did say it’s been rumored that Canon will announce four fast L Prime wide angle primes in the first half of 2024 some of These lenses have been on our road map for quite some time but we eagerly await just like the rest of you did you pick up on that are you reading between the lines you see Canon rumors has said that they’re not going to report on these lenses until they’re 100% confident in Them and that’s fair a lot of times we hear all sorts of sites commenting on things and stating things when they’re really no more than conjecture or a forecast based On Loosely coupled together information but Kon rumors went on and said something else here and if you’ve been following this channel for a Long time or Canon rumors or even the camera Insider you probably have picked up on this as well that these lenses were on their 2024 RF lens road map a one they updated back in October this one here now to make it easier to read I’ve grabbed them All together and put them together here in a simple slide and what you’re seeing here is a list of a whole bunch of RF lenses the ones in green were part of Canon rumors 2020 Canon RF lens road map and have all come to pass everything in white is part of their 2024 update back in early October and you can see under primes there you go we see the RF 24mm f1.4 L USM and of course the 35mm and Canon rumors themselves are saying it’s either an f1.2 or an f1.4 but what about the 14 mm or the 24 Mm they’re not there are they unless we go over to the other side and we can see under the tilt shift we have a tilt shift TSR 14 mm F4 and a tilt shift TSR 24 mm f3.5 so what We saw the camera inside a report on are four fast l- series primes And two of those are part of Canon rumors road map that they updated back in October and Canon rumors went further stating that they expect all these lenses to be announced in the next what I think at the time it was um the next um 4 to 6 months and we’ve already had Three lenses announced some of those weren’t even on that road map such as the 200 to 800 mm f6.3 to9 as well as a 24 to 105 f2.8 although actually no that one was on the map that was a a later update that was put onto the map so it Is possible that the Canon road map Canon rumors road map could have a few things wrong it’s also possible that the camera Insider got a couple of things wrong that that 14 mm and 24mm weren’t actually f1.4 is we’re actually tilt shift lenses on our f3.5 to4 so what We’re seeing right now is not necessarily Canon rumors coming out and saying hey these aren’t happening at all that’s not what’s happening what we’re hearing from Canon rumors is that we don’t have confirmation we don’t have 100% validation and Confirmation and that’s a big deal but what we do have From Canon rumors is what they’ve said already in the past is that all those lenses these ones right here in white are expected over the next first half of 2020 24 perhaps what’s going on here is something else the camera Insider is a relatively newcomer to this field of Forecasting and Reporting on all things cameras in the camera industry and that maybe they got the scoop on Canon rumors this isn’t the first time that the camera Insider has come out with information before Canon rumors and maybe Canon rumors is just getting a little bit well jealous here maybe There’s a little bit of Industry rivalry and if that is the case because after all we’re seeing that Canon rumors already had this on the 2024 Canon RF lens road map updated back in October so yes they don’t have 100% confirmation but they’ve been saying the same things Themselves the only difference is with the 14 and the 24 mm they tilt shift lenses on Canon rumors 2024 RF lens road map but when it comes to the camera Insider they’re actually fast primes at f1.4 and that’s the big difference here those tilt shift lenses have been
Rumored since 2020 along with the Canon rf35 mm f1.2 I really do hope that Lens comes out but as I said yesterday if we don’t have that lens by May of um 2024 I’m just going to give up on it at I I just a prime a fast Prime like that it’s Ridic that we’re waiting as long whether it’s 1.4 or 1.2 I don’t really care it’s an Canon L Series lens we know that Canon’s going to put in a good they’re going to they’re going to put a lot of research and development into this to make it right they’re not going to wait Four or five years to deliver this lens to us and Deliver us something that is got absolutely terrible aberration um and just doesn’t have any sharpness from the center to the edges um it just doesn’t make any sense and I’ve seen enough patents…

Canon Fast Primes – FAQ

Q: Are Canon’s fast primes really as sharp as they claim?

A: Yes, Canon’s fast primes are known for their exceptional sharpness and image quality.

Q: Do Canon’s fast primes have good low-light performance?

A: Yes, Canon’s fast primes are designed to perform well in low-light conditions, making them a great choice for shooting in dimly lit environments.

Q: Can I achieve a shallow depth of field with Canon’s fast primes?

A: Absolutely! Canon’s fast primes allow you to achieve a beautiful, creamy bokeh and a shallow depth of field, making them ideal for portrait and creative photography.

Q: Are Canon’s fast primes worth the investment?

A: Many photographers believe that Canon’s fast primes are worth the investment due to their exceptional optical performance and versatility.

Q: Can I use Canon’s fast primes for video recording?

A: Yes, Canon’s fast primes are popular among videographers for their superior optical quality and ability to capture stunning video footage.

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