Canon EOS R1: Validated Detail Leaked Specs

Are you a professional photographer or videographer looking for the next top-of-the-line camera to take your work to the next level? Look no further than the highly anticipated Canon EOS R1. With a host of advanced features and innovative technology, the Canon EOS R1 is set to be a game-changer in the world of photography and videography. In this blog, we’ll dive into the recently leaked specs of the Canon EOS R1, providing you with all the validated details you need to know about this powerful and versatile camera. From resolution to autofocus capabilities, we’ve got the inside scoop on what makes the Canon EOS R1 a must-have for any serious creative professional.

Canon EOS R1: Validated Detail Leaked Specs

Yesterday we received unvalidated leaks of the Canon euse R1 Canon’s much anticipated Flagship mirrorless camera that it would have a 30 megapixel full-frame stacked sensor capable of shooting unlimited 40 frames per second and to be able to burst up to 240 frames per second and that’s high-speed continuous Stills the video specs will Be 6.7k and would include Canon log 2 but the specs came from a Chinese site with a poor track record of being accurate and mentioned it’s coming from an unknown source so can these leak specs actually be of the Canon euse R1 are they close well stick around after This short message as we take a look at the details but first subscribe to stay up to date on the latest camera news and for all the minor news stories all those news stories not quite big enough to have their own separate video follow me on X formerly known as Twitter when I First saw these specs I didn’t quite trust them and it wasn’t because they didn’t seem plausible because they did they seem actually very plausible it’s that they’re coming from the Chinese weebos site from a source that’s been known to get things wrong and they were quoting an unknown source so all that Together I just didn’t believe the likelihood of them even though they did seem plausible so I’m not yet ready to say that these are the actual leak specifications of the Canon EOS R1 but then earlier this morning Canon rumors said this there has been recent talk Around the web about the Canon euse R1 specifications and we’ve been working hard to verify the information before posting them it turns out the specifications are pretty close to reality at least according to a Solid Source okay so they’re pretty close at least according to a single Source in Canon rumors has this as a CR2 not a cr3 so does that mean we’re going to get a 32 megapixel sensor instead of a 30 megapixel sensor does that mean it’s just going to be a stack sensor instead of a well I’ll get to the specification Shortly but there’s a bit of a surprise there and what about the still shooting rates 40 frames per second is that lossless raw is that lossy raw and what about the burst rate and these are Stills hybrid specs of 240 frames per second in Stills but um it’s unlikely to be it’s Unlikely I’m pretty sure it’s unlikely to be um unlimited because I and I’ll get to the math in just a little bit so what I thought I would do for the rest of this video is let’s go ahead and take a look at a deep dive into the Specifications I didn’t go into as deep of a dive as I did yesterday and we’ll take a look at how realistic it is for some of these capabilities and what we might also see in terms of storage capabilities of the Canon EOS R1 so taking a look at the sensor according to The weebo site it’s supposed to have a 30 megapixel full-frame djo stacked sensor now when I talked about this yesterday we didn’t talk about it being a djo a dual gain sensor that’s a pretty big deal and that’s one of the reasons why we could expect to have well Improvements in low light performance dynamic range and all that sort of stuff having a stacked sensor is a big upgrade over the 1dx mark iiii but having a stacked djo sensor is definitely an upgrade over the Canon EOS R3 and like the Canon EOS R6 Mark I the Canon EOS R1 Has pre-buffering of 1 second now let’s take a look at those continuous shooting speeds 40 frames per second with a 30 megapixel sensor if we assume a file size of 30 megabytes and it’s not going to be that but it’s going to be pretty close let’s do a little bit of math here And that works out to be about what 1.2 gigabytes per second not bits and that’s certainly well within the range of the current specs of a CF Express type B card that the 1dx Mark II has that the R3 has and the Canon EOS R5 mark1 has But things get a little bit interesting when we start to talk about 120 frames per second now I’m going to take a look at the notes here because it does say that it’s going to be up to 120 frames per second full featured continuous shooting so what does full featured Continuous shooting mean I’m not sure but I think what they’re trying to get to is that it’s going to be full sensor readout so 120 frames per second so that’s a whole lot faster and that gives us a speed of around let me just take a Look here at the math I believe it’s so 120 time 30 that’s 3.6 gigabytes per second the maximum theoretical speed of a CF Express type B card well it’s around 2,000 and right now I think the maximum is around 1.5 it could be 1.6 however the CF Express Association Just passed last year uh approval for Gen 4 and we actually have on the market it’s a rather limited Supply by just a single vendor that’s prograde a CF Express gen 3 card that’s capable of 3,000 GB per second now that’s still under the speed required to shoot Unlimited 120 frames per second on a 30 megapixel sensor however if we bump up the buffer a little bit more we could probably shoot at that sustained rate for several seconds maybe five or even 10 however and this is a big however here as a sports and fast action Journalist I can’t imagine anybody wanting to just hold down that shutter button because part of what these people want to be able to do is quickly get the shot and then take that shot do any quick changes they need to do to it and then upload it and if they’re having to Sis through hundreds of images it would be a little bit of a problem so I don’t expect a huge um increase to the buffer but definitely a possibility but now taking a look at 240 frames per second again this is according to the source from webo well that would require Somewhere over what 7 gigabytes per second 7.2 or 7.6 gabes per second and that’s not even possible with Gen 4 CF Express type B and I know what you’re thinking yes if we had a CF Express type c card that certainly well within the Range of a Gen 4 which is has a maximum theoretical limit of 8 gigabyt per second however I don’t think they’re going to put a CF Express type c card in this camera I think what is most likely is supporting a burst mode of up to 240 They might allow it for a second maybe two and by increasing the buffer capacity inside the camera which will use something like nvme uh multi-channel PCI that will support them being able to deliver this so all the continuous still shooting speeds are well plausible they Make sense the math backs it up but as a sports and fastaction photographer as a fashion photographer do you really want to hold down that shutter button for a continuous amount of time to be able to shoot at 120 or 240 frames per second how often would you actually need to do That seems a little bit um out there doesn’t it all right now let’s talk about dynamic range so the R1 is supposed to have improved dynamic range not only over the R5 but over the R3 and that’s thanks largely to having a d a djo a dual gain output sensor that’s Stacked whereas the R3 just has a stacked sensor so having better dynamic range and low light performance is certainly expected uh at least compared

Specs Validation

to the previous models. The Canon EOS R1 is also said to have 6.7k video capabilities with Canon log 2. These features, along with the improved sensor, elevate the R1 to a higher standard than its predecessors. With the history of solid sources and reliable information from Canon rumors, it seems that these specifications are indeed close to reality and display promising upgrades in performance and capabilities.

Storage and Practicality

While the leaked specs for the Canon EOS R1 showcase impressive capabilities, especially in continuous shooting speeds and video quality, the practicality of such features in real-world usage is questionable. The notion of shooting at 120 or 240 frames per second continuously raises concerns about the need for such high-speed shooting and the practicality for photographers and videographers. Additionally, the storage requirements for such high-speed shooting are a consideration, as current available cards may not fully support these capabilities. Despite the technological advancements, the practicality and usability in real-world scenarios are essential factors to take into account.


The leaked specs for the Canon EOS R1 offer a glimpse into the potential capabilities of Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera. With improved sensor technology, high-speed shooting capabilities, and enhanced video quality, the R1 presents itself as a powerful tool for photographers and videographers. However, the practicality and real-world usage of such features raise questions about the true impact these specifications will have. As Canon continues to validate and unveil the official details of the EOS R1, the industry eagerly anticipates the release of this highly anticipated camera.

Canon EOS R1: Validated Detail Leaked Specs FAQ

What are the validated details of the Canon EOS R1?

The validated details of the Canon EOS R1 include a 21.4 MP full-frame sensor, 8K video recording capabilities, and a maximum continuous shooting speed of 30 frames per second.

When will the Canon EOS R1 be released?

Canon has not officially announced the release date of the EOS R1, but it is expected to be launched in late 2021 or early 2022.

What are some of the key features of the Canon EOS R1?

The Canon EOS R1 is rumored to have a built-in vertical grip, dual card slots, and an improved autofocus system with advanced tracking capabilities.

What is the expected price of the Canon EOS R1?

The price of the Canon EOS R1 has not been confirmed, but it is expected to be positioned as a high-end, professional-grade camera and may have a premium price tag.

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