Canon EOS R1: Registered / What about EOS R5 II?

Are you in the market for a new high-end camera and considering the Canon EOS R1? With its impressive features and capabilities, the EOS R1 has certainly caught the attention of photographers and videographers alike. But what about the rumored Canon EOS R5 II? How does it compare to the EOS R1 and is it worth considering as an alternative? In this blog, we will explore the key differences between the two cameras and help you determine which option may be the best fit for your needs. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, making the right camera investment is crucial, and we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

Canon EOS R1: Registered / What about EOS R5 II?

Kenon just registered a new camera DS1 12692 and it was registered yesterday on February the 4th 2024 could this be the Canon EOS R1 or perhaps some other camera we weren’t expecting does this validate that we’re getting an announcement in just 3 weeks well stick around after this short Message for all the details but first subscribe to stay up to date on the latest camera news and for all the minor news stories all those news is not quite big enough to have their own separate video follow me on X formerly known as Twitter thanks to weebo account e8m 8888 We’re aware of a couple of camera registrations from Canon Japan now both registrations did take place yesterday on February the 4th 2024 and it looks like one of these is a camera a full-frame mirrorless camera with a registration number of ds12 6922 and the other registration id0 179 Looks to be some sort of well supporting device so thanks for catching that e8m and when it comes to reporting on camera registrations no one’s better than e8m so let’s talk about what this actually means what does a camera registration mean well once we actually have a camera Registration we can usually expect to have some sort of major announcement within 1 to three months and that places it well within the range of what we’ve heard about Canon announcing their Canon us R1 their full frame mirrorless Flagship camera to replace the 1dx mark iiii and this fits in nicely with what We’ve heard from Canon rumors and the camera Insider forecasting that we would get some sort of Canon e R1 announcement just before cp+ which takes place this month between the 22nd and 25th in Yokohama Japan and this is the largest photo and video trade show of the year At least since photokina closed shop so a camera registration that just took place can rumors and then camera insiders saying that we will be getting an announcement sometime before cp+ and if you recall just a well I think it was about a week or two ago I reported on a New source telling me that Canon is going to be making an announcement some 7 to 10 days before CP plus so there’s that as well but also there is another bit of information I got just a couple of days ago but I was waiting for some validation but this source told me Something that might well confuse things a little bit that as far as the Canon EOS R1 is concerned well Canon hasn’t booked any dealer um pre- meetings or and this is normally what happens whenever you have a major camera announcement Canon will usually book some sort of dealer announcements well About a month or three weeks ahead of time some R around that time frame and we haven’t had that so that leads us to believe that this announcement that’s supposed to take place in three weeks well it’s supposed to be some sort of development announcement it could be a Teaser video or maybe what they did with a Canon EOS R5 which was a teaser video as well as a development announcement but what they also did is um taking turn I think it was Canon Australia they went ahead and had some sort of Facebook page Where they said the king is back and then at NAB 2020 they also did some sort of other sneak peek so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get something official from Canon in 3 weeks but don’t expect it to be a full-blown announcement with uh fireworks and colored lights and all That wonderful stuff and streamers expect to be some sort of development announcement or something like that where we can’t pre-order just yet I think the pre-order is going to take place sometime either later in this month or maybe into March but from what I’m hearing we can expect that we’ll be Able to pre-order the Canon usr1 sometime March and April and it to be delivered sometime around that same time frame so we are getting very close one thing I like about camera registrations they really kind of they give us evidence that something is about to happen and as far as as expectations From Canon there’s two cameras we’re expecting this year the Canon e R5 Mark I and of course the Canon e R1 which is what this video is all about and yes there were two camera registrations or there was two registrations from can and Japan but we believe only one of these Is a fullframe mirrorless camera and that’s DS 1269 what was it 12 6922 um we don’t believe we’re going to get the Canon use our 5 Mark I registration just yet the reason why well again that source that I told you about the one that I just developed they told Me something about the Canon us R5 Mark I and that we shouldn’t expect the announcement of that camera within some well I think it was four to six months after the announcement of the Canon e R1 so what does that do for time frame for that Camera well it puts it right at the same time zone or time frame as the Canon EU r five mark one and that was announced on around July the 9th July the 10 10th of 2020 and started shipping became available for sale on July the 30th so that put it Could happen as early as June uh could happen as late as August but who’s kidding who um July 30th shipping date in 2020 was pretty much August so that gives us a time frame I do have other information on the Canon usr1 but I’m not going to I’m not going to leak that Out just yet I want to wait to see how how accurate my source is with the Canon usr1 announcement that so that’s supposed to take place in just about 3 weeks and yes I’m tripping over my words I’m having trouble speaking that’s because it’s 2:30 in the morning and not Only is it early for me but um yeah I’m glad to see that my recorder my audio recorder is recording but uh the first time I did this I forgot to press the record button so this is my second attempt so please forgive me tripping over my words here it’s early and one Thing I try to do is I’m always scanning the news news 24/7 365 days a year to keep you up to date on the latest camera gear news and rumors and uh at the time of recording the the camera Insider didn’t have anything Canon rumors didn’t have anything and none of the other Sources had picked up on this so hopefully by the time I get this out to you in just about half an hour an hour from now um I’ll be the first breaking this news at least in the English-speaking world so pretty exciting stuff but maybe maybe just Maybe we should have a little bit of a reality check so let’s go back in time and look at all the cameras that are predicted to come out in 2024 the Canon EOS R1 is definitely one of those cameras and because we have the Olympics coming up well they’re supposed To take place around July the 26th so Kon always releases a one series camera in time for the Olympics they never miss it so without anything strange going on in the world we can expect kenon to announce a Canon EOS R1 pretty soon Canon has also admitted multiple times That they’re working on a camera so there really isn’t any surprise that they’re working on a camera and that it’s going to fit within the normal time frame so we should be getting an announcement pretty soon and again if we go back to 2020 well we already had a Development announcement for the 1dx Mark…

Is the Canon EOS R1 a registered camera?

Yes, the Canon EOS R1 has been registered, indicating that it is currently in development.

What about the Canon EOS R5 II?

As of now, there is no official information about the Canon EOS R5 II. However, rumors suggest that it may be in development as well.

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