Canon EOS R1: Our Wishlist for Canon’s ULTIMATE Mirrorless Camera!

Are you an avid photographer longing for the ultimate mirrorless camera experience? Look no further than the Canon EOS R1! As Canon continues to revolutionize the photography industry, rumors are abound about their upcoming flagship mirrorless camera, the EOS R1. While details remain scarce, we can’t help but daydream about the possibilities this powerhouse might offer. In this blog, we will delve into our wishlist for the Canon EOS R1, exploring the features and advancements that would make it the ultimate imaging tool. Join us as we speculate on the potential innovations that could elevate photography to breathtaking new heights!

Canon EOS R1: Our Wishlist for Canon’s ULTIMATE Mirrorless Camera!


Hey, welcome back! It’s Crystal here with PetaPixel. You know, it’s been two years since Canon released the EOS R3, and we feel the R1 has got to be just over the horizon. Jordan and I are going to talk about what we want to see happen with the Canon EOS R1. But before we get started, I want to introduce you to the brand new Chronicle by ProMaster. This tripod lets you tell the story wherever it happens to take you. ProMaster has reimagined the tripod from the ground up, with an ARCA Swiss compatible ball head and quick camera-to-phone mode. The Chronicle’s integrated three-leg base allows for rapid changes between handheld stabilizer, tabletop tripod, or monopod. This tripod truly becomes an extension of your creativity. It will be exclusively available on a Kickstarter campaign soon, so click the link in the description below to back this project and be one of the first to access this exciting new tripod that unleashes your creativity.


Okay, so what we really want to do is give a wish list of what we want to see happen when a potential EOS R1 comes out, both for photo and video. But this is a bit of a tricky dynamic to navigate, and here’s why:

The Canon EOS R3, which I have right here, is actually quite expensive – about $5,800 USD. If you compare it to the Nikon Z9, which is priced at $5,500 USD, or the Sony A1, the other flagship camera in the lineup priced at just under $6,500 USD, it becomes challenging to determine the right price point for the EOS R1.

A more reasonable approach would be to price the EOS R3 down and have the R1 make key changes that are important but still largely similar to the R3 body. This way, the price can remain competitive against the A1 and Z9. However, another part of me wants to go crazy with this camera and make it worth the extra cost. But we have to keep in mind the challenge of what’s going to be realistic.


One thing that cannot be disputed is that the EOS R1 needs to have a brand new and exciting stacked sensor. The sensor is going to be the critical thing here, and Canon has already made significant improvements in recent years with their sensors. However, a flagship camera like the R1 needs to have a very fast readout speed, just like the A1 and Z9. It should ideally have 45 to 50 megapixels, or even push 60, while maintaining a fast scan speed. This is crucial for unlocking the camera’s potential.

Body Design

The body design of the EOS R3 is excellent, and we wouldn’t want to see many changes from it. The size is perfect, and even the integrated vertical grip is compact. However, we would like to see twin CF Express type B slots instead of one CF Express slot and an SD card slot. Additionally, a full-size HDMI port should be included.

Evolution of Display and EVF

When it comes to the back panel display, we prefer a fully articulating panel for video work. However, we understand that some photographers prefer a more compact design. We suggest a screen that can fully articulate and tilt, like the Sony a7R5.

For the electronic viewfinder (EVF), we love the one in the EOS R3 with its high resolution, 120 frames per second refresh rate, and HDR OLED display. Canon’s Optical Viewfinder (OVF) simulation mode is a nice feature, but if Canon wants to go wild with the R1, they should consider a 9 million-dot EVF with no resolution drop during auto-focusing. Additionally, eye control follow focus, like the one in the R3, should work perfectly for everyone.


Lastly, the EOS R1 could potentially have a combination of mechanical and electronic shutter. If the sensor scans fast enough, it can offer a similar experience to the Nikon Z9. However, having the option for a completely silent electronic shutter would also be desirable.

Canon EOS R1: Our Wishlist for Canon’s ULTIMATE Mirrorless Camera!

Q: What is the Canon EOS R1?
A: The Canon EOS R1 is Canon’s highly anticipated mirrorless camera, rumored to be their flagship model in the EOS R series.

Q: What are our expectations from the Canon EOS R1?
A: We have a few features on our wishlist. Firstly, we hope for a high-resolution sensor with excellent low-light performance. Additionally, we would love to see improved autofocus capabilities, including eye tracking and faster subject detection. We also hope for enhanced video capabilities like 8K recording and advanced image stabilization.

Q: Will the Canon EOS R1 be weather-sealed?
A: Yes, we believe that the Canon EOS R1 will be weather-sealed to provide photographers with the ability to shoot in challenging conditions without worrying about damaging their equipment.

Q: Will the Canon EOS R1 have a new lens mount?
A: While it’s not confirmed yet, we are hopeful that Canon will introduce a new lens mount specifically designed for the Canon EOS R1. This could open up possibilities for groundbreaking lens technology and improved image quality.

Q: Is there any information about the Canon EOS R1’s image stabilization?
A: While details are scarce, we expect the Canon EOS R1 to have a refined image stabilization system, possibly combining in-body and lens-based stabilization for optimal performance.

Q: What other features can we expect from the Canon EOS R1?
A: We anticipate an advanced electronic viewfinder with a high refresh rate, improved battery life, dual memory card slots, and a robust build quality to withstand professional use. Additionally, connectivity options like built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be included.

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