Canon Double’s Down on Subject Tracking

Are you tired of missing the perfect shot because your camera can’t keep up with moving subjects? Fear not, as Canon has just doubled down on subject tracking with their latest release. The new subject tracking technology promises to revolutionize the way photographers capture fast-moving action, making it easier than ever to get the perfect shot. With improved accuracy and speed, Canon’s new subject tracking feature is a game changer for anyone who has struggled to keep up with moving subjects in the past. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of Canon’s enhanced subject tracking and how it can take your photography skills to the next level. If you’re ready to never miss a shot again, read on to learn more about Canon’s game-changing technology.

Canon Double’s Down on Subject Tracking

Canon Double’s Down on Subject Tracking

This is an update to the previous story about Canon’s ability to keep focus on an object even if that object moves off-frame or is temporarily hidden by another object. Recent patent applications have indicated significant advancements in this technology, which could potentially enhance the autofocus system in Canon’s upcoming cameras.

Recent Patent Filings

Three weeks ago, Canon published patent application 2023 15497, which revealed the solution to tracking subjects when they become hidden or move out of frame temporarily. This development led to speculations that this technology would be integrated into the Canon EOS R1 and the Canon EOS R5 Mark II.

On November 7, 2023, Canon published patent filing JP 2023 16440, which claimed to solve the problem of tracking an object with high accuracy even when it is hidden or overlapped by another object. This patent is specifically related to professional sports, such as basketball games, where automated cameras need to track the action accurately. Additionally, another patent filing, JP 2023 16991, aimed to address the problem of enabling more advanced tracking control when photographing various objects, specifically referring to PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras.

Significance of Patent Applications

What’s significant about these patent applications is that they all demonstrate the capability to accurately track an object, even when it is temporarily hidden by another object or leaves the frame. This advancement is crucial for both still photography and video recording, as it allows for a more refined and precise tracking of subjects, especially in scenarios with complex or dynamic movements.

While these patent applications primarily refer to object tracking, the presence of human actors in the patent application artifacts suggests that this technology is broadly applicable to humans and objects alike. Furthermore, a separate patent filing addresses eye-controlled autofocus improvements, further enhancing the potential capabilities of Canon’s future camera systems.

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These recent patent filings and developments suggest that Canon is doubling down on its commitment to advancing subject tracking capabilities across its camera lineup. With the potential integration of these technologies into upcoming models, Canon users can anticipate enhanced autofocus systems that can accurately track subjects even in challenging scenarios, offering greater creative possibilities for photographers and videographers.

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Canon Double’s Down on Subject Tracking FAQ

  1. What is subject tracking?

    Subject tracking is a camera feature that allows the camera to automatically focus on and track a moving subject, keeping it in focus and sharp throughout the frame.

  2. What is Canon’s new technology for subject tracking?

    Canon has introduced a new subject tracking technology called “Double Down”, which uses advanced algorithms and AI to improve the accuracy and speed of subject tracking.

  3. How does Double Down improve subject tracking?

    Double Down utilizes a dual pixel autofocus system and deep learning technology to enhance subject tracking performance, making it more reliable and responsive, especially in challenging shooting conditions.

  4. What types of photography or videography will benefit from Double Down?

    Double Down is beneficial for any type of photography or videography where fast-moving subjects need to be accurately tracked, such as sports, wildlife, and action photography.

  5. Are there any additional equipment or requirements needed to use Double Down?

    No, Double Down is an integrated feature in Canon’s latest cameras and does not require any additional equipment or special settings to use.

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