Canon DOESN’T Have This…But Nikon DOES!!!

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the limitations of your camera equipment? Maybe you’re a Canon user who’s envious of the features offered by Nikon cameras. Well, fear not! In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key features that Nikon offers that Canon doesn’t, and we’ll provide some solutions for Canon users who are looking to level up their photography game. From superior low-light performance to innovative autofocusing systems, Nikon has some unique offerings that might make you consider making the switch. So, if you’re a Canon user feeling a little left out, keep reading to find out how you can still achieve the same results with your current gear.

Canon Doesn’t Have This…But Nikon Does!!!

Canon Rumors

Canon rumors has been doing a lot of posting recently and it’s starting to look more like Sony Alpha rumors who shares every single garbage rumor that ever comes out. There’s rumors about an R5 Mark II, a 200 F2, and even a follow-up to the 28-70 F2 RF

R5 Mark II Rumor

The rumor is that the R5 Mark II might go to 60 megapixels up from 45. This would make the R5 one of the most versatile still/video cameras for professionals. The high ISO noise performance is amazing and the video quality is fantastic.

200 F2 Lens

There is a patent for a 200 F2 RF lens. The biggest question would be the size and weight. The filing says it’s 184 millimeters long which is just over seven inches. The lens could potentially cost around $3500.

New F2 Zoom Lens

There are rumors that we might see another Zoom F2 lens in 2024. The existing 28-70 F2 RF lens is like nothing else. The next F2 Zoom lens would be a unique and amazing lens that is bound to cost a pretty penny.

Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 Lens for Z Mount

Tamron has announced the development of the 35-150 F2-2.8 lens for the Z Mount. This lens is already out for Sony’s e-mount. The lens features a range from 35 F2 on the widest end to 150 at 2.8. While the lens may miss out slightly on the wider angle, it provides a professional solution.

Lens Testing and Review

In testing the Sony version of the lens, there were some observations. The focus was fine but in some situations, it felt like it lacked critical sharpness. The contrast in color wasn’t as vibrant as a G Master lens, but this is expected with third-party glass.

Lens Pricing

The Sony version of the lens was priced at $1899. The Nikon version is expected to be priced around the same. This lens is expected to sell well to those who want one versatile lens for travel or everyday use.

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What does Canon lack that Nikon has?

Canon may lack certain features that are offered by Nikon, such as built-in image stabilization in some of its lenses and dual card slots in many of its professional DSLR cameras.

Does Canon have any advantages over Nikon?

Yes, Canon has its own advantages, such as a wider range of native lens options and a larger market share, which can result in better availability of accessories and support.

Why should I choose Nikon over Canon?

If the specific features offered by Nikon, such as built-in image stabilization and dual card slots, are important to you, then Nikon may be the better choice for your needs.

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