Canon 5D Mark III Magic Lantern Raw Video | Wedding of Ben & Alicia |

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for a camera that can capture high-quality wedding footage? Look no further than the Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern Raw Video. In this blog post, we will take you through a breathtaking wedding shoot of Ben and Alicia, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of this camera when coupled with the versatile Magic Lantern Raw Video firmware. From stunning details to vibrant colors, the Canon 5D Mark III delivers exceptional image quality, capturing every special moment with impeccable precision. Get ready to be amazed at how this camera elevates wedding videography to new heights!


The Canon 5D Mark III Magic Lantern Raw Video has revolutionized the wedding videography industry, providing professionals like Ben and Alicia the ability to capture stunning footage. In this article, we will delve into their wedding and explore the incredible capabilities of this camera.

Ben & Alicia’s Wedding – A Dream Come True

From the moment Ben first laid eyes on Alicia, he knew he had met someone special. Their wedding day was a celebration of their love and commitment to each other, and the Canon 5D Mark III Magic Lantern Raw Video was there to document every precious moment.

Alicia – The Most Beautiful Personality

Alicia’s beauty goes beyond her outward appearance. She possesses a courageous, strong, and caring nature, always ready to shower others with her endless love. Ben considers himself incredibly lucky to be marrying someone as amazing as Alicia. Her smile, as she walked down the aisle, filled his heart with joy.

A Love That Transcends Time

The love between Ben and Alicia is a constant in their ever-changing world. Despite the ups and downs, their love remains steadfast. Their relationship is an example for many who search for true, enduring love. As they celebrate not just their marriage, but also their shared anniversary, it is evident that their characters, both individually and as a couple, have grown stronger over the years.

Ben – A Milestone Journey

Ben’s journey has been filled with milestones, and Alicia has been by his side, supporting him every step of the way. From buying a house to pursuing his dreams, Alicia has witnessed and shared in his accomplishments. Now, as they embark on this new chapter as husband and wife, Ben is grateful to have Alicia by his side. He wishes them nothing but the best in their future together.

Alicia’s Letter – A Heart Full of Happiness

Alicia expresses her overwhelming happiness in becoming Ben’s wife. She cherishes the past ten years they have spent together, watching Ben evolve into a passionate and loving individual. With excitement and anticipation, Alicia looks forward to sharing her life with Ben, knowing that he will forever hold her heart.

Together Forever

Their dreams of being together have finally come true. The excitement and happiness they felt in that dream are now their reality. Ben and Alicia are ready to face every day with laughter, love, tears, and smiles. The Canon 5D Mark III Magic Lantern Raw Video will capture their incredible journey as they navigate through life together.


The Canon 5D Mark III Magic Lantern Raw Video has allowed Ben and Alicia to capture the beauty and joy of their wedding day. Their love story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that true love knows no bounds. Their journey as husband and wife will be documented and cherished, thanks to the remarkable capabilities of this camera.

Frequently Asked Questions – Canon 5D Mark III Magic Lantern Raw Video | Wedding of Ben & Alicia

  1. What is Magic Lantern Raw Video?

    Magic Lantern Raw Video is a feature-rich firmware alternative for Canon DSLR cameras, such as the Canon 5D Mark III. It allows recording of uncompressed, high-quality raw video files directly from the camera’s sensor.

  2. Why is Magic Lantern Raw Video popular for weddings?

    Magic Lantern Raw Video is popular for weddings because it captures stunning cinematic footage with exceptional dynamic range and image detail. Wedding videographers often prefer this format for its ability to enhance the overall visual quality of the wedding film.

  3. What are the advantages of using Magic Lantern Raw Video?

    Some advantages of using Magic Lantern Raw Video include:

    • Higher dynamic range and flexibility in post-processing.
    • Ability to recover details in highlights and shadows.
    • Improved color grading capabilities.
    • Reduced moiré and aliasing artifacts.
    • Ability to shoot in higher resolutions.
  4. Does Magic Lantern Raw Video require any modifications to the camera?

    Yes, Magic Lantern Raw Video requires installing the Magic Lantern firmware onto the camera’s SD card. It is crucial to follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure proper functioning and avoid any potential issues.

  5. Can I shoot raw video continuously with the Canon 5D Mark III using Magic Lantern?

    No, due to technical limitations, continuous raw video recording on the Canon 5D Mark III is not possible with Magic Lantern. The camera has recording time limits per file, usually around 4GB or 30 minutes, depending on the card format.

  6. What other equipment do I need to shoot with Magic Lantern Raw Video?

    In addition to the Canon 5D Mark III and Magic Lantern firmware, you will need a fast CF or SD card with sufficient capacity to handle the large raw video files. It is also recommended to use an external monitor for precise framing and focusing.

These are some common FAQs related to shooting wedding videos with Magic Lantern Raw Video on the Canon 5D Mark III. For more detailed information and tutorials, refer to the official Magic Lantern website and relevant online forums.

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