Can the Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 Replace Most Of The Lenses In Your Sony E-Mount Kit? Hands-On Review!

If you’re a Sony E-Mount user looking to streamline your lens collection, the Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 may just be the all-in-one solution you’ve been searching for. With a versatile focal length range and impressively wide aperture, this lens boasts the potential to replace multiple lenses in your kit. In this hands-on review, we’ll explore the capabilities of the Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 and consider whether it can truly serve as a one-stop-shop for all your photography needs. From landscapes to portraits, this lens promises to deliver exceptional image quality and flexibility in a single piece of gear. Let’s dive in and see if this lens lives up to the hype!

Can the Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 Replace Most Of The Lenses In Your Sony E-Mount Kit? Hands-On Review!

For Sony shooters, Tamron has been a great option if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives to the native Sony glass, and that’s great. But this time around, with this lens, Tamron has done something really special, and I think a lot of people are going to be really excited about it. What is up people? Dunna here. And today, we’re gonna be talking about the new Tamron 35 to 150 F/2 to 2.8 lens for Sony E-mount full frame cameras. Now let’s just take a second and think about all of those numbers that I just said. 35 millimeters and F/2 at the wide end. Take a second and think of any other Sony E-mount full frame zoom lenses with F/2 as the widest aperture. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t find any. Even the highest end professional zoom lenses for Sony E-mounts are all constant F/2.8 apertures. And while this lens doesn’t give us a constant aperture Through the zoom range, it does manage to still get us to F/2.8 out at the long end. So here’s what’s going through my mind when I hear all of this. If you carry a 16 to 35, 24 to 70 and a 70 to 200, to make sure that you’ve got great coverage, This lens could technically replace the need for the 24 to 70 and 70 to 200, and you’d still be covered between 16 and 150. And to top it off, in that situation, you’ve got an extra stop of light and shallower depth of field at 35 millimeters. All of that makes this an incredibly versatile offering and allows you to use one lens for a variety of shooting, like street, portraits, maybe a great wedding lens and more.

Performance and Features

Okay, so on paper, that all sounds great. But the question is, how does it actually perform? So I went out shooting both photos and videos with this lens, and I’ve put together a short video for you to see exactly how it performed in a practical, real world situation. After the video, we’ll come back. We’ll take a look at some of the photos and talk about my experience And some of the pros and cons of this lens. The following video was filmed entirely on the Sony FX3 and the Tamron 35 to 150 millimeter F/2 to 2.8.

Build Quality and Design

Alright, so in a practical application was the 35 to 150 everything that I hoped it would be? Mostly, I’d say yes. Tamron has definitely done something different with this lens than what we’ve seen in some of their other lenses. This lens doesn’t feel cheap or like a budget option. It feels like a premium option, meant to stand up against the Sony G Master or Sigma Art lenses, in my opinion. The materials that they’ve used actually remind me a lot of my Sigma 24 to 70 F/2.8 Art lens. It’s less plastic-y feeling than other Tamron lenses And the zoom and focus ring have a much nicer feel to them. They’re smooth and responsive, yet there’s still a nice amount of tension and physical feedback from the rings themselves. We’ve also got some extra options that you see on other premium lenses, Like a lock so that your barrel doesn’t creep on you. We’ve got a manual focus toggle switch, and three custom buttons. On top of that, we’ve got a new three-way custom switch that changes what the custom buttons do and a USB-C input that allows you to do some really cool things Using the Tamron Lens Utility.

Price and Value

This lens is also weather sealed with a gasket on the back, As well as weather sealing on several other points on the lens, including on the USB-C port, which a lot of people asked about in my other video. So for those shooting in harsh weather, you should still be well covered here. Now with that premium-feel, wide zoom range and impressive aperture comes the fact That this lens is fairly large and heavy. It’s definitely bigger than my 24 to 70 and quite a bit heavier too. The barrel does extend when you zoom in and we’ve got an 82 millimeter filter thread, so it’s quite a bit wider than the typical 67 millimeter thread That we’ve been seeing on other Tamron lenses.

When it comes to image quality, I’ll admit I was nervous. The focal range and aperture kind of seemed too good to be true, So I figured it would have to suffer somewhere. But honestly, it’s pretty darn great. Sharpness was super solid to my eye. The contrast in colors looked great straight out of camera and edited nicely. And as far as that variable aperture goes, you’ve got F/2 from 35 millimeters to about 38. Then at 39, it switches over to F/2.2. At 59 millimeters, we go up to F/2.5, and then from 80 all the way to 150, we’re at F/2.8. The one thing that I can say I came up against here was some pretty intense flaring when shooting towards a light source. When I was doing that sunset video, I definitely got a lot of flaring and some really washed out images. Sometimes I actually kind of like that, But everyone’s a bit different there, so I figured it was worth saying.


So, is this a new Dunna recommended lens? Well, firstly, earlier I mentioned that this lens wasn’t like the other inexpensive Tamron lenses and that goes for both the features and quality, but also for the price. The 35 to 150 F/2 to 2.8 is going for 1899 US or 2599 Canadian. This is not a budget lens by any means. If you’re comparing this to something like the Sigma 24 to 70 F/2.8, it looks really pricey. But then again, if you compare it to the 24 to 70 G Master, It’s actually not that bad. Honestly, I don’t think that this lens is overpriced for what you’re getting, but I also don’t think it’s a cheap lens and it’s not an everyone needs it in your kit kind of lens, specifically because of that price. It’s going to be out of reach for a lot of people who are just starting to build up their kit. And while the versatility is amazing, that’s still a decent amount of money for a single lens and there are other options out there.

For some people, I think this lens Will seem like a no brainer. And for other people, I think…

Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 Lens

1. Can the Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 replace most of the lenses in your Sony E-Mount kit?

According to our hands-on review, the Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 is a versatile lens that can replace several lenses in your Sony E-Mount kit. Its focal length range of 35-150mm covers a wide variety of shooting scenarios, making it a great all-in-one solution for many photographers.

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