Camera Rigs: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Are you tired of shaky and unsteady shots ruining your otherwise perfect videos? Do you want to take your filmmaking to the next level with professional-quality equipment? Look no further than camera rigs! Camera rigs are essential tools for filmmakers who want to achieve smooth and stable shots, regardless of the filming conditions. Whether you’re shooting a documentary, a short film, or a vlog, a camera rig can make all the difference in the world. In this blog post, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about camera rigs, from the different types available to how to choose the right one for your specific needs. Let’s dive in!


Camera Rigs: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Camera Rigs: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Hey guys caleb here and welcome back to another video in this one we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about camera rigging different parts categories things you may have never heard of when it comes to taking a camera and rigging it out for video Couple things before we dive into our first category of parts and that is that i’m going to have a blog post with a ton of different links different categories images all of that stuff so you can check that out in the link in the description and if you haven’t already Check out my perfect camera rig video there you’ll kind of see my methodology i like to be able to have the camera with a minimal setup be able to add and remove handles monitors and other accessories very quickly and so that’s kind of my methodology going into all of This so with that out of the way let’s dive into our first category of gear when it comes to rigging and that is camera cages camera cages like the one on this gh5s are great because they allow you to mount a bunch of stuff to the camera without building it up too Much and there are a ton of different features and models and brands but the couple of things i would recommend you look out for is number one get a cage that is fitted for your camera there’s a bunch of really bulky nasty cages out there i recommend getting one that’s Designed specifically for your camera so this is a tilta cage and as you can see it’s going to perfectly fit our a7s iii you can also get these instead of a full cage like this one that wraps fully around the camera you can get a half Cage or c cage which i am very partial to because it keeps the bulk and weight down and still gives you a ton of different features another thing to look out for is what the cage can do for you for example this one has a 15 millimeter Rod attachment point on the front it has a built-in nato rail and we’ll talk about all of this here in a little bit and there is a rosette attachment point here as well as a ton of quarter 20 and 3 8 threads all over it our next Category of rigging is going to be quick release plates and clamps this is going to allow you to quickly remove your camera from the rig or your entire rig from a tripod now there are a ton of different standards out there from manfrotto arca swiss there’s just so many i have Decided to go with the arca swiss standard because it is very popular and there are a ton of different manufacturers and options so it’s a great way to go i converted everything to arca swiss so as an example here is a video tripod and it uses a manfrotto Style plate but i have added this uh arkra swiss clamp to the top so that i can simply take my arca swiss cameras and lock them down in place so it’s a great way to go you can convert everything to whatever standard you want i’m going to be talking about arca swiss And the basics of quick releases so at the end of the day there’s two parts to a quick release system we have the plate itself here i have a giant super long one and the clamp there’s several different versions of each of these so If we look at plates you can get them in several different sizes like this one here is a really really long one with several ways and points to mount your camera this allows you to slide the entire camera system or rig system on a tripod and perfectly balance things out So we’ve got that giant plate here is one that i use quite a bit kind of your standard style and then here is a microscopic super tiny arca swiss plate so there’s several different ways to go different features with your plates but at the end Of the day you mount this to the bottom of your camera or rig and then you can quickly release it from the clamp which is the second part here’s a very simple version so i can simply drop in my plate and tighten it down with this knob on The side and that’s really all there is to it here’s another style of quick release clamp this one’s much more expensive it is the kessler quick plate but i love these things so i have a locking lever here what’s cool about this particular plate is that is a Single-handed action and a drop-in so i can take my plate just imagine this is a camera drop it in and it’ll click in place now it’s not going to move around it’s locked in place and i can now use the locking lever to finish off that locking mechanism There’s also specialty style arca swiss plates so this is another kessler plate and you can see here it has a standard quick release plate but there’s these feet going off to the side this means that you can drop your entire rig on a tripod and use it as you normally would Or you can set your entire rig on the table and it’s not going to scratch up any surfaces because of those rubber feet and it also won’t flop around back and forth because you’ve got a nice wide footprint for your entire rig another cool feature with arca swiss is that There are little locking knobs or rather screws on either end of the plate this means when i add my quick release plate to my quick release clamp even if i don’t tighten this knob down all the way when the plate hits the end it won’t completely fall off so your camera System won’t go crashing to the floor it will not be removed and then you can securely lock it in place with the knob so it’s just an added safety feature you don’t have to worry about things accidentally falling off your tripod our next category of gear is going to be Base plates these are kind of the heart of your system they’re just about as important as your camera cage so what do these things do well here i have a very very simple one and essentially you have an area on the top to mount your cage or Your camera and on the bottom you have methods of mounting a quick release plate and you could add a quick release clamp to the top which i have a set up like that right here it’s the same base plate right here in the middle but i’ve Got a quick release clamp here so i can add my camera on and off super quickly and easily and then on the bottom i’ve got a quick release plate so i can take the entire rig and drop it on a tripod so it just gives you a lot of Flexibility and it has 15 millimeter attachment points here and here so i’ll grab another one here this is a slightly different style we’ve got 15 millimeter holes on either side with locking knobs this allows you to use 15 millimeter rods with your rig and build up all kinds of different stuff minimal rigs Giant rigs whatever but it all starts right here with your base plate just as an example here’s another more beefy base plate this one has you know more features so we’ve got some rosettes which we’ll talk about in a little bit more mounting points on the top and Bottom so that covers the humble base plate now let’s get into 15 millimeter rods which are kind of another foundation of rigging it’s a great way to expand your setup and customize it so here i have several different 15


Frequently Asked Questions About Camera Rigs

What is a camera rig?

A camera rig is a device used to support and stabilize a camera while filming, typically used in professional video production.

What are the different types of camera rigs?

There are several types of camera rigs, including shoulder rigs, handheld rigs, crane rigs, and drone rigs, each designed for different filming situations and purposes.

Why are camera rigs important?

Camera rigs are important because they provide stability, support, and control over the camera, resulting in smooth and steady shots, and reducing the risk of shaky footage.

How do I choose the right camera rig for my needs?

When choosing a camera rig, consider factors such as the type of filming you will be doing, the weight of your camera, and your budget. It’s also important to try out different rigs to see which one feels most comfortable and suits your filming style.

Can I use a camera rig with any type of camera?

Camera rigs are designed to be compatible with a wide range of cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and professional cinema cameras. However, some rigs may have weight or size limitations, so it’s important to check the specifications before making a purchase.

Are camera rigs easy to set up and use?

Most camera rigs are designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up and use, but some may require a certain level of expertise or experience to operate effectively. It’s important to read the instructions and practice using the rig before using it for professional filming projects.

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