Have you ever invested in camera gear that you ended up regretting? In this blog post, we will explore some common camera gear purchases that left photographers feeling disappointed and regretful. We will delve into the reasons behind these regrets, as well as provide alternative options and advice to help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to purchasing camera equipment. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this blog aims to save you time, money, and the frustration of investing in gear that falls short of your expectations. So, if you’re contemplating a new addition to your camera gear collection, read on to ensure you make a regret-free investment.

CAMERA GEAR I REGRET: A Lesson in Mindset and Investment


Let me share with you some recent gear purchases that I made for my YouTube channel and business. While some of them are exciting, I also want to talk about the gear that I regret purchasing. My hope is that by sharing my experiences, I can help you avoid making the same mistakes and save you some money. In this article, we will focus on the gear that I regret in 2023, discussing the reasons for my regrets and the lessons learned.

Leica 35 F2 Sumacron

The first piece of gear that I regret is my Leica 35 F2 Sumacron lens. This lens cost me four thousand dollars, but I haven’t seen a return on that investment. I consider camera gear as an investment that should have a potential return. For example, my Nikon 14-24 lens, which I bought early in my career for around two thousand dollars, has made me over six figures. Unfortunately, I have not made any substantial profit from the Leica lens. Despite the awesome image quality, I regret this purchase as I have not seen the return I hoped for.

Rode Podcaster Pro Caster

The second regrettable purchase is the Rode Podcaster Pro Caster. I made the mistake of thinking that I needed to be professional and legit by using an audio interface. I was influenced by other YouTubers who had such setups. However, I soon realized that the Rode NTG USB mic I was already using fit perfectly into my workflow. I didn’t need to complicate things by introducing a completely new setup. The lesson learned here is that simplicity is often better than trying to appear professional.

Leica Flash

Next on the list of regrets is the Leica flash. The reason behind this regret is not because of the flash itself, but the high cost associated with it. I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would, which makes it a poor investment. The mistake I made was buying it prematurely, before there was any space in my workflow or business to properly implement it. I regret not giving myself the time to learn and integrate it into my creativity. Investing in expensive gear without a clear plan can lead to regrets like this.

Getso Traveler Tripod

The fourth gear regret I have is the Getso Traveler Tripod that I currently use. While it is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for travel, the quality of this tripod disappoints me. The components constantly come loose, and the tripod is not stable. I made the mistake of not doing enough research and reading reviews before making this purchase. The lesson here is to always do your due diligence before buying any gear to avoid wasting your money.


As someone who sees camera gear as an investment, it is important to make thoughtful and informed decisions when purchasing equipment. I have learned the hard way that buying gear based on the wrong reasons or without proper research can lead to disappointments and wasted money. I hope that by sharing my regretful gear purchases, you can avoid making the same mistakes and make wise investments in your camera gear.

Frequently Asked Questions about Camera Gear I Regret

1. What is camera gear regret?

Camera gear regret refers to the feeling of disappointment or remorse that photographers experience after purchasing camera equipment that does not meet their expectations or needs.

2. What are some examples of camera gear that people regret buying?

Common examples of camera gear that people regret purchasing include lenses with limited functionality or poor image quality, cameras with outdated features, tripods that are unstable or heavy, and accessories that are unnecessary or overpriced.

3. How can I avoid camera gear regret?

To avoid camera gear regret, it’s important to thoroughly research and read reviews about the equipment you plan to purchase. Consider your specific photography needs, budget, and the reliability of the brand. Renting gear before buying can also help you determine if it suits your requirements.

4. What should I do if I already regret buying camera gear?

If you already regret purchasing camera gear, consider selling or exchanging it with others who may find it more useful. Take the time to understand why you regret that particular piece of equipment, as it can provide valuable insights for future purchases.

5. Are there any camera gear purchases I’m more likely to regret?

Every photographer’s needs and preferences differ, but impulse buying and falling for marketing gimmicks often lead to camera gear regret. It’s important to carefully consider the features and functionality of the equipment you are planning to buy before making any final decisions.

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