Budget Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses!

Are you a filmmaker or videographer looking for high-quality cinema lenses without breaking the bank? Look no further, as the Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses are a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on performance. These lenses are designed to deliver exceptional image quality, with a wide aperture for excellent low-light performance and a smooth cinematic look. Whether you’re shooting a feature film, a documentary, or a commercial project, the Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses provide the professional quality you need at an affordable price. In this blog, we’ll explore the features and benefits of these lenses and why they’re a great choice for budget-conscious filmmakers.

Budget Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses

Guys Caleb here with DSLR video shooter and this is the Sony fx30 which I am in love with and this is a big old pile of Budget Cinema and autofocus lenses I picked up to see if there are any good options for those of us looking to save Some money on glass for this amazing little camera the fx30 has a super 35 or aps-c size sensor which means there are a ton of lens options not only can you use full frame but you can also use crop sensor lenses and while Sony has really filled out their crop lens lineup They’re also a ton of really affordable options available for those of us who want to save a couple extra bucks and find some really weird interesting Optics so I went out and got over 20 different lenses none of these companies are paying for this video that said this Video is supported by those of you who have purchased my camera guides and Luts check the links in the description to learn more and thank you guys so much for the continued support

Seven Artisans Cinema Lenses

So now let’s dive into the lenses which are a mix of manual and Auto focus and I’m going to Start with a really interesting set of Cinema lenses that have something quite unique these three Cinema lenses are from a company called seven Artisans and they are really really well made but the main party feature is an aperture of T 1.05 that means you can get incredibly Shallow depth of field with these things full metal body really nice focus and Iris rings and the full set has matching gear positions there’s a 25 35 and 50 millimeter and they’re all T 1.05 which is just Bonkers when it comes to image quality at T 1.4 or T2 These are nice And tame lenses that you could use for just about anything however when you open them up to T 1.05 the lenses take on a completely different character with wild flaring in bokeh distorting and swirling which I particularly love in short if you like older vintage lenses like the Helios 44 2 you’re going to love these lenses because you can open them all the way up and just have some wild crazy stuff and that kind of shallow depth of field is really really interesting and just something you don’t see that often and again if you want a more technical look Just stop the lenses down and you’re back to a nice T 1.4 T2 kind of look another crazy thing about these lenses is the price these are four to five hundred dollars a pop which is really great value and on top of that they’re just really really well made little Cinema lenses

Sigma Autofocus Lenses

Next up let’s jump into some autofocus lenses these are from Sigma and they are the wildly popular contemporary primes for crop sensors I only have two of these lenses but there are a set of three so right now I’m holding the 16 millimeter F 1.4 the 30 Millimeter F 1.4 and there is also a 56 millimeter F 1.4 in short these are just really good really reliable autofocus lenses and they work great on the Sony e-mount I’ve been using these for for years and the 16 in particular is just a really solid all-around lens I love that Focal length on a crop sensor like the fx30 and most of the time this thing is on sale at under 400 bucks when it comes to the 30 millimeter this is perfect for YouTube style setups like what you’re watching right now and this thing is wildly affordable at 265 dollars at the Time of this recording the 56 millimeter while I don’t own it is also a great option if you need kind of like an 85 millimeter kind of focal length which isn’t something I normally film with but that could be something to look at when you look at the image quality these Primes are going to outperform all the other primes in this lineup they’re very contrasty they have really good flaring control the only thing I don’t like about them is they are so annoying when it comes to manual focus so if you ever have to manually focus while silky Smooth there’s just really no feedback and not really my favorite but if you’re going to use them as autofocus lenses for video they’re going to be just fine

Viltrox Autofocus Prime Lenses

Now let’s talk about another set of auto focus prime lenses this time from the company viltrox including a 13 millimeter 23 millimeter 33 millimeter And 56 millimeter all F 1.4 which is fantastic unfortunately the 23 through 56 millimeter had some problems when it comes to autofocus unfortunately in certain scenarios they would just start wigging out and I couldn’t seem to get them to work but that said this 13 millimeter is fantastic so this is the Newest of the lenses that I took a look at and I didn’t have the same issues as I did with the other lenses not only are you getting good video autofocus but you’re getting a really great build quality with this lens so as you can see here it’s actually a metal lens it’s Really surprisingly heavy considering the size we also have a d clicked smooth Iris ring on the back of the lens which is just a dream to use when filming video and of course if you prefer to use the controls on your camera just flip it over into the auto mode and then then There’s the focal length 13 millimeters at F 1.4 is fantastic if you’re going to do any kind of vlogging or if you just really enjoyed wide angle lenses I love having the F 1.4 to really help with shallow depth of field so a solid lens One that I really think would be a great move to have with your fx30 and it’s under 500 at around 460

TT Artisan Manual Lenses

next we’re going to talk about a whole mess of lenses from TT Artisan you may have seen these when looking for lenses online as they have a ton of offerings these are Only six for the e-mount but they have so many lenses it’s absurd so I’m going to break this into two different groups starting with these two little pancake lenses now all these lenses are going to be manual focus only and these two in particular are pretty interesting first We have the size you can see how compact these are most of these TT Artisans lenses unfortunately in my opinion have these threaded lens caps so you can’t quickly put them back on you have to to thread them back on they’re fully metal so they’re interesting but something I Probably wouldn’t use on a day-to-day basis so for the two lenses we’re looking at a 25 millimeter and a 50 millimeter both T2 so not super fast but again the size is what these are all about these retail for 55 bucks and 69 dollars which is just crazy value but The real reason I love these lenses is how compact they are and how Wild the look is if you take a look at footage I got with these you’ll see some insane flaring so if you like weird wild looking stuff these are going to be a Great lens to keep on your camera or in your bag the 25 in particular has a really interesting ring flaring effect which I have not seen on a lot of lenses and the 50 millimeter has similarly wild flaring and artifacts but it also is full frame which is really great so you Can use this on just about any camera from Sony so that covers these two pancake lenses now let’s talk about this set of four which is also really really interesting from TT Artisan this set consists of a 7 17 millimeter F 1.4 23 millimeter F 1.4 35 millimeter F 1.4 and Finally a 50 millimeter F 1.2…

Frequently Asked Questions about Budget Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses

Q: What is the price range for Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses?

A: The price for Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses varies depending on the specific model and features, but generally falls into the budget-friendly range for professional cinema lenses.

Q: Are Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses compatible with all Sony cameras?

A: Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses are specifically designed for Sony E-mount cameras, making them fully compatible with a wide range of Sony professional cameras.

Q: What kind of image quality can I expect from Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses?

A: Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses are known for their exceptional image quality, providing sharpness, clarity, and high resolution for professional filmmaking and videography.

Q: Do Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses come with any warranties or guarantees?

A: Sony FX30 Cinema Lenses typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of quality for your investment.

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