Brutally honest! Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus

Are you tired of blurry photos and missed moments? Introducing the Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus lens! This revolutionary lens is a game-changer for photographers who demand precision and quality in their images. With its incredibly fast auto-focus and wide aperture of f/1.2, the Sirui Sniper allows you to capture sharp, crisp shots even in low light conditions. Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, or action shots, this lens will exceed your expectations with its superior performance. Say goodbye to missed focus and hello to stunningly clear photos with the Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus lens.

Brutally Honest! Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus


Now I’m super excited about these lenses these are the sniper autofocus lenses by Sur now they just brought out the the night walker series which is Cinema lenses these ones are pretty much identical but they are autofocus and an f1.2 we’ve got the 23 that you’re looking through right now with the fx30 They’ve got the 33 and the 56 f1.2 now these are really interesting there’s a couple of caveats that we do need to talk about uh we’ve got a lot to get through but I do want to see the differences between the night walker series and the sniper Series so let’s Get into it what’s going on my 101,000 amazing friends I hope you’re all doing absolutely fantastic if you are new to my Channel please consider subscribing today like I said we’re going to be talking about the sniper series which is the autofocus lenses Brand New by Sur if They’re worth it what are the differences between the night walker series and the sniper series obviously manual focus cine lens autofocus can they be used for video are they really good for photos what is it like wide open are there any differences between between the Optics of these we Got a lot to get through so first of all let’s talk about the build quality differences between these two lenses and obviously we’ll talk about the image quality so the sniper series comes in the 23 33 and 56 mm focal lengths which is very similar to a 35 50 and 85 mm Fullframe equivalent they have a super fast aperture of an f1.2 and can be stopped down to an F16 all three have a front filter thread of 56 mm they have an 11 blade aperture diaphragm they come in black white and silver bodies and they weigh slightly different depending On the mount that you get but in Sony Mount they are 381 G 400 G and 422 G respectively and they are currently for Sony e-mount Fuji X and Nikon Z Mount now at the time of recording this video these lenses are at $299 each or you can get the three pack For $849 us now the night walker series comes in the 24 35 and 55 mm focal lengths they also have a super fast aperture of T 1.2 a slightly larger front filter thread of 67 mm have a 12 blade aperture diaphragm they come in only black and metal gray and they weigh 505 G 513 G and 555 G respectively and they cover Sony emount Fuji X Canon RF and micro 4/3 Mount so because the nightwalker series are a little bit older and currently out to the public they come in at 349 us or you can get The three set for 999 us so this is the sniper series at 23 M at f1.2 go into the center and it’s actually quite sharp not bad performance but we do go out to the corners and it is a little bit soft if we do stop it down to f1.6 or even F1.8 it obviously does get a little bit sharper more contrast and at 2.8 it does sharpen up quite a lot and also we have a look at the Distortion and it seems to be Barrel Distortion when it comes to the 23 mm now we go over to the 33 mm Not really any Distortion here but we do go into the center and it is relatively soft and if we do even stop it down to f1.6 or f1.8 even F28 it’s not exactly the sharpest of lenses but still really decent performance but what I did find this is the interesting thing is a Little bit of field curvature it wasn’t exactly sharp in the center and when you sort of go out from the center it actually looked sharper than what it did in the center which leads me to think this is a little bit of field curvature I haven’t really noticed it with the N Series 35 mil lens but with this 33 did actually notice it it’s not crazy different like it doesn’t look in incredibly soft in the center but if you are pixel peeping I did notice that difference but uh let’s look at the 56 mil lens as well and we do go over to The 56 mm and this is where things get a little bit different it’s very ghostly at f1.2 even if you do stop it down to f1.4 or f1.6 it’s still quite soft and it does lack a little bit of contrast it’s when you go to about f2.8 is when The sharpness is pretty decent they do hit a little bit of peak sharpness at about f5.6 and also there does seem to be a little bit of pin cushioning when it comes to this 56 mil lens now look when it comes to looking at these lenses on the chart they’re not optically perfect And uh obviously the price is really cheap and they’re really nice autofocus lenses but when it comes to video majority of the time you’re not actually looking for optically perfect lenses you might actually want lenses with some nice character and when we actually look at the video performance autofocus and Some of the images from this it actually looks really really nice and we do have to take all this into consideration as well but what you also may have noticed and was very similar with the night walker series lenses is that the 23 mm actually comes out warmer than the 33 And the 56 the 33 and the 56 have like a really nice sort of standard tone whereas the 23 does come warm and you do actually have to take that into consideration because if you are someone that locks the white balance like me have it at 5600 Kelvin and you swap Between the 23 and 33 you’re going to have different colors because the coating or whatever is happening with the image in that lens is going to be different so you just obviously have to know about these things and it was the same with the night walker series lenses As well so if you did watch my night walker series you will realize that these are actually really good when it comes to focus breathing and uh are they going to be the same with the autofocus lenses because the Optics are slightly different in terms of positioning what’s The Focus breathing like now this is the focus breathing of the 23 mm and you can pretty much see there is no Focus breathing if we move on to the 33 mm and it’s very similar the focus breathing is very minimal when we get to 56 mm the Focus breathing is minimal here as well but the interesting thing is you can see this slight Focus hunt before it locks on so this is touch to focus on the fx30 and obviously this is with the transition speed up to level five so so it’s 5 out of seven so if you do Actually dial it back to about 2 or 3 with the transition speed it does fix this a little bit and uh you don’t actually get that slight Focus hunt before it locks on so you do actually have to be aware of that and this will actually vary from camera to camera Because it really depends on which camera you have and does it have the latest autofocus systems now this is the perfect segue to obviously our next test and that comes down to autofocus and focus tracking with the FX x30 now it really does depend on like I said before What camera you actually have is it a new camera does it have the best and latest autofocus and obviously what camera system you know are you with Fuji X Sony E Nikon Z Mount so the three camera systems may actually respond differently to these lenses now they did Actually…

Brutally honest! Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus FAQ

  1. Can the Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus lens be used for professional photography?
    Absolutely! This lens is designed for professional photographers looking for sharp, high-quality images.
  2. What makes the Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus stand out from other lenses?
    The fast f/1.2 aperture allows for excellent low light performance and creamy bokeh, making your subject truly stand out.
  3. Does the Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus have reliable auto focus capabilities?
    Yes, this lens features fast and accurate auto focus, making it ideal for capturing moving subjects.
  4. Is the Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus compatible with my camera?
    This lens is designed for mirrorless cameras, so make sure your camera is compatible with the lens mount.
  5. Is the Sirui Sniper F1.2 Auto Focus worth the investment?
    If you are serious about your photography and want a high-quality lens that delivers exceptional results, then yes, this lens is definitely worth it.

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