Breaking News: Sigma & Tamron Now Support Canon RF Mount!

Are you a Canon RF mount user looking for more lens options? Good news! Sigma and Tamron have announced that they now support the Canon RF mount, giving photographers even more choices when it comes to selecting lenses for their cameras. This is revolutionary news for Canon users who have been limited by the available lens options for the RF mount. Now, with Sigma and Tamron on board, the possibilities are endless for capturing stunning images with your Canon RF mount camera. Join us as we explore the exciting new lens options available for Canon RF mount users.

Breaking News: Sigma & Tamron Now Support Canon RF Mount!

Breaking News: Sigma & Tamron Now Support Canon RF Mount!

In an exciting development for Canon users, Sigma and Tamron have announced that they are now offering support for the Canon RF mount. This means that owners of Canon’s RF mount cameras, such as the EOS R and EOS RP, can now use a wider range of lenses from these popular third-party manufacturers.

Sigma’s Announcement

Sigma, known for their high-quality lenses, has officially added support for the Canon RF mount with the release of a new firmware update. This update will allow Canon RF users to take advantage of Sigma’s Art, Contemporary, and Sports series lenses.

With this new compatibility, Canon RF users will have access to a variety of Sigma lenses, including popular options like the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art and the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Contemporary. This opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for Canon shooters.

Tamron’s Support

Not to be outdone, Tamron has also made a similar announcement regarding their lenses and the Canon RF mount. Canon RF users can now use Tamron lenses with the EF-EOS R mount adapter, providing them with access to Tamron’s extensive lineup of lenses.

By utilizing the EF-EOS R mount adapter, Canon RF users can enjoy Tamron lenses such as the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD and the Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD. This gives Canon RF users even more options when it comes to choosing lenses for their photography needs.

Benefits for Canon RF Users

This announcement is a significant win for Canon RF users, as it greatly expands the lens choices available to them. With Sigma and Tamron now offering support for the Canon RF mount, users can choose from a broader selection of lenses that cater to different photography styles and preferences.

Having more lens options at their disposal allows Canon RF users to explore new creative avenues and experiment with different focal lengths and apertures. Whether shooting portraits, landscapes, wildlife, or sports, Canon RF users now have a greater range of lenses to choose from, helping them achieve their desired photographic results.

Future Developments

As third-party manufacturers continue to expand their support for the Canon RF mount, Canon RF users can look forward to even more options in the future. With Sigma and Tamron paving the way, other lens manufacturers may follow suit and offer compatibility for the Canon RF mount.

This increased support for the Canon RF mount bodes well for the growing ecosystem of RF lenses and the Canon mirrorless system as a whole. Canon RF users can expect to see more lens choices and innovations in the months and years to come, further enhancing their photography experience.

Overall, the news of Sigma and Tamron now supporting the Canon RF mount is a positive development for Canon users. With a wider selection of lenses available, Canon RF users can now explore new creative possibilities and take their photography to the next level.

Breaking News: Sigma & Tamron Now Support Canon RF Mount!

Q: What does this mean?

A: This means that Sigma and Tamron, two popular third party lens manufacturers, have released lenses that are compatible with Canon’s RF mount, expanding the range of lens options available for Canon RF mount cameras.

Q: Why is this significant?

A: This is significant because it gives Canon RF mount camera users more choices in terms of lenses, allowing them to explore different focal lengths, apertures, and features without being limited to Canon’s own lens lineup.

Q: Which lenses are now available for Canon RF mount?

A: Sigma has released several Art series prime lenses for Canon RF mount, while Tamron has released a 35mm f/1.8 Di III lens for the same mount.

Q: Where can I purchase these lenses?

A: These lenses can be purchased from authorized Sigma and Tamron dealers, as well as online retailers that carry their products.

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