Are you a photography enthusiast or professional looking to up your camera game? Well, we have some groundbreaking news for you – Nikon has just acquired Red Camera! This unexpected and exciting move by Nikon has already sent shockwaves through the photography industry, leaving many wondering what this acquisition means for the future of camera technology. With Nikon’s reputation for producing high-quality cameras and Red Camera’s innovative technology, this collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the way we capture moments and create stunning visual imagery. In this blog post, we will delve into the implications of this acquisition and explore how it could shape the future of photography. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and insights on this monumental news in the world of cameras.

Breaking News: Nikon Acquires RED Camera


According to Jared Polin from, the photography world has been shaken up with the announcement of Nikon acquiring all of RED Cinema Camera. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Jared woke up to this surprising news and quickly shared his thoughts on this industry-altering move.

Industry Shake-Up

Nikon, who has been lagging behind in the cinema market compared to competitors like RED, Canon, and Sony, has now taken a significant leap forward with this acquisition. Not only did Nikon recently win a lawsuit against RED, but now they own the entire RED camera system.

This unexpected development raises questions about Nikon’s future in the cinema world. Will they brand their own cinema cameras under the RED name? What changes will be made to the camera systems? The possibilities are endless and exciting for Nikon enthusiasts.

Implications and Speculations

With Nikon now holding the patent for internal raw recording compression, a lucrative opportunity has opened up for the company. Will they compete head-to-head with Canon and Sony? How will this acquisition affect the existing RED camera lineup?

As industry experts speculate about the future of Nikon and RED, one thing is clear – this move has the potential to redefine the cinema camera market.

Jared is eager to see how Nikon will leverage this acquisition and what innovations they will bring to the table. The autofocus capabilities, lens compatibility, and potential new camera models are all areas to watch closely in the coming months.

Community Engagement

Jared encourages his audience to share their thoughts on this groundbreaking news. What do you hope to see from Nikon and RED in the future? Join the discussion and let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

While the latest episode of Raw Talk may not cover this breaking news due to Jared’s current shoot in Phoenix, stay tuned for more updates and insights on the evolving landscape of camera technology.

This acquisition marks a pivotal moment for Nikon and the cinema industry as a whole. Jared commends Nikon for this bold move and eagerly anticipates the exciting developments that lie ahead.

For more updates and insights, visit Jared Polin’s website at Stay tuned for more news and discussions on the ever-changing world of photography and cinematography.

FAQ about Nikon’s Acquisition of Red Camera

What does this acquisition mean for the two companies?

This acquisition means that Nikon will now have access to Red Camera’s advanced technology and expertise in the camera industry. It also signifies a potential expansion of Nikon’s product offerings and capabilities.

Will Red Camera products still be available for purchase?

Yes, Red Camera products will still be available for purchase. However, there may be changes in the future as Nikon integrates Red Camera’s technology into their own product lineup.

How will this acquisition affect consumers?

Consumers can expect to see more innovative camera products from Nikon in the future, as well as potential improvements in the quality and performance of their existing products.

What are the financial details of this acquisition?

The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed publicly at this time.

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