Bored with photography

Are you feeling uninspired and bored with photography? We’ve all been there before. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just enjoy snapping photos as a hobby, creativity blocks can happen to anyone. In this blog, we’ll explore different ways to reignite your passion for photography and get out of that rut. From trying new techniques to seeking out inspiration in unexpected places, we’ll provide tips and tricks to help you rediscover your love for capturing moments through the lens. So grab your camera and get ready for a fresh perspective on photography!

Bored with Photography

Bored with Photography


What’s up, everybody? Peter McKinnon here, and today we’re talking about just being bored with all of it. It’s Monday morning and we’re gonna hit the ground running this week. Buffer Festival is this Thursday, so if you guys live in Toronto or the surrounding area, I will be at Buffer Festival on Thursday premiering a film that I shot in Kenya. Super excited to premiere it there, it’s at this theater that looks absolutely ridiculous. Little bit nervous, just gonna put that out there. So that’s Thursday. Sunday’s like the award gala and I think I’ll be there on Friday as well but I’ll probably be in and around the area, in around the city hanging out, shooting, vlogging, doing that kind of thing. So, it’s gonna be a great week. Super excited. Lots to do. But today, it’s nothing about that. Today I want to talk about being bored with photography, and be being bored with cinematography. Just cameras in general. And beyond that, how to kind of spice up some of the photos that you’re already taking. Just using some new techniques. Maybe you’re doing portraits, how to make those A little more creative and a little more exciting for you so that you want to get back out there and keep shooting. Just a couple of little things that are gonna make your life a little more exciting in the world of photography. So that’s kind of today’s episode. I’m super excited about it, it’s something that I’m very passionate about. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to my friends, it happens to everybody, so if you’re in that rut right now, or you feel like you’re just coming out of it or you’re just getting into it, this video’s for you. And, if you want to learn a couple extra dope techniques to just ramp up those portraits or product photography, or your Instagram shots, this video is for you too. So, let’s just start jamming out.

The Boredom Struggle

Here’s the thing with being bored with photography and cinematography, is that it happens to everybody. If someone’s out there like oh I’ve been shooting for 20 years, and you ask them, have you ever been bored with it and they say no, I don’t know that I would believe that because it’s just like a natural thing. If you’ve got natural hobbies, there’s lots of ups and downs, Just like there’s ups and downs with everything you do in life, the same thing happens to the passion, the creativity, within this art form. That might come in the form of I don’t know what to shoot, I just haven’t had any good creative flow lately, and I have no ideas for photo shoots And none of my friends are shooting, I just don’t have the energy to get up and go outside and make it happen. That could be one stage of it. Another could stage could just be maybe it’s just become your job and now that it’s become your everyday job You’re little bitter towards what used to be that creative, fiery, exciting passion when you first started.

A New Perspective

I liken it to getting a new car, I love my analogies. But let’s say you bought a new car today. You’re just pumped to drive it, right. You would happily get in that car and drive it around your neighborhood like 15 times just to be in it and be like. Smells so good. Go get some coffee or whatever you’re into. And you’re happy to do that. Then a week later, you still love that car. It’s still brand new. No eating in the car. But maybe a month from now, you’re like, yeah, you can have a muffin in the car, that’s fine. I’ll allow that. The coffee’s cool, just careful with the cup holder. You get the idea. As the time progresses, that love, that passion for that new car, fades.

Spicing Things Up

So here’s a couple fun ways to spice up your photography to kind of get that spark back to maybe get you a little bit interested and step outside the comfort zone. And it is exactly that. Stepping outside the comfort zone. So when I’m feeling a little bit of a creative block or something, I flip everything completely. So, I love taking portraits outside, midday, natural light, window light, inside, that kind of thing. So, a great thing to do, start shooting your portraits at night. Go downtown, find like the nearest neon sign or Chinatown or whatever and start doing some portraits in front of that neon light. That’s an instant way to make your photos pop, look completely different, give you some excitement, and rejuvenation for what it is that you’re doing. You could take a regular portrait that You might just shoot outside and be like yeah, I’ve done this a thousand times, but now look how edgy and how different and how cool that style is just because we’re shooting it in front of some neon lights.

Getting Creative with Portraits

Tip number two is just getting creative with the way you shoot portraits that you’ve already shot. Sometimes the problem is, I don’t want to shoot the same stuff that I’ve already done over and over. My friends want to go shooting, or I want to go shooting but I just don’t want to go do the same thing. It’s boring, I’ve done it before. I’ve shot it in the fall, in the winter. So how do we get creative with it. This is a fun thing that I like to do that you’ve seen other people do that’s trendy again on Instagram, and it’s sometimes it’s all about identifying and finding those trends, but shooting portraits or buildings through the back of a lens. So for this you’re gonna need an extra lens, So grab an extra lens, that’s preferably got a little bit of a wider element at the back, and then you’re going to shoot whatever the subject is.


1. Why am I feeling bored with photography?

There could be various reasons why you’re feeling bored with photography. It could be due to lack of inspiration, shooting the same subjects over and over again, or feeling burnt out from editing photos.

2. How can I reignite my passion for photography?

One way to reignite your passion for photography is to try new techniques or genres that you haven’t explored before. You can also challenge yourself with a photography project or workshop to gain new skills and perspectives. Surrounding yourself with fellow photographers and sharing your work for feedback can also help you get inspired.

3. Should I take a break from photography if I’m feeling bored?

It’s okay to take a break from photography if you’re feeling burnt out or uninspired. Stepping away from your camera for a while can help you come back with a fresh perspective and renewed creativity. Use this time to explore other hobbies or activities that may spark your creativity.

4. How can I avoid getting bored with photography in the future?

To avoid getting bored with photography in the future, try to continuously challenge yourself and seek out new opportunities to expand your skills. Stay curious and open to learning new techniques, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of photography. Lastly, remember to take breaks and give yourself time to recharge when needed.

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