Are you an adventurous soul who loves vanlife but often finds it difficult to maintain personal hygiene on the road? Look no further, as we have the ultimate solution for you – the RinseKit PRO, the best portable shower for vanlife enthusiasts. This innovative product is designed to provide you with a refreshing and convenient shower experience even in the most remote locations. Say goodbye to dirty campsite visits or struggling with finding a suitable water source – the RinseKit PRO takes care of all your showering needs without compromising on efficiency or convenience. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of this must-have item for any vanlifer.



Vanlife enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts rejoice! Introducing the RinseKit PRO, the best portable shower for all your adventure needs. In this article, we will discuss the features of the RinseKit PRO, its pros and cons, and why it is a must-have for everyone, even your mom and dad!

The RinseKit Classic vs RinseKit PRO

If you are familiar with the RinseKit Classic, you will notice that the design of the PRO is similar. The PRO comes with a hose sprayer and a six-foot hose, allowing you to shower or reach things up to six feet away. However, the main difference lies in the pressure system.

The Magic of the RinseKit PRO

The RinseKit PRO comes with a removable lid that can be used as a platform, allowing you to stand on it while showering. This means you can easily rinse off sand and dirt from your body, even if you are on uneven terrain. The highlight of the RinseKit PRO is its battery-powered system.

Unleash the Power of the Battery

The PRO is equipped with a battery-powered water tank, a battery switch, a voltage meter, and a 12-volt outlet. The battery can last for an impressive amount of time, withstanding heavy use for weeks. The sprayer also offers multiple spray patterns, determining the spray time.

Spray Time and Efficiency

During testing, the average actual spray time for each spray pattern was as follows: shower jet (5 minutes and 15 seconds), flat (4 minutes and 55 seconds), center (7 minutes and 10 seconds), and mist (24 minutes). The spray time may vary, but you can easily refill the RinseKit PRO without the need for a hose.

Expand Your Shower Time

If you anticipate needing more shower time, simply bring an additional jug of water to refill the RinseKit PRO. This expansion pack allows for extended use without any hassle. With this portable unit, you can have endless shower time wherever you go.

Unknown Battery Life

While the RinseKit website does not specify the battery capacity, they claim that the battery can last anywhere from three to six months under normal use conditions. It would have been helpful to have more specific information on battery life and capacity.


The RinseKit PRO is a game-changer for vanlife enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Its battery-powered system, long spray time, and refillable tank make it a must-have for all your cleaning needs. Whether you are at the beach, on a hike, or simply need a quick rinse after a workout, the RinseKit PRO has got you covered. Get yours today and elevate your vanlife experience!


1. What is the RinseKit PRO?

The RinseKit PRO is an innovative portable shower system specifically designed for vanlife enthusiasts.

2. How does the RinseKit PRO work?

The RinseKit PRO utilizes pressure from a standard garden hose to provide a pressurized stream of water for showering or cleaning purposes on the go.

3. Is the RinseKit PRO easy to use?

Yes, the RinseKit PRO is incredibly user-friendly. Simply fill the reservoir with water, connect it to a standard hose, and put pressure as per your preference.

4. Does the RinseKit PRO require electricity?

No, the RinseKit PRO does not require any electricity. It operates solely on water pressure, making it perfect for off-grid adventures.

5. How long does the water in the RinseKit PRO stay hot?

The RinseKit PRO does not feature a built-in heating mechanism, so the water temperature will depend on the initial input. However, it does offer insulation to help maintain the water temperature for an extended period.

6. How much water can the RinseKit PRO hold?

The RinseKit PRO has a total capacity of 2 gallons (7.6 liters), providing you with ample water for showering or rinsing equipment.

7. Is the RinseKit PRO portable?

Absolutely! The RinseKit PRO is designed to be highly portable, making it an ideal companion for vanlife or any outdoor activities. It is easy to carry, and its compact size allows for convenient storage.

8. Can I use the RinseKit PRO for other purposes besides showering?

Yes, definitely! The RinseKit PRO is versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks such as bathing pets, rinsing off sandy beach gear, cleaning camping equipment, and much more.

9. How durable is the RinseKit PRO?

The RinseKit PRO is built to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures. It is made from rugged materials to ensure durability and longevity, even in harsh environments.

10. Are there any additional accessories available for the RinseKit PRO?

Yes, there are various accessories available to enhance your RinseKit PRO experience, such as a hot water sink adapter, a heater, a pressure booster pump, and different nozzles for various water patterns.

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