BEST GRIPS/TRIPODS for GoPro Hero 10/Osmo Action/Insta360 – 2021

Are you an avid adventurer who loves capturing every thrilling moment on your GoPro Hero 10, Osmo Action, or Insta360 camera? If so, you’ve probably realized the importance of having a reliable grip or tripod to ensure steady footage and stunning shots. With the constant advancements in technology, there are numerous options available in the market today. But which grips or tripods are truly the best for your needs in 2021? In this blog, we will dive into the top recommended grips and tripods specifically designed for GoPro Hero 10, Osmo Action, and Insta360 cameras. Whether you’re into extreme sports, travel vlogging, or simply capturing precious memories, we’ve got you covered with our handpicked selection that will elevate your videography game to the next level.

BEST GRIPS/TRIPODS for GoPro Hero 10/Osmo Action/Insta360 – 2021


All right summer is here lockdowns are being lifted and it kind of just feels like it’s it’s go pro season or like like action camera season like we’re all out doing things where now we want to film them with a gopro or an osmo action or insta360 and you You go and you you get whatever camera you want to use as your action camera but but then the question becomes what stick are you gonna get because there’s a billion choices and i’ve used i’ve used most of them these are the ones that i’ve kept some of them i’ve just thrown in The trash because they were terrible but these are what i’ve kept today we’re gonna walk through all of these kind of what they are what they do and i’m gonna tell you guys the two that i actually reach for i actually reach for these two on like a regular basis And they’re actually they’re actually two of the cheaper stick tripod options before we jump into that though hit the like button if you would and a huge thank you to today’s sponsor cuts cuts clothing again their support makes videos like this possible for you guys and And they just make super dope shirts so much so that my dad was in town my mom and dad came in town last week to meet our daughter penny and we we met up at a pizza shop called pizza port in san diego and i walk in and my dad goes wow hey Hey son yeah that shirt looks really great on you like really fits you really well i don’t think my dad’s ever complimented me on my shirt before so yeah well done cuts and he’s he’s right like they they just fit right they i pretty much my closet now is just Cuts shirts and be a good human shirt it’s pretty much all i own now and a morganly shirt thrown in there but if you guys want more compliments on your shirts shoot the first link in the description shoot over use code david manning at checkout and get 15 Off of your order yeah thanks cuts you guys rock all right so onto the sticks on to on to kind of what you’re gonna use to either hold your your action camera or or pop it on some kind of stick to hold it out in front of you Here’s everything i use and and i’ve kept uh i guess some i don’t i don’t use so much anymore the first one first up here is one that i used to always recommend i almost always recommended the gopro three-way mount and the reason at the time especially was It was really really useful in multiple ways so you could just use it as a handle and then you could you could stretch it out you can kind of do this curved thing as like a selfie stick and then out of the bottom you would unscrew this tripod and flip it around And now it’s a it’s a tripod thing kind of wibbly wobbly but you know still worked this tripod is pretty much only good on flat surfaces so if we went for a hike somewhere and i wanted to put this on a rock put it on a rock and it would just be Just off and then the camera is crooked so we couldn’t take a normal shot there’s no ball head up here it just does this so if it’s crooked this way then you just have a crooked shot and gopro has come out with a new version of this called the Three-way 2.0 grip they solved that issue by putting a little ball head on top so it does now have a ball head but now the new one is 70 for this thing so i haven’t bought the new one and i really don’t use this pretty much at all anymore although i Used to recommend it to everybody and then next up is a couple of smaller gopros specific or action camera specific they’ve got the the little feet mounts this is the pgy tech again kind of just a grip and then it extends and that extension has the the grip becomes Feet and i do like this one it works but again if you’re on a crooked surface at all then you have a crooked shot and it’s not a ball head it just the gopro can just do this i got this one because it was really cheap and really compact but this is the Lonzy one same thing it doesn’t get nearly as tall and the feet do that and same thing it just kind of tips forward and backwards but again without without a ball head on top ah you’re just gonna end up with a bunch of crooked shots there we go That’s nice also kind of in that category is the is the new grip by new bear this is the floating tripod that i love if i’m going if i’m gonna be like wake surfing behind a boat or maybe doing something like that i’m going to go for this thing because this can float Any of these action cameras so whether i’m going with the gopro the osmo action or the x2 this will float it so if i drop it in the water this thing floats upside down there’s a little red bobber in the water and i can spot it when we circle the Boat back around i go there it is ideally though you just don’t drop your your thing in the water but it’s nice knowing that if you do you have this and it also becomes a tripod and it also extends up further there we go again though big problem with the new bear is No ball head on top so again kind of same same issue uh also for the floating ones i go with this guy a lot this is the go pole go pull bobber i think it’s called you can find these super cheap on amazon though there’s much cheaper versions than gold pulls But the general idea is just a floating grip it’s got a wrist strap so if we’re doing something like we get to lake powell and we want to jump off a cliff or something like that holding on to this thing with a wrist strap i pretty much know like i’m not Gonna lose my action camera although the last few times i’ve done that i have used the this one because it was cooler to get the shot like further out from me and i just i just held on real tight that’s a great one for just any water in general after that over Here another another kind of go-to that that i’ve used a lot in the past and i just haven’t found myself using as often recently is just a little mini gorilla pod it’s just one of the small ones and it comes with a quarter 20 on top so you do need A little gopro adapter but you just pop the gopro adapter on there then we get our camera on there and once that’s mounted i i have a handle that i can walk around with my gopro with but now with this gorilla i mean like all gorilla products you can mount this In like really crazy spots like mount it around a tree or like on a pole and then angle your gopro in just really strange spots that you obviously can’t do with any sort of tripod device okay now on to some poles the the pole that i used to recommend i still Recommend it it’s still a great pole this is the uk pro pull that guy 54 hd and it is it’s the longest pole that i have so it’s super super long look how tall it is it’s like up to my nipples but it’s super

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Grips/Tripods for GoPro Hero 10, Osmo Action, and Insta360 (2021)

Q1: What are the best grips/tripods for GoPro Hero 10, Osmo Action, and Insta360 in 2021?

A1: The best options for grips/tripods compatible with these cameras are:

Q2: What features make these grips/tripods stand out?

A2: These grips/tripods offer:

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Flexibility of use for different camera angles
  • Anti-slip capabilities for enhanced stability
  • Compact and lightweight design

Q3: Are these grips/tripods compatible with other action cameras as well?

A3: Yes, absolutely! These grips/tripods are designed to accommodate various action cameras, including GoPro Hero 10, Osmo Action, Insta360, and many others.

Q4: Can these grips/tripods be used underwater?

A4: While some of these grips/tripods offer waterproofing features, it is always recommended to review the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the product’s suitability for underwater use.

Q5: Where can I buy these grips/tripods?

A5: You can purchase these grips/tripods from reputable online retailers and stores specializing in camera accessories. Some recommended places to buy include:

Note: Replace the example links with actual links to specific grips/tripods and retailers.

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