BEST Gear of 2019; Crazy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals; The Disturbing Case of Lu Guang

Are you looking for the best gear of 2019? Are you interested in snagging crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Or are you disturbed by the case of Lu Guang, the award-winning Chinese photojournalist who went missing in Xinjiang? Look no further, as we have all this and more in our latest blog post.

2019 has been an exciting year for innovative gear, with new technology and advancements in various industries. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, there are plenty of deals to be had on the latest gadgets and gear. However, amidst all the excitement, there are also troubling events happening around the world, such as the case of Lu Guang. Join us as we delve into the best gear of 2019 and explore the crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, while also shedding light on important issues like the disappearance of Lu Guang.

2019 Gear of the Year Awards

Hey everybody I’m Hugh brownstone for three blind Ben and an elephant and today just before we head up to New Jersey actually to break bread with our extended family I want to share with you our 2019 gear of the Year awards most especially most enjoyably for me our 2019 elephant award but please hold that thought until the very end when I announce the winner or you can check out the index to this video in the show notes below if I remember to do them so that you can just fast-forward to what’s interesting to you let’s start with our 2019 audio gear of the year now way back in April I provisionally named Rhodes Wireless Co our 2019 audio gear of the year how daring of me the ego was remains innovative functional inexpensive with just one hundred and ninety-nine bucks and reset our expectations for what a wireless lab System could be at the price but it turned out that the Paraiso was warranted beyond the fact that the most significant compromise rode had to making packing so much into so little was that facing away from the camera could be enough to block the signal which didn’t matter that much to me Personally because I don’t turn away from the camera pico gear with its dual channel pico mic wireless lav system and then Sarah Manik with its blink 500 showed up both were good enough to warrant close inspection though in the end neither was able to quite rest the Title away from the road so honorable mentions to them both next lighting gear of the year now I’m not one of those people who gets excited about rigging up a camera or packing up lots of stuff for on location shooting I like traveling as lightly as possible and I just get Annoyed with every ounce that I have to add but I also like shooting as close to base ISO as possible so I almost always like my scenes especially when we’re recording on the street last year I found at Lux Lee’s viola and it became my go-to for on camera or just off Camera lighting it was superseded for certain use cases by apertures waterproof even more compact and we’re on a lm/w but this year’s honor for lighting gear of the year goes to Bowlings p1 with honorable mention going to loom cubes bicolor LED panel and power bank both are about the size of my IPhone 11 Pro both offer high CRI reasonably bright lighting and both offer at least a modest amount of diffusion the bowling edges out the loom cube due to superior runtime higher output RGB and special effects the loom cube panel omits I’d be happy with either one though giving the not Actually to the loom cube for what we do because we don’t need effects or RGB color I like having a power bank from my iphone and the loom cube is a little more svelte and comfortable in hand I think one more iteration of each in which they are made weather resistant Enough to be used without fear in a downpour with buttons easily manipulated with gloves on and I can stop searching for the perfect on camera like at least until someone figures out how to circumvent the laws of physics to provide better diffusion next drone of the year It was only after we were well underway on what became our 20 plus webisode documentary series on the Mariner East hazardous liquids pipeline that I finally obtained an FAA part 107 remote pilot’s license I thought it appropriate given our use of our DJI phantom 3 professional 4k I’d bought earlier for B-roll when the Maverick air came out in 2018 I quickly sold the Phantom figuring I’d buy the air but then I realized two things one by that point our documentary series was well on its way to be incomplete and two I saw no use for a drone from that point forward again for What we do due to increasingly onerous regulations I pocketed the money and waited knowing that the pace of change in the drone industry is so dramatic that if I could only hold out something better and or less expensive would come along and so it has congrats to DJI for the new Maverick mini the mini is essentially a decon tented downsized 249 gram version of the Maverick area that number is important that relieves its operator of many of the restrictions placed on an aircraft just one gram more at 400 bucks you do sacrifice for King some of the intelligent flight modes anti-collision Sensors a little flight time some manual control and the high performance occu sync system but you know what it gives up much less than you might imagine to the drone I used to phone the series which I bought for three times the price of the mini well done guys Next up more interesting lens of the year in an age of 40 or 50 megapixel full-frame cameras shorter flange distances and wider lens mounts and the rise of computer-aided design manufacturing and in body software correction the ability to see design and deliver higher optical performance verges on the startling you don’t need To pixel peep to see the differences at least Claudia and I don’t though it’s more like intuitive feeling but there have been so many outstanding optics that it wasn’t easy to narrow the list down to the six lenses upon which I’ve decided to bestow lens of the Year Awards for primes and two zooms although I am a primes kind of guy you may argue that there are other lenses more desert reasonable people can disagree but these awards are based on and therefore limited to lenses I’ve actually used Sony for example has moved beyond electronics to become a first tier lens Manufacturer this year with their 750 bucks 30 5 1.8 Fe full frame and $2,000 Fe 135 1.8 they’ve shown once again that they can deliver stunning optical performance at accessible prices as well as at the more rarefied levels of the G master series I’m talking sharpness micro contrast and chromatic aberration Correction in either case that will stand up at least to the 61 megapixels of the a7r for something that cannot be said even of some of their own older G masters Nikon Wow has delivered two lenses during these last 12 months which are reason enough to enter the Z Ecosystem the sub $500 nikkor Z fifty one point eight and the $2000 nikkor Z 24 to 72 point eight again these are lenses which offer outstanding results and those results are visible without pixel peeping another zoom deserving lens of the year accolades is the $1,800 Like a DG varios uma Lux 10 225 1.7 in Micro Four Thirds mount yeah it’s expensive and big especially given the Micro Four Thirds camera for which it is designed but it is one of those compelling reasons to enter or remain in the micro 4/3 space proving that you Don’t need to go to full frame for wonderful sharpness color and shallow depth of field if we could only have one lens for the Micro Four Thirds gh 5 that we use for most of our work this would be it but if there is one lens above all others in this group Spoiler alert there is if I could live in my selection to just one lens which I don’t because I’m making up the categories as I go along it would have to be like as sumak Ron SL 35 millimeter f/2 never mind that Peter Carr be the man in charge of Leica cameras optical Design told me that he thinks since the best lens ever made I saw it with my own two eyes after just two shots of course at just north of 5 grand autonomy but it is and because it is it is a lens for


1. What is the best gear of 2019?

The best gear of 2019 includes a variety of tech, gadgets, and electronics that have been rated highly by experts and consumers alike. These may include smartphones, laptops, cameras, fitness trackers, and more.

2. What are some Crazy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals?

Crazy Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are special discounts and promotions offered by retailers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. These deals often include significant discounts on a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, home goods, and more.

3. What is the disturbing case of Lu Guang?

The disturbing case of Lu Guang refers to the disappearance and subsequent detention of the Chinese photojournalist in 2018. Lu Guang, known for his haunting images that shed light on social and environmental issues in China, was reported missing while on a trip to Xinjiang. It was later revealed that he had been detained by Chinese authorities.

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