Best BUDGET TRIPOD for FILMMAKING – SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 Review – CHEAP Video Tripod FluidHead

Are you a filmmaker on a budget looking for a reliable tripod that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100. This budget-friendly video tripod with a fluid head is perfect for filmmakers who need a stable and smooth platform for their cameras. In this blog, we will review the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 and discuss why it is the best budget tripod for filmmaking. We will explore its features, performance, and overall value for money, so you can make an informed decision when choosing a tripod for your filmmaking needs.

Review: SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fibre Heavy Duty Tripod – The Best Budget Option for Filmmaking

In this video, the reviewer provides an in-depth review of the SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fibre Heavy duty Tripod, emphasizing that he only promotes gear that he actually uses and always keeps gear chats to a minimum. The review is based on real-world use after 4 months, offering a balanced perspective of the tripod’s strengths and limitations.

Price and Weight

The first reason to consider the SmallRig FreeBlazer tripod is its affordable price point. Described as a “quality tripod at a fraction of the price” of more expensive brands, the reviewer highlights SmallRig’s ability to deliver high-quality filmmaking equipment on a budget. Additionally, the tripod’s lightweight carbon fibre construction makes it exceptionally easy to transport and use in various shooting scenarios.

Leg Locking System and Durability

The tripod’s one-step locking system on the legs is another standout feature, offering convenience and time savings during set-up. Although the levers are made of plastic, the reviewer attests to the tripod’s durability even after heavy-duty use, demonstrating its ability to withstand rigorous shooting conditions.

Fluid Head Performance

The fluid head of the SmallRig FreeBlazer tripod is praised for its smooth operation and exceptional performance, particularly with telephoto lenses. The pan angle’s stepless drag system provides fine control over resistance levels, delivering impressive results for both fast-paced action shots and slow panning movements. The reviewer also notes the head’s compatibility with standard manfrotto-style plates and DJI plates, offering versatility for different shooting setups.

Telescopic Arm and Leveling

The extendable telescopic arm, 1/4″ thread hole for accessories, and built-in wrench are highlighted as practical features that enhance the tripod’s usability. Additionally, the head’s ease of leveling, even on uneven surfaces, is commended for its practicality during outdoor shooting, such as filming surfing activities on uneven sand.

Stability and Versatility

The reviewer discusses the tripod’s stability and maximum vibration reduction, attributed to the centre spreader connecting the legs. While acknowledging the limitations of spreaders for low-angle shots, the overall support and payload capabilities of the SmallRig FreeBlazer tripod are deemed suitable for a wide range of filmmaking needs, from solo shooting to event coverage.


The SmallRig FreeBlazer Carbon Fibre Heavy Duty Tripod is recommended as a great option for filmmakers seeking high performance and quality at an affordable price. Its lightweight design, smooth pan head, and practical features make it a go-to choice for various filming projects. The reviewer invites questions and feedback from viewers, emphasizing the tripod’s practical value and reliability for day-to-day use in diverse shooting environments.


FAQ – Best Budget Tripod for Filmmaking

Here are some frequently asked questions about the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 Review and CHEAP Video Tripod FluidHead:

1. What is the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100?

The SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 is a budget-friendly tripod designed for filmmakers. It offers stability and smooth panning and tilting movements, making it a great choice for shooting professional-quality videos on a budget.

2. What makes the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 a good choice for filmmakers?

The SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 features a fluid head that provides smooth and precise movements, making it ideal for capturing high-quality video footage. It also has a lightweight and compact design, making it easy to transport and set up on location.

3. Is the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 affordable?

Yes, the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 is designed to be a budget-friendly option for filmmakers. Despite its affordable price, it offers professional-level features and performance, making it a great value for anyone looking for a high-quality video tripod at a reasonable cost.

4. Can the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 support different camera setups?

Yes, the SmallRig FreeBlazer AD100 is designed to support a wide range of camera setups. Whether you’re using a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or professional video camera, this tripod can provide the stability and support you need to capture great footage.

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