Behind The Scenes Vlog Episode 1: Studio Chores!

Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes in a vlog studio? In Episode 1 of our Behind The Scenes Vlog series, we give you a glimpse into the daily chores and tasks that keep our studio running smoothly. From setting up equipment to arranging props and costumes, our team works tirelessly to ensure that each vlog episode is of the highest quality. Join us as we take you behind the scenes and reveal the hard work and dedication that goes into creating engaging and entertaining content for our viewers. Get ready to see the inner workings of our studio like never before!

Behind The Scenes Vlog Episode 1: Studio Chores


Okay so this video is going to be a little different we’re going to kind of drop the quality a little bit and just have some fun doing some chores around the studio. There’s a bunch of stuff that is kind of piled up that I need to address and I figured I’d just go ahead and vlog it if you will. So I’ve got my list right here let’s go ahead and head over to my desk and get started.

Cleaning Up My Desk

The first thing I want to do is address cleaning up my desk. This actually is not bad at all, this is very clean for me. But before we move on, I figured this would be a great excuse to go ahead and tidy things up. So let’s go ahead and put some things away. I need to finish setting up my desk setup that I’ve done a video on. I made some modifications and it’s coming along beautifully. And then here we have the new Fuji XA7, really excited to try this out for YouTube because of the massive flip-out screen. Let’s go ahead and put that away. Addicted to these, need to stop eating as many as I do. Two things I almost always have are stuck in my pockets or on my desk are stinking lens caps and SD cards. Okay so got everything cleaned up, at this point I need to finish up this edit for the S1 guide trailer, so let’s go ahead and knock that out real quick.

Organizing The Studio Room

Now for the real project of the day, and that’s going to be dealing with this room. This room has been a little bit of everything. I kind of figured it would be a mess like this a lot of the time. It’s a place where we can put gear, store stuff that we might need, and it’s gotten a little out of hand. So we’re going to kind of sort some of that stuff out. We’ve got these IKEA shelves here which house a bunch of bins filled with all kinds of things like NATO rails, clamps, 15-millimeter rods, power plates, camera handles, D-Tap power cables, GoBow heads, grip heads, things like that. Even some cameras in here, some boxes, and we have this wall or this board for our power. So what we’re going to do is sort all of this stuff. This isn’t bad here, but there’s things like foam board leaning up there blocking the door. We’ve got junk down here that we need to sell, there’s bins with who knows what in here in this big storage unit. This isn’t very efficient and then there’s stuff like this round LED light that I did a video on recently when it came to that backpack setup. What do we do with that? What do we do with its accessories? So we just need to deal with this. So we’re just going to go ham, start pulling stuff out, sort all of this, put this battery board right up here. Let’s get started.

Post Production Editing

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Sound Improvements

We’re going to deal with a little sound problem. This space isn’t too bad when it comes to reverberation and some other stuff, but it definitely needs a little bit of help. The problem we’re having is I use a lot of shotgun microphones usually super cardioid and those microphones usually have a little bit of a tail on the back in that they pick up sound behind the microphone. So what’s happening is my voice is going through the space hitting the ceiling and then it’s recording and making some weird sounds because of ceiling reverberation. So to help us out, I’m going to be putting sound blankets on the ceiling where this microphone is going to end up. And if my assistant pans over there, you’ll notice we have a ton of them in that end of the space all the way over there in the corner so you’ll see there’s a lot of blankets on the ceiling and it makes a huge difference over here where we have our desk setup which you’ve seen in recent videos. We don’t have that so I’m going to put two of these blankets, the last two I have left on the ceiling roughly where this microphone is going to end up and it should make a difference when it comes to sound.

Computer Updates

Okay so we have finished this room, I got everything all nice cleaned up organized so we can actually find stuff on this unit here and then all these puppies got kind of reset up so we have this area over here which will be kind of our charging area for all our batteries. We’ve got some more storage up there and then all the gear and specifically rigging here in the center so I can come in here bring a camera with me start building something for a video. Next, I’m going to start working on updating all the computers. Now embarrassingly we are still running on High Sierra and there’s a good reason though, whenever I’m updating a machine I want to make sure that there’s nothing it needs to access because that can be really detrimental if you’re in the middle of a huge editing project and you update your computer. That means you often need to update Final Cut and things can go wrong and they have gone wrong for me in the past so we’re going to make a huge leap from High Sierra up to Catalina so gonna get started on that of course backups are really important and then making sure everything’s hunky-dory so we’re gonna start with computer number one the assistant editor desk and then we’ll go over and knock out my computer that moment when you’re really hoping that turns into something and doesn’t just hang there and with that we have the computers updated it’s the next day clearly I’m wearing something different it took forever but we’re good to go feels great having everything backed up updated and we’re in between big projects which that’s exactly how I like to have it.

Lens Organization

For lens organization, I’ve been trying to come up with a way that we can keep our old lenses stored but also have a bunch available to grab at any moment. Since…


What is Behind The Scenes Vlog Episode 1: Studio Chores?

Behind The Scenes Vlog Episode 1: Studio Chores is the first episode of a vlog series that takes viewers behind the scenes of a studio and shows the daily tasks and chores that need to be done to keep the studio running smoothly.

What can viewers expect to see in this episode?

In this episode, viewers can expect to see the studio crew working together to organize equipment, set up lights, and clean up the studio space. They will get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action that goes into creating a high-quality production.

Is this vlog series suitable for all audiences?

Yes, this vlog series is family-friendly and suitable for viewers of all ages. It offers a fun and informative look at the work that goes on behind the scenes of a studio.

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