Awesome TRANSITIONS to make your videos BETTER!! Premiere Pro Tutorial

Are you tired of having dull and boring transitions in your videos? Are you looking for ways to make your videos more engaging and professional? Look no further, because in this Premiere Pro tutorial, we’ll be exploring some awesome transitions that will take your videos to the next level. Whether you’re creating a vlog, a business presentation, or a music video, the right transitions can make all the difference in keeping your audience hooked. From smooth cuts to flashy effects, we’ll cover a range of transitions that will make your videos better and more captivating. So grab your editing software and get ready to take your video editing skills to the next level!

Awesome TRANSITIONS to make your videos BETTER!! Premiere Pro Tutorial


Today, we’re talking about transitions. Now this is Part Three in an ongoing series on stepping up your filmmaking. There’s a lot to cover, so, let’s go. All right, guys, you’ve been asking for it, so today, we embark on the journey that is transitions. Now, there is a lot to cover with this.

I’m gonna break this video into several different videos over the next couple weeks just because I could easily Make this video over like an hour and a half long. And some of you guys would be like, yay! And some of you would be like, stop talking.

So I’m gonna try and find some middle ground here. But there’s a lot to go over, so in today’s video, We’re gonna look at only a couple transitions. Specifically, I wanna show you guys how to do the Masking and the FrameBlocking, which is where something covers the frame and you mask to a transition underneath. You guys have seen this on a couple of the videos that I’ve done. I did it in one of my vlogs, where I was at my friend’s workshop and we were showing his wood shop, that kind of thing.

I did it at Left Field Brewery a couple days ago in a vlog. But whenever I can find a really good reason Or I’m shooting and I can work that in, I 100% try to make the effort. So that kind of leads into my first point.

The Importance of Planning

My first point is, transitions are more than just fancy edits and ways to make your footage look better. Absolutely, that’s what they do, but to get the most Out of your transitions and to make them feel intentional and to make them feel like you meant to do it, and they’re perfectly suited for each other, you gotta think ahead of time, you gotta shoot to edit. Now I’ve talked about this before.

You gotta plan those shots, You gotta shoot the transitional clips ahead of time so when you bring those into post and actually start editing them, and adding the transitions into those two clips, you’re gonna get, it’s like, aagh, you’re gonna get such a better result because you planned for that transition.

It’s not just finding two clips that happen to work together and you’re like, oh, sic, yeah, that worked out. And sometimes that happens, but if it worked out because you shot certain clips to do so certain transitions with, it’s gonna be that, so, so much better, okay?

Screen Direction and Movement

Now before we get into the actual tutorial of how these transitions work, it’s important to talk about screen direction and movement, because there’s ways to transition clips without actually adding an edit into them.

So when we’re gonna do Masking or FrameBlocking, we have to actually go into that clip And mask out clips underneath and then move things around and actually edit the footage. But before we even get into the editing, like the meat of it, you can still get great transitions just by matching clips together or matching screen direction. So if there’s a car moving to the right, The next clip might be someone running to the right.

And the next clip after that might be something else moving to the right, but if you transition those clips properly between each other, and you carry out that screen direction where all the movement is going one way, Those are still transitions, you’re still keeping in mind, you’re still editing with that intentionality, so that when people watch your films and your videos, it feels cohesive, it feels like there was thought put into it.

They might not subconsciously pick up on it, some people might, but if they don’t, it’s still, It’s an easier watch, it’s a better watch. So not all transitions are fancy camera moves or fancy editing techniques, sometimes it’s just putting the thought into how you’re gonna piece those clips together.

Screen direction, and the way clips move in and out of each other, Using intentional shots, that’s as every bit important as actually learning how to edit in transitions in post. The two things need to work together to get the best result, essentially, is what I’m saying. So, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on.

Masking and FrameBlocking

So what Masking and FrameBlocking transitions Are really good at is making an edit feel really just seamless. Instead of just one clip whipping into the next clip, which starts with the whipping, of being able to Mask that out, just makes it a lot more like, whoa, it just flows real nice And then give it as just like a nice flow opposed to some turbulence in that flow. We wanna remove all the turbulence and sometimes adding these types of transitions just smooth it out for a much less bumpy viewing experience.

No seatbelt required. Now, if you’re gonna do the FrameBlocking, You have to shoot something that’s in front of the Frame so that you can actually Mask it out. You gotta keep that in mind. So it could be someone walking by, it could be an object that is just Blocking, where the term comes from, the Frame, And you pan through it so that it is essentially the divider that moves across the Frame. That’s the focus point, that’s the anchor.

That’s what we’re gonna use to blend away, so that we see the clip beneath. So when you’re shooting, you gotta keep that in mind. You gotta look for those things.

Maybe it’s a telephone pole, maybe it’s a car that drives by the Frame and completely blocks the Frame, like that, but you want something that goes right in front that you can Mask away, that’s the kind of thing you wanna look for when you’re shooting. So if we’re in my office, for example, right now, and we just wanna hand-hold a clip, just for explanational purposes, and let’s say we start the clip moving to the right, and then we film another clip, if we just put those two clips together, You can see how it doesn’t seamlessly, it’s just not, it works, but it’s whatever, it’s forgettable.

You’re not gonna think anything about it. But if we FrameBlock and we move the camera in front of something and then the next clip, we continue that transitional movement, But now we’re gonna Mask away that first clip to reveal what’s underneath, look how much better that clip looks now as a seamless, just cohesive, saying that a lot today, but it’s the best way to describe it, but look how much better that looks.

It looks so much better, it’s visually appealing, It makes the edit flow, you don’t feel like anything is broken or skipped, nothing like that, it just works. So let’s get into how we can do that in Premiere Pro. Okay, so let’s jump into Premiere. This is how we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna be using this clip And it’s going to Mask into this clip.

Now, how do we do that? Well, by creating a Mask. But this kinda goes back to what I was saying originally, when you need to make sure that you shoot these types of clips so that they work for you when you’re editing Versus just trying to find something through stuff that you’ve already shot or old clips.

And if you go and shoot intentionally to make this transition, it’s gonna be way, way easier.

What I mean by that is this clip here is what I shot at the Brewery. I went from the left side of this Control panel, panned to the right side and made sure that it passed in front of the Frame completely so that I could Mask out this section and put a different clip underneath, okay? And that’s what we’ve done when you see the clip here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Awesome TRANSITIONS in Premiere Pro

What are awesome transitions in Premiere Pro?

Awesome transitions in Premiere Pro are effects or animations that are used to smoothly move from one video clip to another. They can be used to add visual interest and professionalism to your videos.

How can awesome transitions make my videos better?

Awesome transitions can make your videos more engaging and visually appealing. They can help to enhance the storytelling and create a seamless flow between different scenes or shots.

Are awesome transitions easy to use in Premiere Pro?

Yes, Premiere Pro offers a wide variety of built-in transitions that are easy to apply to your video clips. Additionally, there are also custom transition presets and plugins available for more advanced users.

Where can I find tutorials for using awesome transitions in Premiere Pro?

You can find tutorials for using awesome transitions in Premiere Pro on various online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Adobe’s official website. There are also many online courses and forums dedicated to video editing with helpful tips and tricks.

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