Apple’s $3,500 Headset and Nikon’s Battery Crackdown | The PetaPixel Podcast

Are you interested in the latest technology developments in the photography world? Have you heard about the controversy surrounding Apple’s $3,500 headset and Nikon’s battery crackdown? Join us on The PetaPixel Podcast as we discuss these hot topics and provide insights into the impact they may have on photographers and tech enthusiasts alike. From the future of virtual reality to the importance of using authentic camera batteries, we delve into the implications of these latest industry trends. Stay tuned for an engaging and informative discussion on the intersection of technology and photography.

Apple’s $3,500 Headset and Nikon’s Battery Crackdown | The PetaPixel Podcast

Hello and welcome to the PetaPixel podcast! My name is Jaren Schneider and I’m joined by Jordan Drake and Chris Nichols. This is the first episode of the PetaPixel podcast and we have a really packed schedule. There’s a lot of stuff that happened in the last week that we want to talk about. Nikon is blocking third-party batteries, what is going on with outdoor photographer Leica’s Q Series had published wrong specifications for years, Ring employees have spied on their customers, and where is your Fujifilm XS20 review? Oh, you two finally!

Jordan Drake’s Thoughts on Nikon Blocking Third-Party Batteries

This is something they’ve done before I mean it’s not new right I mean they did this back in the SLR days and yeah I think from a corporate standpoint obviously it’s easy to do it because you want more profits but also you can say things like we don’t want third-party batteries to overheat and explode and get damaged but I think really the track record on third-party batteries is pretty good you know I really don’t think there’s any sort of reason to stay away from it at the same time I guess if I was buying a Z8 I don’t know what camera you were talking about Z8 I don’t know what that is if I was buying a Z8 um it’s an expensive investment and because the reduced battery life just given that it’s a smaller battery I would want probably the latest and greatest I mean that’s what I would personally do but I get that people have third-party batteries they’ve invested money in it it’s sad that they don’t work well I think the big issue there is that we didn’t know this until it started getting into customers hands I mean we certainly tested it yeah we’re not going to test battery life with…

Chris Nichols’ Experience with OM System

I actually not just like OM System I use their cameras for my work with both Outfitters so that’s the main camera I’m going out shooting an OM1 12 to 100. You know that small kit I drove over the last Olympus the you know the previous kind of company with a truck and it survived in the mud. I thought you literally drove over drove now I may have left the camera on the the top of the wheel in the wheel well storage solution that doesn’t matter that that part of the story is completely pointless don’t worry about it but I drove over the camera and it survived so you know I like how rugged they are I like how I can be around the water I like how compact it is and the Stabilization handheld has been fantastic so I don’t have to bring a tripod or anything so I actually use it every week you know I don’t think anyone knows that about you Chris no did you share that speaking of that ruggedness and like and we’re just like going off riffing now I don’t I have more script I’m probably not gonna read it talk about my beard I did shave it crazy yeah no right yeah fisherman you know we’re a strong breed the the you were mentioning the ruggedness of the cameras we did a story last Year I think where we they sent us pictures of how they test those things and the the actual rig they put those together into yeah they fire stuff at it the jet system but the other one that’s crazy is like their dust Protection One they fire like a like a fine white Powder at the cameras for like a long time they get caked in it it is the it is the coolest thing I’ll see if I can throw some pictures up for those who are watching us on on YouTube um but I will link to that story in the Video description if you’re curious to see um just how crazy they’re testing apparatus is.

Thank you again to OM System for making truly incredible cameras that people need to use more of that Chris Nichols uses all the time all the time yeah still the best video stabilization out there as well so visit to take advantage of their spring sale where you can save up to 40 on brand new OM System cameras and the highly Respected M azuiko lens series all right let’s get to the stories!


Why is Apple’s $3,500 Headset getting so much attention?

The Apple headset, priced at $3,500, has caused a lot of buzz due to its high price point and advanced technology features.

What features does the Apple headset have?

The Apple headset includes advanced display technology, spatial audio, and a high-quality design for an immersive VR/AR experience.

Why is Nikon cracking down on third-party batteries?

Nikon is cracking down on third-party batteries due to concerns over safety and performance issues that may arise from using non-official products.

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