AI for Video is Getting Crazy… 🤯🚀

Are you tired of spending hours editing videos for your social media or YouTube channel? Do you wish there was an easier way to create professional-looking content without all the hassle? Well, look no further because artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we create and edit videos! With the advancement of AI technology, video editing has become more accessible and efficient than ever before. From automatic video stabilization to face recognition and editing, the possibilities are truly endless. In this blog, we will explore how AI is changing the game in the world of video creation and editing, making it easier and more fun than ever before. Let’s dive in and see how AI for video is getting crazy! 🤯🚀

AI for Video is Getting Crazy

AI for Video is Getting Crazy… 🤯🚀

The Power of AI in Video Editing

With advancements in artificial intelligence, video editing has reached new heights. Creators are now able to utilize AI tools to transform their videos in ways that were once unimaginable. One particular technique that is gaining popularity is converting horizontal footage into vertical format.

Converting Horizontal Footage to Vertical

Creators like Matthew Stern and hampo have been at the forefront of utilizing AI for video editing. They have demonstrated how to convert horizontal footage into vertical format seamlessly. The key is to start with a static shot with no movement on the top and bottom. Once a suitable frame is selected, a screenshot is taken and imported into software like Photoshop.

Utilizing Genera Fill Tool

In Photoshop, the Genera Fill tool works its magic to fill up the blank spaces created by the conversion from horizontal to vertical. It may take a few tries to get the desired result, but once the creator is satisfied with the image, it is exported in PNG format and imported back into the editing software.

Resizing and Finalizing

With the filled image in place, the creator then resizes the horizontal footage to fit perfectly within the vertical frame. The result is a seamless conversion that allows for the video to be viewed in vertical format without any loss of quality. This process showcases the incredible capabilities of AI in video editing.

Benefits of AI in Video Editing

The incorporation of AI in video editing has opened up a world of possibilities for creators. Tasks that were once time-consuming and tedious can now be automated with the help of AI tools. From color correction to motion tracking, AI streamlines the editing process and allows creators to focus on their storytelling.

Enhanced Creativity

AI tools enable creators to explore new techniques and styles that were previously out of reach. The ability to convert horizontal footage to vertical is just one example of the creative possibilities that AI brings to video editing. Creators can now experiment with different formats and aspect ratios to enhance their storytelling.

Efficiency and Productivity

By automating repetitive tasks, AI frees up creators to spend more time on the creative aspects of video editing. This increased efficiency leads to higher productivity and allows creators to produce more content in less time. AI tools act as valuable assistants, helping creators bring their vision to life.

Future of AI in Video Editing

As AI continues to evolve, the future of video editing looks promising. Creators can expect even more advanced tools that will revolutionize the way videos are edited. From real-time object removal to automated scene detection, AI is poised to take video editing to the next level.

Collaboration with AI

Creators will increasingly collaborate with AI tools to enhance their editing process. By working hand in hand with AI, creators can unlock new possibilities and push the boundaries of their creativity. The synergy between human creativity and AI intelligence will result in stunning works of art.

Personalization and Customization

AI will enable creators to personalize their videos in ways never before possible. From dynamic text animations to customized color grading, AI tools will empower creators to tailor their videos to their unique style. The future of video editing is personalized, thanks to AI.


What is AI for Video?

AI for Video is the use of artificial intelligence technology to analyze, edit, enhance, or create video content. This can include tasks such as automated video editing, object tracking, facial recognition, and more.

How is AI revolutionizing video production?

AI is revolutionizing video production by speeding up tasks that would normally take hours of manual labor, such as video editing or color correction. It is also enabling filmmakers to create more dynamic and engaging content through advanced features like deepfake technology and virtual cinematography.

What are some examples of AI tools for video production?

Some examples of AI tools for video production include Adobe Sensei, IBM Watson AI, and NVIDIA Deep Learning AI. These tools can automate various tasks in the video production process and produce high-quality results in less time.

Is AI for Video safe to use?

While there are concerns about the misuse of AI technology, when used responsibly, AI for Video can be a valuable tool for content creators. It is important to use AI for Video ethically and in compliance with privacy regulations to ensure the safety and security of all individuals involved.

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