A CRUCIAL step to making INCREDIBLE videos!! AUDIO & SFX

When it comes to creating incredible videos, one of the most crucial yet often overlooked aspects is audio and sound effects. Audio and sound effects play a pivotal role in setting the tone, enhancing the visual experience, and engaging the viewer on a deeper level. From adding suspenseful music to heighten dramatic moments to incorporating realistic sound effects to bring scenes to life, the right audio can elevate your video from good to unforgettable. In this blog, we will explore the importance of audio and sound effects in creating compelling videos and how you can use them to make your content truly stand out.

A CRUCIAL step to making INCREDIBLE videos!! AUDIO & SFX

What’s up everybody. Peter McKinnon here and today, Whew! We’re talking about sound effects. Audio and how editing them together will make your films and your YouTube videos and just basically everything so much better. I’m gonna start by saying this. Sound is so important. Audio is so important. We process audio before we process video. That’s actually how it works. It’s funny if you think about it ’cause we can watch a low res video on YouTube, on the internet, somewhere, and you can get through it. You can watch a video that’s slightly out of focus, maybe a little bit fuzzy, maybe some shaky camera and you can for the most part get through it. But if you try to listen to something or watch a video that has bad audio or it’s crackling or it’s muffled, Or there’s lots of audio pops and mistakes, you can’t get through it. You turn it off. You’re like “Nah I can’t even I can’t hear this. Just forget it, just turn it off. Nope. No. It’s so hard to get through something that sounds terrible where the audio is just too much wind. I can’t deal with that. It’s so hard to get through these things. And why is that? It’s because audio is so important. It plays a huge role in telling that story. It plays a huge role in like adding that extra oomph to your footage to just round it out, to make it whole, And make it just as best as it can be. So today we’re going to look at some techniques. How to apply sound effects. How to make sound effects. How to record your own sound effects. How to kind of tweak sound design in this small little edit To kind of give you guys a little bit of an idea as to how powerful it is and how much it adds to like an overall piece. When you’re shooting video and shooting anything video related this can always help. And it’s funny too because audio is not the most exciting thing. It’s not. Like you don’t wake up and go, “Oooh I’ve got a new Lav mic today – so excited.” It’s exciting getting new gear but I’ll be honest, if it’s audio gear I’m kinda like, “Oh it’s ’cause I have to. I guess I’ll buy it. I guess I’ll buy the mics. I guess I’ll upgrade my Rode mic.” That’s never as exciting as, “Oooh! New lens today. Ahhh!” Never that kind of a level for me. Maybe it’s because I’m not an audio engineer and it’s something that I just kind of maybe struggle with even myself. Self-admitted. It’s never been as exciting As getting new camera or something else like that. So… And because it’s so easily overlooked, this is why it’s so important because chances are if I’m overlooking it and dismissing it and not excited about it, there’s other people out there who feel the same as me who are doing the same thing. This video is hopefully going to open your eyes a little bit to that and you’ll walk away with some new skills that you can apply today. Okay so I’m going to roll an edit in second here and it’s important to say that this is essentially an example Of how you can use audio and sound design to enrich your edit. And then we’re going to go into where I got these sounds, how I got them, how I use them in Premier Pro. How you can get them and use them as well. We’ll hop into the computer And take a look a little more in depth as to how this works and some other films I’ve used this on and some examples like that. And so with that being said it is time for some B-Roll. Woo. Okay so there you have it. Most of the sounds in that edit that you saw are completely fake. I shot a lot of that at 120 frames a second which doesn’t record audio so I actually have to build the atmosphere myself. So city ambience, sirens, police sirens (siren wails) that kind of thing. People walking, horns, cars, (car horn beeps) just air like an atmospheric kind of air sound to feel like you’re outdoors. I put sound effects in when the skateboard lands or fake waterfalls and birds and air moving through trees and trees themselves so when you mix all of these things together You’ve basically created, you’ve designed like an environment, an audio rich environment that accompanies the music that all works together to make your film better, to tell a better story. Now what’s nice about this is you can get really creative when it comes to sound design. You don’t have to use specific sounds that are meant– like example my friend ollies off the stair set and lands but it’s in 120 frames a second so I don’t have any audio of him landing but I want a nice good impact of that skateboard hitting the ground. I might search all these different sites for skateboard sounds or try to find it myself. I might come up short, I might not get it. So that’s when it’s fun to be creative and find other sounds that you can actually use to replicate that or even make it more impactful. So the sound of my friend Jesse actually hitting the ground with the skateboard when he lands from doing that set is actually a sound of jail doors being slammed shut and it sounds like this: So then I overlaid that sound with him landing his skateboard and then you get this: But then you throw the music on top of it with a couple of ambient sounds of outside city life and some sirens and you get this: So you can see how we took something that has nothing to do with skateboarding or what actually was filmed yesterday and we made it work for us. That’s an example on how you can just be creative with noises and pick different things that are completely unrelated to the shot That still work and help round it out. That’s what I love so much about doing sound design for my edits because it’s almost now at this point just as much fun as editing the footage itself. I’ll probably spend more time editing the sound In an edit like Alpine Views or what you just saw than I’ll actually spend editing the footage that I shot for that. Now where do I get my sound? I’ve told you guys before, I use a website called epidemicsound.com. The link’s below, it’s in the description, It’s right on the top line so you can just click it. Not only do they offer music for your YouTube subscription, if you haven’t seen the video that I’m referring to I’ll annotate it here, but not only do they offer subscriptions and you can find thousands and thousands of songs That are all okay to use for YouTube videos where you’re not going to get flagged or anything like that. They have a huge library of sound effects. So I probably pull from their sound effect library just as much or more than their actual music tracks. I sift through all the sounds so much on a daily basis to try to find the right thing. Every sound that you heard from this mix came from Epidemic Sound. Every sound that you heard from that Alpine Views video came from Epidemic Sound. All you gotta do is go up to the window, Search in what you’re looking for, “police siren”, hit enter and you’re going to see the results come up. You scroll you listen you preview, you download it. I download a ton, I’ve got hundreds saved into a folder and now I just pull from those so if I’m doing an edit tomorrow lets say, And I shoot some stuff, chances are I have my swoosh sounds, I have my police sirens, I have my…


What is the role of audio and sound effects in video production?

Audio and sound effects play a crucial role in making videos more engaging and immersive. They enhance the overall viewing experience and can help convey emotions, set the mood, and create a more dynamic storytelling experience.

How can audio and sound effects improve the quality of my videos?

By carefully selecting and integrating high-quality audio and sound effects, you can elevate the production value of your videos. This can help captivate your audience, increase viewer retention, and make your content more memorable.

What are some tips for incorporating audio and sound effects into my videos?

Some tips for effectively using audio and sound effects in your videos include choosing sounds that complement the visuals, adjusting the volume levels for balance, and using sound effects strategically to enhance key moments in your content.

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