A Camera Hoarder’s Youtube Studio

Are you a camera hoarder struggling to find the best setup for your YouTube studio? Look no further! In this blog, we will explore the ultimate solution for creating a top-of-the-line studio that will showcase your camera collection and enhance the quality of your content. With the right equipment and layout, you can transform your studio into a professional and visually appealing space that reflects your passion for photography and videography. Say goodbye to clutter and confusion, and say hello to a sleek and functional YouTube studio that will take your content to the next level. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect setup for camera hoarders everywhere!

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A Camera Hoarder’s Youtube Studio

Studio Tour

Hey guys, Caleb here. Welcome back to another video. In this one, we are doing an entire studio tour of the space that I work out of every single day. A couple things before we jump in, links to every little thing I mentioned will be in the description if you’re looking for those. Thing number two, I am not making this video to try to show off. Hey look at all the stuff I have. This video is more of kind of a list of resources and ideas for your space. Without further ado, I’m gonna grab this camera and we’re gonna dive right in.

Main Set

What you’re looking at right now is what I am seeing every time I make a video. Pretty much complete blackness, but you can see we’ve got my Panasonic S1 set up with a Canon 24-270 f2.8. I’m using a black pro-mist filter which I’ve talked about in one of my more recent videos. The setup is on a tripod. I’ve got a giant desk from Uplift Desk, a dell computer monitor for viewing and monitoring, and a 60 inch parabolic softbox for lighting. There’s also a foam board for fill light and a sound blanket for soundproofing.

Audio Setup

For my microphone, I’m using a Sennheiser MKH 416 mounted to a Rode PSA arm which is then mounted to a C-stand. The microphone runs into my Mix Pre 3, providing really solid audio recording.

Background Lighting

There are two to three lights in use for the background lighting in all of my videos. The main light is an Aputure 300x which bounces into a mirror, creating a natural look. There’s also an Aputure 120d going through an Aputure spotlight mount with a fake window effect, as well as an Aputure MC light for a soft, fake lamp setup.

Main Open Area

Now, we’re going to walk out into this main open area of the studio. This is the b-roll area and features more sound blankets for soundproofing and bounce as well as a custom video desk battle station with a sit-stand desk on casters and a platform for gear. There’s also a second desk for filming, also an electric sit-stand desk for flexibility in height adjustments.

Equipment Setup

Currently, I have my GH5s mounted, but normally I would be using an A7S 3 for filming. To monitor everything, I’m using a Sumo 19 monitor/recorder, providing a bright, fully-fledged production monitor with touch functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cameras do you use in your Youtube studio?

In my Youtube studio, I use a variety of cameras including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and action cameras. I like to have a range of options for different shooting situations.

How many cameras do you have in your studio?

I have a total of 7 cameras in my studio, each serving a different purpose and providing me with the versatility I need for my content creation.

Do you have any tips for managing and organizing all your cameras?

Managing and organizing multiple cameras can be a challenge, but I find that having dedicated storage space and a detailed inventory system helps me keep track of all my equipment.

Why do you have so many cameras for your Youtube channel?

Having a variety of cameras allows me to create diverse and high-quality content for my Youtube channel. Different cameras offer different features and capabilities that contribute to the overall production value of my videos.

Do you have any favorite camera for shooting Youtube content?

While I appreciate all of my cameras for their unique strengths, I do have a favorite camera that I reach for most often when shooting Youtube content. It’s a [insert camera model], and I love it for its [insert reason, such as image quality, versatility, etc.].

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