61 Megapixels – A Help or a Hindrance?

Are 61 megapixels really necessary for your photography needs, or are they just overkill? In today’s digital age, there seems to be a constant race to have the highest megapixel count in cameras, but is it really practical? Can a high megapixel count actually hinder your photography rather than help it? In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of using a 61-megapixel camera and whether it is truly a help or a hindrance for photographers. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply a hobbyist, understanding the impact of megapixels on your photography can help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a new camera.

61 Megapixels – A Help or a Hindrance?

Hello everybody i hope you’re all well and welcome to my office uh i’ve just noticed i’ve got some baby slobber on my shoulder so hopefully you can’t see that i’ve learned in the first couple of months of parenthood that there is literally no point having clean clothes Ever because they don’t stay clean for well more than 10 minutes if you’re lucky anyway as you can see we’re in my office today at home and that’s because i’m talking about test prints and megapixels and scientific things like that before i do though i want to quickly mention This volume through the book which is now available for pre-order finally so i’ll mention this a bit more at the end of the video but yeah if you’re interested it’s available on my website for pre-order right so as many of you know about a month ago i bought this a Sony a7r mark iv and it’s a camera that i was a bit unsure about when i first bought it because it’s got 61 megapixels and i couldn’t really work out if that was going to be a help to me or a hindrance and it’s quite an expensive Camera so i did take a bit of a punt but a month on i do have some opinions and i must stress they are just opinions it’s quite difficult to work out whether 61 megapixels is good or bad scientifically in any kind of objective way it has to be just based on opinions Because it depends on your things like tolerance for massive files or how many frames per second you want to shoot and all that kind of stuff so everything that i say today really is just rooted in personal opinion rather than necessarily fact and yeah i’m i’m not a scientific Person i get lost in data very quickly so this and the prints that i show you are not going to be necessarily all that scientific uh right now when discussing megapixels there’s really only one place to start and that is resolution so as you might be able to See what i’ve done is i’ve printed on an a2 piece of paper on my second favorite paper a bunch of different images that are blown up to a1 size that makes sense so these are basically crops of images that would appear on an a1 sized image And i can’t remember what an a1 image is in terms of inches and centimeters i’ll put it somewhere up here to be honest i’m just being cheap i could have printed these out individually but well i thought i’d save some trees also the reason for using my second favorite Paper is that my favorite paper is german etching hannah mule german etching which is completely useless for things like resolution tests it’s really heavily textured so i think you’d learn more from printing on a carpet to be honest than printing on on german etching so instead i’ve used photo rag To assess these images right so yes all of these are crops of a1 sized images and they’re all iso 100 or the top row is anyway is the bottom row yes but on the top row we’ve got the a7r mark 4 raw file and then in the middle We’ve got the a7 3 raw file which is a 24 megapixel file and then on the right we’ve got the a7 3 file but with a super resolution boost whatever it’s called that new tool in photoshop and then down here we’ve got jpeg so the a7r mark 4 has got three different resolution Settings for jpegs there’s a high a medium and a low and basically i mean you’re not going to be able to see this on the video so it’s a bit pointless really but what i can tell you is interesting so i wasn’t expecting a huge difference in these files to be honest And by all measures there really isn’t a huge difference what i would say is that there is a bigger difference than i expected now for some context and as many of you will know i have built my photography business over the past three years or so Largely with this this is a lumix g9 and it’s got 20 megapixels and i’ve done some really really big printing with this now that shouldn’t really be a surprise because we see lots of billboards with iphone photos for example because printing is largely about viewing distance i.e if you stand Far enough away from an image at an appropriate viewing distance you really don’t need all that much in resolution now my definition of an appropriate viewing distance is you should be far enough away from an image that you don’t have to move your head to look at Different parts of it and you shouldn’t really even have to move your eyes that far you know you shouldn’t be going like this should just be you see a difference in that i mean basically for an a2 image i wouldn’t want to be any closer than this for Example and at this distance which i suppose is a couple of feet i can’t really see a difference in any of these photos but it’s when i come here this is when i can see the difference now because i personally really don’t spend all that much time looking at prints really close up This isn’t a massive deal to me but the thing is as i mentioned a few weeks ago i am selling a lot more bigger prints now and i’m aware that lots of people probably do like to look really closely at prints and for me this is quite interesting because there’s no doubt That there definitely is more detail in the bigger 61 megapixel file and although i expected that i thought it would only be obvious in sizes way beyond day one so actually this is quite interesting and as you’d probably expect the same is true of the jpeg file as Well there’s a lot more resolution in the high res jpeg file compared to the low-res file which i think is about 15 megapixels maybe I’m not too sure but basically there is a difference at a1 uh so for prints double this size this is a2 this piece of paper which is the biggest i can print at home if i want to print a1 i have to use a print studio and i didn’t Think far enough ahead of time to get that done so if you want to use piece of paper double this basically then i would class the 61 megapixels and the a7r mark iv as a nice to have rather than a must-have on the basis that as i say if You’re looking from an appropriate viewing distance there’s not all that much difference in the files and yeah you’re gonna have to take my word for it because i’m pretty sure you definitely won’t be able to see a difference on a 4k video uh so the next question has to be Are there any drawbacks to using a sensor with that many megapixels and are those drawbacks big enough to hinder me using the camera just for the sake of some nice to have resolution now there are a couple of areas that i think are useful to think about when assessing this image-wise the first Is all to do with noise and the second is to do with stabilization and resolution when hand holding so let’s start with noise i’ve again taken two different photos one with the a7 iii which is this side isn’t it yes and the a7r mark 4 on this side not that it Really matters because again you won’t be able to see the difference on the video now noise is an interesting one uh when i first got this camera i was thinking to myself do you know what in low light i’ll probably end up shooting with the…

61 Megapixels – A Help or a Hindrance?

What are 61 megapixels?

61 megapixels refer to the resolution of a camera sensor, indicating the number of pixels it can capture in an image. The higher the megapixels, the more detail and clarity in the images.

Are 61 megapixels helpful?

Yes, having 61 megapixels can be very helpful for professional photographers and those who require high-resolution images for printing or detailed cropping. It allows for capturing fine details and producing large prints without sacrificing quality.

Can 61 megapixels be a hindrance?

For casual photographers and those who primarily share images online, 61 megapixels may be overkill and can lead to large file sizes that require more storage and processing power. It can also make editing and sharing images more time-consuming.

Is 61 megapixels worth it?

It depends on the specific needs and preferences of the photographer. For those who require the highest level of detail and quality, 61 megapixels can be worth it. However, for others, a lower resolution may be more practical and sufficient for their needs.

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