6 Reasons Your Photos are not SHARP

Are you frustrated with your photos not turning out as sharp as you’d like them to be? Blurry or out-of-focus images can be a real downer, especially when you’ve put effort into capturing a special moment or scene. But fear not, there are likely reasons behind this issue that can be easily addressed. In this blog, we’ll dive into six common reasons why your photos may not be as sharp as you want them to be. From equipment-related factors to common mistakes in technique, we’ll explore key aspects that can impact the sharpness of your images and provide tips on how to improve it.

6 Reasons Your Photos are not Sharp

Hey everyone, a question I get asked all the time is how I can make my photos look sharper or when I shoot my photos just don’t look as sharp as yours. So in today’s video, I want to go through six main reasons your photos are not sharp and how to fix it. Plus, all these reasons apply to any camera you might be using from mirrorless all the way to DSLRs.

External Reasons Your Photos are not Sharp

The first reason your photos might not be sharp is something that is super easy to fix and you should be doing this before every single photo shoot anyway, which is to clean your dirty gear. Even if you are really careful with your camera gear, using it and changing lenses will inevitably lead it to getting dirty in one way or another. You might get fingerprints on it, ocean mist can create a fine layer that affects the front of the lens, or in general, you might just have dirt or dust on the lens that will stop you from achieving the sharpest results possible. I clean my lenses before every single photo shoot that I do to ensure that I’m able to capture good quality photos. When you’re cleaning your lens make sure to check the front and back element as both sides can get dirty.

Number two is if you use a filter on your lens whether it’s a clear UV filter, an ND filter, a polarizing filter, basically any kind of filter, this could be affecting your sharpness as well depending on the quality of your filter. It can cause extra lens flares or make your photos softer. A good way to test if this is the reason your photos are not sharp is to put your camera on a tripod at home and take the same photo with and without the filter on your lens and compare the sharpness on your computer. By the way, when you’re cleaning your lens make sure you take a look at the space in between the lens and the UV filter. I personally wouldn’t clean this before every single shoot since I rarely take my UV filters off but if you change filters regularly then definitely wipe that down as well.

The next reason could be due to the lens you’re using. Different lenses have different levels of sharpness. If you’re finding that the lens you’re using isn’t tack sharp when wide open, you can try stepping down your aperture to find a sharper point in the lens.

Internal Reasons Your Photos are not Sharp

Now let’s move on to internal camera settings. This brings me to aperture. If you’re shooting wide open at f 1.2 or f 1.4, you may be expecting too much from your photos. Taking photos with a shallow depth of field can create some beautiful results, but it is also a tricky way to shoot. Depending on your focal length, the angle you’re shooting from, or how far or close you are from the subject, it can really change what parts of your frame are in focus. Shoot with a smaller aperture instead of shooting at f 1.2 you could shoot at f2 or f 3.5 to still retain that nice depth of field between your subject and the background.

The next reason your photos are not looking super sharp might be because of motion blur. Motion blur from your camera can happen if you are hand holding your camera walking while taking photos or you bump your tripod while you’re taking a photo. Use a fast enough shutter speed to reduce movement in your camera while you’re taking a photo. For me personally, during my portrait photo shoots, I love walking around and moving to capture different compositions. I love talking to my team and giving my subject directions while I’m taking the photos, so I know I would not be able to hold my camera steady at 1 over 60 because I just move way too much. Instead, with time and experimenting, I have worked out that a shutter speed of 1 over 200 is the slowest that I should use for the way that I work to still achieve sharp photos.

So there you have it, six reasons why your photos are not sharp and how to fix them. By addressing these external and internal reasons, you can ensure that your photos are as sharp as you want them to be.

FAQ: 6 Reasons Your Photos are not SHARP

1. What are some common reasons for blurry photos?

Some common reasons for blurry photos include camera shake, using a slow shutter speed, and not focusing on the subject properly.

2. How can I prevent camera shake from affecting my photos?

To prevent camera shake, make sure to use a fast enough shutter speed, use a tripod or other stabilizing device, and practice good hand-holding technique.

3. What is the importance of using the correct focus point?

Using the correct focus point ensures that your subject is in sharp focus. Make sure to use the appropriate focus mode and select the right focus point for your composition.

4. How can I improve the sharpness of my photos in post-processing?

In post-processing, you can use sharpening tools to enhance the sharpness of your images, but be careful not to overdo it as it can result in unnatural-looking photos.

5. What role does aperture play in the sharpness of photos?

The aperture setting affects the depth of field in your photos. A smaller aperture (higher f-stop number) will result in a wider depth of field and more of the image in focus, while a larger aperture (lower f-stop number) will result in a shallower depth of field.

6. How important is it to keep my gear clean and well maintained?

Keeping your gear clean and well maintained is crucial for capturing sharp photos. Dust and debris on your lens or sensor can degrade image quality, so be sure to regularly clean and service your equipment.

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