5 Reasons YOU Should Buy An 85mm Lens

Have you been thinking about expanding your photography gear but aren’t sure where to start? Consider investing in an 85mm lens. This versatile piece of equipment can be a game-changer for your photography, offering superior image quality and creative flexibility. Whether you’re a portrait photographer, a nature enthusiast, or a travel blogger, the 85mm lens can take your photos to the next level. In this blog post, we will explore 5 reasons why you should buy an 85mm lens, and how it can enhance your photography skills and overall experience. So, grab your camera and let’s dive in!

5 Reasons YOU Should Buy An 85mm Lens

Reasons to Invest in an 85mm Lens

There are way too many prime lenses to choose from but the 85 millimeter is actually a really good one and here are five reasons why in this video I’m going to be talking in full frame terms so that’s an 85 millimeter on a full frame camera the first reason an 85 millimeter

Supreme Background Separation

Prime lens is awesome is because of the Supreme separation from the background that you can achieve with this lens you might already know this but every lens has a maximum aperture and the lower that number is the more light the lens can let in so you’ll commonly see an 85 Prime lens come with a maximum aperture of like F2 F 1.8 or F 1.4 and not only does that mean it lets in a lot of light it also has a very shallow depth of field when you’re using the lens at those apertures so that means a more blurry background when you’re shooting Subjects that are close to the camera and higher focal lengths so focal lengths that are more zoomed in like the 85 also mean that you’re going to get a shallow depth of field so naturally the combination of these two mean a very very shallow depth of field and yeah That is the correct terminology and there is results speak for themselves this is put to use really well for portraits allowing the viewer to focus in on the face and not be distracted by the background it’s great when you want control over the viewer’s attention you really want to direct them direct their Focus into one part of the image and it’s also a great way to frame your subject you can put objects between the camera and the subject that you’re taking a photo of to frame them and because they’re all really super blurred out they’re not distracting at all shooting through leaves or doorways or Glass can give your photo this kind of voyeuristic feel and the 85 millimeter focal length is perfect for that being closer to your subjects creates something called perspective Distortion where features look elongated and not natural and it’s not always a bad thing in photography but if you want your Subjects features to look more true to life then try standing back a few meters now that you’re further away you can use your 85 to get a nice zoomed in shot a portrait of your subject without that perspective Distortion have a look at the difference that an 85 millimeter Max To our subject’s face in these two photos here


The next reason why the 85 is an awesome lens is because it’s usually much more portable than a 70-200 the more zoomed in your lenses the larger it needs to be to let in light and that’s just physics there’s nothing We can do about that 85 millimeters in my opinion is The Sweet Spot 85 millimeter lenses can still be relatively small while still letting in a lot of light check out this 85 millimeter 1.4 lens from Sigma it’s much lighter than the equivalent 70 to 200 And you get a much shallower depth of field at 85 millimeters because of its light Gathering maximum aperture of 1.4 having a lighter kit is always a good idea it’s going to save you back especially if you like taking photos on Long hikes it forces you to think in Focal lengths when using a zoom lens it’s really easy to get into the habit of just standing wherever and zooming in and out until you’re happy with your shot and for this reason you never really get familiar with one focal length and focal length is actually really important because as I mentioned Before if you’re too close to your subject you can cause these perspective issues carrying a prime lens forces you to think in these specific focal lengths I’ve shot so much with an 85 millimeter lens that I can pretty much tell as soon as I walk into a room how far away I’m Going to need from a person say for example to get a way stop shot so I know a lot of photographers will have different opinions but in my opinion I just think it’s a lot better to think in focal lengths versus getting used to using a zoom and just not really paying Attention to your focal length however this does not mean that you should only carry an 85 millimeter around if you choose to go down the route of owning prime lenses I think you should own a few different prime lenses maybe try out a 24 a 35 50 millimeter lens see which Ones work for you which ones you like best I’ve also made a video helping you guys choose which one is right for you which I’ll link down below when you think in focal lengths and you go to pick up a lens you do it with intentionality and purpose for example When I want to tell a story I want to give a lot of information I’m going to use a 35 millimeter get a nice wide shot if I want the viewer to focus in on one detail specifically and get rid of all the other details by blurring out the

Limits Spur Creativity

Background then I’m going to go for the 85 okay last reason is limitations equal creativity sometimes it can be a really good idea to just leave all the other lenses in the bag limiting yourself to just using the 85 means you only get one perspective and this comes with its Limitations you are forced to shoot from further away and for me this can actually inspire me to be more creative shooting not for the freedom but for the challenge and this is actually true of all prime lenses they don’t zoom in and out they don’t give you different Perspectives sometimes when you’re on a shoot you’re at a location you have a model you just have way too many options well you could go over here and shoot with a wide lens or you could go over here and shoot with something completely different and you become so overwhelmed With all the options that you have that you tend to lose inspiration and motivation there’s just too many possibilities and we worry that we won’t pick the right one when you limit yourself to one one lens you begin to see the world differently and you’re really only focused on one problem which Is how do I make an awesome photograph with this one tool there’s been so many times that I’ve limited myself to only using one focal length and it has caused me to take a photograph that I never would have thought of so that’s five reasons why the 85 is an awesome lens Not just photography but for filmmaking too I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe check out my preset pack down in the description below if you like the way I edit my images and I will see you guys in the next video

5 Reasons YOU Should Buy An 85mm Lens

  1. Beautiful bokeh: An 85mm lens is perfect for creating stunning background blurs, allowing your subject to stand out in the photo.
  2. Ideal for portraits: The 85mm focal length is known for its flattering perspective, making it a go-to choice for portrait photography.
  3. Low light performance: With a wide aperture, an 85mm lens performs exceptionally well in low light conditions, allowing you to capture sharp and clear images even in dimly lit environments.
  4. Increased compression: The 85mm lens provides a greater sense of depth and dimension to your photos, making it perfect for capturing details and creating a sense of intimacy in your images.
  5. Versatility: Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, or street photography, an 85mm lens offers a versatile focal length that can adapt to a wide range of photographic situations.

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