5 PREMIERE PRO HACKS! – Become a Faster Video Editor

Are you tired of spending hours on end editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro? Do you wish there was a way to streamline your editing process and become a faster video editor? Look no further! In this blog post, we will share with you five Premiere Pro hacks that will revolutionize the way you edit videos. From keyboard shortcuts to time-saving tips, these hacks are guaranteed to make your editing workflow more efficient and help you produce high-quality videos in less time. So, buckle up and get ready to become a speedier and more productive video editor with these Premiere Pro hacks!

5 Premiere Pro Hacks! – Become a Faster Video Editor

5 PREMIERE PRO HACKS! – Become a Faster Video Editor


Hey what’s going on guys it’s Mitch here welcome back to my channel today I’m sharing with you guys five of my productivity hacks to make you a faster and more efficient editor in Premiere Pro. One of the most common misconceptions with filmmaking is that most of the time and effort associated with the project goes in in the planning and the shooting phase of that project but what you quickly come to realize once you start making films is that often the majority of the time that you spend on a single project is spent right here in front of the computer in the post-production editing phase. I do really believe that this is an incredibly important part of each and every project and you should be spending a lot of time in the editing Phase but there are some things that you can do to make this whole process a little bit smoother to get your creative vision out into the world faster.

Clip Labels

Alright guys, so jumping into Premiere Pro, got my camera set up on the table here, I’m recording my screen so you guys can see exactly what’s going on and the first hack that I’ve got for you guys is using clip labels. So you can see I’ve got a new project here and I’ve pretty much gone through and I’ve clipped out all of my rushes or all the shots that I plan on using to create this edit. So you can see that I’ve separated them with a little bit of blank space, but what I’ve also done is I’ve recolored the clips and that’s what I’m talking about here with the clip label. So what a clip label is, is actually just the color of the clip and how it appears on the timeline. So you can see I’ve got a scene here of my talent at a cafe, some various clips here, they’re all colored blue, and then I’ve got some shots here of him walking on the beach, they’re all colored purple. I’ve got some drone shots here which are colored orange, so that you can see those. Basically, what it does is it allows me to see the clips like a visual representation of what part of the shoot these clips are from, so I can easily in my edit find them, find where they are and also just by looking at my timeline know what Clips I’m actually scrubbing over.

Using Custom Bins for Effects

My second hack for becoming a more efficient Premiere Pro editor is using custom bins for your effects. Basically, if you can see my effects panel here on the left hand side, I’ve got all the standard bins that you would see as a default in Premiere Pro presets. I’ve got the audio effects, the video effects, as well as the transitions. But then, you’ll notice here that I’ve got a bunch of other bins and the first one I’ve labeled “favorites” and inside that bin, we’ve got all of the effects that I use almost on every single project. I’ll be using one of these effects. So, this tip is to identify and find the effects that you use most often and just drag those into a new bin. So how you do that? I’m just going to create a new bin here, this little button down the bottom, “create a new custom bin” will actually allow you to create that and then you’ve got this custom bin. Now we can rename that, let’s make it “effects I use all the time”. Once we’ve created that, now we can find an effect, let’s just say it’s a sharpen and then we’re gonna drag this down into the effects I use all the time folder that I just created. And then you’ll see that it is in there and we can drag that onto our clip. I just have this favorites box open pretty much the whole time. One effect that I use a lot is warp stabilizer and it’s great just to have that sitting there on the left Hand side at all times.

Using Custom Effect Presets

My third tip is using custom effect presets and basically when you use an effect and you apply it to a clip and then you play around with the parameters of that. Let’s say you’re doing a color grade, so it’s a Lumetri layer, you’re adjusting the black, the highlight, shadow, you can actually save that as a preset within the effects panel. So I’ll show you how to do that. So we’ve got a clip here which doesn’t have a grade applied to it and what we’re gonna do here is we’re just going to make some adjustments. I’ll increase the contrast, pull down the highlights, add some saturation and then we might go into the creative tab add some sharpening and I’ll just choose one of these default lookup tables, reduce the opacity. Ok, so once we’ve done that, now we’ll go back to our effects panel, you can see here that we’ve got a Lumetri layer on there. If I toggle that on and off, you can see the difference that it makes to the clip. But what I’m actually talking about is creating this as a custom effect preset. So how we do that is we right-click and then hit save preset. Now, we can call this whatever we want, we could call it “a skateboarder grade” and then that effect preset is going to get filed away into this preset folder you can see here, so we’ve got a whole bunch of other ones that I’ve already created. There’s our skateboarder grade and if we wanted to say apply this grade again, so let me go over here, I’ve got another shot of the same skateboarder going in the opposite direction, this also has no effects applied. I’m gonna drag the skateboarder grade on there and then you can see we’ve got two identical grades and then that color grade preset is basically there forever no matter what project you’re in. You’re going to have that as a preset in your Premiere Pro effects panel.

5 PREMIERE PRO HACKS! – Become a Faster Video Editor

Frequently Asked Questions – 5 PREMIERE PRO HACKS! – Become a Faster Video Editor

1. What is Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software developed by Adobe. It is widely used by video editors, filmmakers, and content creators to edit and manipulate video footage, create visual effects, add audio, and much more.

2. How can these hacks help me become a faster video editor?

These Premiere Pro hacks are specifically designed to enhance your efficiency and speed up your video editing workflow. They include tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can help you save time, automate repetitive tasks, and navigate through the software more effectively.

3. Are these hacks suitable for beginners?

Yes, these hacks can be beneficial for both beginners and experienced video editors. While some may require prior knowledge of Premiere Pro, they are easy to learn and implement. Following these hacks can help beginners develop good editing habits and improve their overall productivity.

4. Can I use these hacks on other video editing software?

These hacks are specifically tailored for Adobe Premiere Pro. However, some concepts, like keyboard shortcuts or organizational techniques, may be applicable to other video editing software to some extent. It is recommended to check if the specific software supports similar features or shortcuts.

5. How can I learn more about Premiere Pro and these hacks?

There are various resources available to learn more about Premiere Pro and these hacks. You can explore online tutorials, join communities or forums of video editors, and refer to Adobe’s official documentation or online courses. Additionally, trial and error is a great way to discover new techniques and customize Premiere Pro according to your preferences.

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