5 Photography Ideas You NEED to try

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking to add new techniques to your repertoire or a beginner wanting to spice up your photos, experimenting with different ideas can lead to stunning visual results. In this blog, we’ll explore five photography ideas that you absolutely need to try. From creative composition techniques to unique lighting setups, these ideas will help you push the boundaries of your creativity and produce captivating images. So grab your camera, think outside the box, and get ready to elevate your photography game with these innovative and inspiring concepts.

5 Photography Ideas You NEED to try

Boat Shed

One of my favorite locations for a photo shoot is a boat shed. Boat sheds, especially in coastal areas like Sydney and Australia, provide a great backdrop with their wooden texture and vibrant colors. You can also explore other areas nearby like parks or beaches to add variety to your photoshoot.

Wharfs or Jetties

Jetties, those long wooden planks that extend into bodies of water, offer a magical and whimsical backdrop for your photos. The wooden texture combined with the reflection of the water can create stunning portraits. Shoot during overcast days or in the morning or afternoon to avoid harsh shadows and highlights.

Sports Court

A basketball or tennis court can serve as a unique location for a photo shoot. The greenery around the court adds a pop of color and the theme of the location can inspire creative poses and expressions from your subjects. Consider creating a stylized shoot to match the sports theme.


Surprisingly, driveways can also make for interesting photo shoot locations. Keep an eye out for driveways with unique features, such as country road driveways, or driveways in affluent neighborhoods with interesting designs. Be cautious when shooting on roads and always prioritize safety.

Stay tuned for more inspiring photo shoot ideas and behind-the-scenes content from upcoming shoots. Get creative with your locations and see how it can spark new ideas and creativity in your photography!

5 Photography Ideas You NEED to try

  1. Nighttime long exposure shots: Capture stunning light trails and starry skies by experimenting with long exposure photography at night.
  2. Forced perspective: Play with the illusion of depth and scale by incorporating forced perspective techniques into your shots.
  3. Double exposure: Create unique and dreamy images by overlaying two separate images onto one frame using double exposure photography.
  4. High-speed photography: Freeze action and capture split-second moments by diving into the world of high-speed photography.
  5. Color splash: Make your subject pop by keeping it in color while turning the rest of the image black and white in a color splash photo.

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