5 MINUTES – 5 TIPS. Cinematic Foundations.

Welcome to our blog all about cinematic foundations! In this post, we will be discussing 5 important tips that every filmmaker should keep in mind when laying the groundwork for their cinematic creations. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the world of filmmaking, these tips will be beneficial for anyone looking to enhance their cinematic skills. From understanding the importance of lighting to mastering the art of framing, we will cover a range of essential topics that are crucial for creating visually stunning and impactful cinematic works. So, grab your camera, take 5 minutes, and dive into these 5 tips that will help elevate your cinematic foundations.

5 Tips for Cinematic Foundations

5 Tips for Cinematic Foundations

All right this is five tips in five minutes hopefully i stick to five minutes these are how to improve your footage and make it look better whenever i’m dping and shooting this is what i’m thinking the decisions i’m making and just before i get into this these are tips they’re not rules they’re principles which i apply so you don’t have to do them but they’re what i find works best.

Tip 1: Make Your Character the Brightest Thing in the Scene

Number one tip is make your character the brightest thing in the scene unless you’re doing silhouettes why you want them to be the brightest thing is it’s so much easier to color correct when you have more light on your character’s face i often see people putting more light on their chest or like just in the background it doesn’t work like look at this scene this lamp is pretty bright so if we adjust this now i am the brightest thing in the scene and i stand out and in my opinion this looks a lot better and all i did was brighten my key light and then add a bit of nd onto my camera and the quickest way to know if your character is the brightest thing in the scene is using false colors this is a bonus tip get a monitor that has false colors histograms are great but false colors you can quickly tell what is the brightest thing by looking at the color guideline on the bottom.

Tip 2: Be More Negative

Be more negative what i mean is use negative fill create shadows usually if you’re shooting outdoors or you’re walking into a house there’s light everywhere house lighting is just bright the sun is also bright and so rather than trying to add more light decide on what light to take away this is where you really need to get into negative fill this is just big sheets of black blocking out lights or decide what lights to turn off or what windows to shut down this shot of louis here on the track we added a bounce but then all i did was bring in the black side of the fill onto his face and suddenly we have shadow you want shadow so start cutting out the light and stop adding more lights and start adding in negative fill to help create that shadow watch this here’s a shot of mike his face is really bright there’s a lot of light in this room coming in from everywhere but all we do is move in this big piece of negative fill and now here’s the difference here’s before and here’s after a lot more contrast just by moving in the negative fill.

Tip 3: Better Your Background

Better your background and well let’s do that right now by the way i got a booboo in the time that it took me to switch my camera over the things they do for you and as i was saying bettering your background not just focusing on your person but where you’re looking at them and the simplest tip i do this all the time if i’m in an area that i don’t know find a tree i make sure it’s backlight put my camera low and i point up towards that and then i shoot wide open why because the tree looks crazy behind them you get all those beautiful dappling open bouquet little holes of lights popping through this is why when we shoot a one day commercial we spent three days location scouting essentially your background is your set it’s where you’re shooting it’s what your camera is looking at so bettering your background taking a little bit of time to finding a better location for where your camera is pointing not just having a cool person in front of it will dramatically improve your footage so think about your background think about where you’re placing your camera and sometimes just changing the angle is all you need to do.

Tip 4: Shoot on a Tripod

This next point you might think is a bit strange because i’m known as the handheld guy i love top handles i love shooting handheld but that’s shoot on a tripod and it sounds really simple but I’ll explain why when you get the camera separated from your body when you set it up and you look at your monitor as if it was a picture frame you’re gonna start to notice things that you would only notice at your computer monitor when you’re sitting there and studying it makes you like an audience of your own camera and you begin to start getting a better eye you’ll scrutinize your image more also too you’re gonna approach your cinematography as if it was a painting a picture you’re gonna be making much better decisions than if you’re running around handheld not really paying attention to what’s happening in the background there’s a time and a place for a handheld i shoot entire movies handheld but there’s also a time and a place to get your camera on a tripod and make some hard decisions and begin adjusting your background and tailoring that image so that it is perfect.

Tip 5: Hold Your Shot

My last point is hold your shot and not just the 10 second rule you should be holding all your shots for a minimum of 10 seconds hold your shot until you are uncomfortable until you want to move on holding your shot allows life to unfold it allows your character to make a decision on camera we get to see them as a human making decisions and growing and this is going to make your characters more interesting if you’re always shooting new angles we never get to see the person live a bit of life and make a decision now holding a shot doesn’t just mean that it’s still it can mean following them for a long time and letting life unfold in front of your camera you got to admit to yourself that life is more interesting than anything you could direct when people make spontaneous decisions or there’s an argument or you watch someone discover something new that is something that you can’t ever direct but holding your shot allows you to capture this and i hate editing footage when people are taking a new shot every two to three four or five seconds count to 30 seconds count to 60 seconds give yourself some room to breathe in the edit hold your dang shot so there you go guys that’s five tips that i think will dramatically improve your footage i challenge you to apply these rules to your next shoot let me know did they work for you did you not like them but for me they’re what i’m applying to my shoots in 2022. thanks for watching and see you in the next article.


What is the 5 Minutes – 5 Tips: Cinematic Foundations?

The 5 Minutes – 5 Tips: Cinematic Foundations is a series of short videos that provide quick and useful tips for aspiring filmmakers to improve their understanding of cinematic techniques and storytelling.

Who is the target audience for this series?

This series is designed for anyone who has an interest in filmmaking, whether they are beginners looking to learn the basics of cinematic storytelling or experienced filmmakers looking for quick tips to enhance their craft.

How frequently are new videos released?

New videos in the 5 Minutes – 5 Tips: Cinematic Foundations series are released on a weekly basis, providing consistent and bite-sized content for viewers to consume and apply to their own projects.

What topics are covered in the series?

The series covers a wide range of topics related to cinematic foundations, including but not limited to camera techniques, lighting, composition, editing, and storytelling principles. Each video focuses on a specific topic and provides practical tips for implementation.

How can I access the 5 Minutes – 5 Tips: Cinematic Foundations series?

The series is available on the official website and social media platforms of the creator, as well as on popular video hosting sites such as YouTube. Viewers can subscribe to receive notifications for new videos and engage with the creator and fellow filmmakers through comments and discussions.

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