5 Color Gel Photoshoot Setups in 5 Minutes!

Are you a photographer constantly on the go, looking for quick and creative photoshoot setups? Look no further! In this blog, we will introduce you to five color gel photoshoot setups that can be done in just five minutes. Color gels are a fantastic tool for adding an extra pop of vibrancy and excitement to your photographs, and with these simple setups, you’ll be able to elevate your images in no time. Whether you’re shooting portraits, still life, or landscapes, these setups will provide you with endless possibilities for creating visually stunning and unique shots. So grab your camera and let’s dive into these five color gel photoshoot setups that will transform your photography!

5 Color Gel Photoshoot Setups in 5 Minutes!

Setting Up an Outdoor Vibes Photo

For this setup, a projector is used to create the illusion of an outdoor photoshoot. The goal is to mimic the lighting we would typically find outside for tick tock or Instagram-worthy photography. To achieve this, yellow and orange gels are used on the lights. The orange light mimics sunlight, while the yellow gel creates a warm ambiance. By shooting from a certain angle, the yellow light blends seamlessly with the sign, creating a cohesive look. The reflection on the subject’s glasses adds an extra touch to the shot.

Before and after shots can be seen, with the use of a Cinnabon filter. The GVM LED panels used in this setup come with barn doors that prevent light spillage, ensuring the projection doesn’t wash out the background. Overall, this setup creates a captivating outdoor aesthetic.

Creating Shadows on a Regular Wall

This setup shows that a professional backdrop isn’t always necessary. A plain wall can be transformed with the use of color gels. In this case, a red and blue light are positioned on each side of the subject. This creates vibrant colored shadows on the wall, adding depth and interest to the photo. Different angles can be experimented with to achieve various results. Additionally, sunglasses can enhance the look, and having the subject look towards the light creates a reflection that adds another dimension to the shot.

A Multi-Light Setup for Dramatic Effect

This setup makes use of a GVM kit that includes three lights. The first light, positioned to the left of the subject, emits a bluish-teal color. This serves as the main light source. The second light is placed above the subject’s head, creating a fiery amber hair light and illuminating each shoulder. Finally, a third light is added, emitting a purple color. This multi-light setup adds depth and drama to the photo, highlighting different aspects of the subject.

An All-Lights-In Closeup

In this experimental setup, all three lights from the GVM kit are placed close together, creating a unique and visually striking effect. The barn doors on the lights add character and enhance the overall aesthetic. The precise analogy for this setup might be unclear, but it undeniably looks badass and adds a sense of attitude to the photo.

These 5 color gel photoshoot setups can be executed in just 5 minutes, making them perfect for quick and creative photography sessions. Whether you’re aiming for an outdoor vibe, vibrant shadows, dramatic lighting, or an experimental look, these setups offer versatility and stunning results. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try different combinations to achieve your desired effects!

Q: What is a color gel photoshoot setup?

A: A color gel photoshoot setup is a technique where photographers use colored filters, known as color gels, on their lights to create vibrant and dramatic effects in their photos.

Q: How long does it take to set up a color gel photoshoot?

A: With practice and experience, you can set up a color gel photoshoot in as little as 5 minutes.

Q: What equipment do I need for a color gel photoshoot?

A: To set up a color gel photoshoot, you will need a camera, a light source (such as a strobe or continuous light), color gels, light stands, and a trigger or sync cable.

Q: How do color gels work?

A: Color gels are translucent pieces of material that you place in front of your light source. When the light passes through the gel, it takes on the color of the gel, allowing you to create unique and striking lighting effects.

Q: Are color gels only for portrait photography?

A: No, color gels can be used in various genres of photography, including portrait, fashion, still life, and product photography. They add a creative and artistic touch to any type of photography.

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