Looking to add some creativity and functionality to your photography and videography? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll be exploring five clever photo/video accessories that are not only affordable, but are guaranteed to enhance your shooting experience. Whether you’re an amateur looking to up your game or a seasoned professional looking for some budget-friendly gear, these accessories are sure to add value to your toolkit. From stabilizers to remote shutter releases, we’ve got you covered with a range of handy gadgets that are all under $50. So, get ready to elevate your photography and videography with these must-have accessories!

5 Clever Photo/Video Accessories (Under $50) You’re Going to Want!


We’re gonna open this the mystery of what’s in the box will never get old. What’s up everybody Peter be kidding here welcome back to yes another two minute Tuesday it’s so great to have you here and see all your smiling faces I’m not gonna put the timer on this video it’s not gonna be two minutes I know the last one wasn’t the one before was and

Item Number One: Professional LCD Viewfinder

When I actually signed up to take a outdoor flash workshop from a local photographer, that was teaching people how to use their flashes outdoors, one of the first accessories that guy recommended to me was an LCD viewfinder. He said too many times people rely on the back to their cameras thinking it’s in focus they used the zoom feature but being able to especially in bright outdoor light when that LCD is hard to see being able to put a viewfinder just open the box [Applause]. That’s that’s basically what you’re looking at when we were outdoors doing these portrait sessions a lot of the guys would just keep it around their necks you’re firing off your pictures and then you’re looking at that and it magnifies it by two times this is probably very Distracting for you you can really see what’s in focus what’s not even if you’re in direct bright sunlight so that is super handy let’s just show you what these little frames look like if you were to install one so you peel this off and then we’re very carefully BAM so it Just sits over the LCD and then this bad boy magnetizes right on super cool you’re doing video ever I know it looks ridiculous but having that extra point of contact is going to give you more stable video you can see everything outdoors you can review footage you can Make sure your photos are tack sharp so that’s just a cool little accessory it pops right off that brain stays on there and if you don’t want it boom pops right off and nothing is wrong with the camera itself look at that LCD viewfinder.

Product Number Two: Portable Tripod

So this is a very popular Tripod option on Amazon. It’s a great little grip fits in any suitcase fits in pretty much any camera bag you just screw it on it doesn’t need a plate good to go tell me that camera yeah okay so let’s say you’re vlogging on a 16 to 35 G’s Seb plans BAM You can vlog like this you can have your mic there’s no problem you push this little button in the bath you can change the angle and it stays just fine the heavier camera specifically the one I’m using it’s not gonna work the greatest but that’s a solid little tripod that’s Great for travel great to throw in your backpack great to throw anywhere you don’t only have to just put a camera on this you can put a flash on this you can put a microphone on this just this tiny little package that’s an A+ for me.

Product Number Three: Lazy Susan

So what is a lazy susan this is a very cheap I think this was ten bucks it’s a very cheap lazy susan it sits on the table does it even spin very well this one doesn’t do we need adhesion from it so you might want to tape this specific one to the table I mean GAF tapes a must even put down on the list goes come on throw some tape on the bottom of this stick it to the surface this is the first time I’ve ever seen This exact model it’s not the best lazy susan I’ve ever seen but it should just get the job done I like the fact that the color was black you’re able to put a camera on this and spin it for b-roll you could have someone spinning it from Behind the table that is the cheapest lazy susan I could find on Amazon they have some that are battery-powered and they’ll actually show you what weights they support so that it actually spins something for you you could just leave your camera stationary and have it move On its own you don’t need any extra help and that would be like the best way to do it something even have lights on the bottom they look incredible.

Product Number Four: LED Portable Photo Studio

Oh a 20-centimeter LED portable photo studio don’t know how good this works read some of the reviews but it was super cheap so I figured let’s give it a shot these were really popular when I used to work at the camera shop people wanting to do product shots you’re shooting Jewelry you’re shooting small items you’re putting stuff up for sale on eBay whatever the case these things were always very popular but they’re always super big that could fit in the laptop sleeve of your camera bag different backdrops I guess I believe this little folded item is the tent you just unfold It somehow you snap it together the LEDs are already glued on so you are working with a very small surface area that’s basically what you’re what you got going on so you’re shooting you’re shooting small things throw a background on here all right so what does this must look on Two little tabs okay plus push through I mean it’s I gotta give it points for being clever hey let’s plug in the cable give it oh hey come on this is awesome all right let’s take a couple photos some really small things and you can see what it Looks like on a white background There’s another cable up front that lights the front panel of LEDs so you’ve got backlighting and lighting in the front this is just gonna get crazy on camera this is pretty cool so 20 bucks little portable light tent packs down real flat you can literally put this in Your camera bag my weakness is…


1. Are these accessories compatible with all cameras and smartphones?
Yes, most of the accessories are designed to be compatible with a wide range of cameras and smartphones.
2. Are these accessories easy to use for beginners?
Yes, these accessories are designed to be user-friendly and suitable for beginners.
3. Are these accessories durable?
While these accessories are budget-friendly, they are still designed to be durable and long-lasting.
4. Can these accessories improve the quality of my photos and videos?
Yes, these accessories can enhance the quality of your photos and videos by providing better stability, lighting, and other features.
5. Do these accessories come with a warranty?
Most of the accessories come with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

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