$4,600 MacBook Pro 16 Inch – Photographer/Filmmaker SETUP

Are you a photographer or filmmaker looking for the ultimate setup to take your craft to the next level? Look no further than the MacBook Pro 16 Inch, a powerful and versatile tool that has become a favorite among professionals in the industry. Priced at $4,600, this high-performance laptop is packed with features that cater to the specific needs of photographers and filmmakers. From its stunning Retina display to its impressive processing power, the MacBook Pro 16 Inch is a game changer for anyone in the visual arts. In this blog, we’ll explore why this setup is worth the investment and how it can revolutionize your creative process.

$4,600 MacBook Pro 16 Inch – Photographer/Filmmaker SETUP

The Current Situation

How in the heck are ya hopefully with everything going on you guys are doing well hopefully your your hunkered down you are staying safe inside with your friends and family and hopefully in general things are good for you before I jump into today’s video a quick update on us and how we’re doing It’s weird both Morgan and myself work we work events I am a photographer and she is a country musician so all of the events all of the work that we had over the next two and a half months has all been canceled which like I said at the End the last video means right now I am a full-time youtuber this right here is my only source of income at least for the next two months so I will be here making as many videos as possible for you guys and and just in general I’ll be Here for you and because this is a relatively small Channel I’m not making a ton of money on the YouTube side or the Google Adsense side certainly not enough to replace my income as a photographer so next week two very exciting things are coming to this channel The first being merch I’m going to be releasing a shirt next week a t-shirt and I’m pretty excited about it it’s very relevant for the time that we’re living in right now and yeah I hope you I hope you guys like it I will also be releasing a patreon page next week which I’m super excited about because one of the tiers the $10 tier is going to get you access to a once per month livestream that is only for patreon members and at the beginning especially because the group is gonna be quite small it means I’ll be able to give you Guys that personalized attention answer any questions you have helped you out in any way you need and just just generally have fun together I’m super excited to see what the patreon kind of creates in its own community of kind of a smaller group of course I’ll still be here on YouTube but that patreon is gonna be a little bit more content a little bit of bonus content that that now I have plenty of signer to make but guys thank you so much for watching these videos thank you for hitting the like button below subscribing and commenting below. Let me know if you’re excited for the idea of some merch your the idea of a patreon page a way to kind of go deeper get more content and and connect more and with all that said I want you guys to know I’m I’m super grateful for you guys I’m super grateful For the community on here I really appreciate you watching and so I’ve been the say’s video okay on today’s video I’m super excited for it because some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube that that I actually like digging into our setup videos either either iPhone setup videos or computer setup videos Because I do most of my work alone I’m kind of a kind of a lone wolf set up here. Whenever I’m with a friend or I’m gonna coffee shop and you kind of peek over at someone’s iPhone or peek over at the computer you’re like what What app is that what what program are they using what is that I want to know and the coolest thing when someone goes through these set of videos is he’s really just finding like two or three things that really connect with me that I can pull out of their setup out of Their way of doing things and and slide it right into my setup for instance how does a professional photographer currently unemployed / full-time youtuber set up their brand-new 16 inch MacBook Pro oh look how shiny it still shows shiny doesn’t have dents or fingerprints or anything oh this isn’t Gonna be a review video of this computer because the consensus is in and this computer is crazy good it’s super fast the speakers are amazing the graphics cards are amazing the keyboard the new scissor switches not new back to the old scissor switches oh it’s so good listen To him this is the 15-inch one that I’m replacing pull so much better Apple never change this keyboard this is the very best Apple keyboard so no this will not be a review of the computer we know it’s nope basically what I’m gonna do today is I’m Gonna walk you through which computer I.

Choosing the Laptop

chose why I chose the different components that I did for this computer and then show you literally how I set it up what do I do when I take a brand new computer out of the box fully go through Everything and and get it ready to work and hopefully along the way you’ll uh you’ll learn a couple things okay I’ve been working on this thing for a little over a month I’ve had it for a while I’ve really really honed in on most things there are a couple of physical Things that I still haven’t done because I was going to show you guys but it is on my old computer I just need to do the things I did to this computer to this computer but before I do that we’re going to hop onto Apple.com I’m going to show you exactly rebuild that this computer is okay onto Apple.com all the retail stores are closed right now but we should be able to still price out this MacBook Pro 16 inch there is she’s so pretty we should go ahead and click buy and I’m gonna walk you through The the build that I did alright I went for the 16 inch model and right away I went for the upgraded processor and I also upgraded it once more to the 2.4 gigahertz eight core ninth generation Intel Core i nine processor turbo boost up to 5.0 gigahertz this thing is fast Then scrolling down to memory a lot of people are gonna tell you that 32 gigabytes is totally fine which I think for most use cases 32 gigabytes of memory is is totally fine I I went for the 64 800 bucks I went for it I don’t Ever want to run out of memory that’s one of the things that drives me crazy and uh with 64 gigs there’s no way I’m running out of memory down to the graphics card I will with AMD Radeon Pro 55 with 8 gigs of G deedy are six memory I make videos on YouTube I work in premiere a ton I want to be able to work quickly and a graphics card helps with that down to storage I went with two terabytes of storage I’m gonna I’m gonna explain what this was on my old computer and a minute Here but for me and my use case ah two terabytes is plenty this my old laptop actually only had one terabyte and that worked mostly fine for me I was usually kind pushed up against that limit which is why I went to 2 terabytes but two Terabytes should be plenty for me uh and that’s it that’s all I did but when you add this to the bag it’s already at $42.99 and then we review our bag and we look at the tax that we’re paying on this thing 4650 867 huh did I tell you I don’t have An income right now I did have an income when I ordered this and then about a month later I found out that I’m losing money to come oh patreon page coming soon wait and that is the bill that’s that’s everything I did forty six hundred and fifty eight Dollars this this is one expensive ass laptop but my entire business runs to this laptop my entire photography company all the YouTube videos I make on here…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the $4,600 MacBook Pro 16 Inch handle photo and video editing?

Yes, the MacBook Pro 16 Inch is a powerful machine that is well-suited for photo and video editing tasks.

What are the key features of the $4,600 MacBook Pro 16 Inch for photographers and filmmakers?

The MacBook Pro 16 Inch comes with a high-resolution Retina display, powerful Intel Core i9 processor, and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics for smooth editing and rendering. It also has ample storage and memory for handling large photo and video files.

Does the $4,600 MacBook Pro 16 Inch come with pre-installed editing software?

No, the MacBook Pro 16 Inch does not come with pre-installed editing software, but it is compatible with popular editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

Is the $4,600 price tag worth it for photographers and filmmakers?

For professionals and serious enthusiasts, the high performance and quality of the MacBook Pro 16 Inch justify its price. It offers a reliable and efficient platform for photo and video editing work.

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