4 accessories I CAN’T live without (Canon R6)

Are you a photography enthusiast who can’t live without their camera? Do you rely on your Canon R6 to capture the perfect shot every time? In this blog, we’ll explore four accessories that are essential for maximizing the capabilities of your Canon R6. From protecting your camera to enhancing its functionality, these accessories are must-haves for any Canon R6 owner. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, these accessories will take your photography game to the next level. Let’s dive into the world of Canon R6 accessories and discover how they can improve your shooting experience.

4 Accessories I CAN’T Live Without (Canon R6)

4 Accessories I CAN’T Live Without (Canon R6)

What’s up guys, Mitch here, welcoming you to a new video. Today he will be talking about his favorite accessories for the Canon R6. If you have an R5, all of these accessories will apply to you as well. Mitch thinks that adding these accessories will really help you to be more flexible and comfortable when you’re shooting photos or videos on the Canon R6.

Angelbird AV PRO SD 2 V60 Card

First up is the media for the R6. Mitch uses the Angelbird AV PRO SD 2 V60 card in the 128 gigabyte size. He has found this SD card to be very reliable. While a V90 card is an option, the jump in price between V60 and V90 is substantial. For shooting 4K at 60p and even burst photos, the V60 has been able to handle the data rate well. Mitch loves this SD card so much that he bought a second one recently.

Nitecore Battery Charger

Nitecore sent Mitch a battery charger for the LPE6 batteries. He loves this charger over the standard Canon battery charger as it can charge two batteries at a time and provides more information about the battery and charging process. This charger shows a more accurate reading of the battery level, battery health status, charged volume in milliamp hours, battery temperature, and voltage. It is powered with a USB cable, making it convenient for traveling and charging batteries with a power bank on the go.

BGR10 Battery Grip

The BGR10 battery grip is for the R6 and R5. Mitch shoots a lot of his work in portrait orientation, and this battery grip makes it much more comfortable to shoot in portrait mode. It provides an extra battery, a portrait orientation shutter button, dials, magnification button, custom buttons, and a joystick for easier shooting in portrait orientation. While installing the battery grip requires removing the card door, the grip has a smart design feature that allows you to store the battery door when needed.

LARMOR LCD Screen Protector

Lastly, Mitch emphasizes the importance of using a screen protector for cameras, just like how we protect our smartphones. He recommends the LARMOR LCD screen protector for the R6 to prevent scratches on the back panel and maintain the camera’s resale value. Mitch thanks his viewers for watching and provides links to all the mentioned accessories in the video description.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 4 accessories I CAN’T live without for Canon R6

1. What are the essential accessories for Canon R6?

For Canon R6, the 4 accessories that I can’t live without are a high-quality lens, a spare battery, a sturdy camera bag, and a reliable tripod. These accessories help me take great shots and ensure that my camera is always ready for use.

2. Why is a high-quality lens important?

A high-quality lens is essential for capturing sharp and clear images with the Canon R6. It can make a significant difference in the quality of your photos, so investing in a good lens is definitely worth it.

3. Why do I need a spare battery?

A spare battery is crucial for long shooting sessions or when traveling. It ensures that your camera never runs out of power, so you can keep shooting without any interruptions.

4. How does a sturdy camera bag help?

A sturdy camera bag is important for protecting your Canon R6 and its accessories from damage. It also keeps everything organized and easily accessible, so you can quickly grab what you need when shooting on the go.

5. Why is a reliable tripod necessary?

A reliable tripod is essential for capturing steady shots, especially in low light conditions or when shooting long exposures. It helps prevent camera shake and ensures that your photos are sharp and clear.

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4 accessories I CAN’T live without (Canon R6)

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