3 SECRETS TO WORKING FROM HOME – And actually getting STUFF done!

Are you struggling to stay productive while working from home? With the freedom and flexibility of remote work also comes the challenge of staying focused and getting things done. Luckily, there are strategies and secrets that can help you make the most out of your work-from-home experience. In this blog, we will uncover three secrets to working from home and actually getting stuff done. These tips and tricks will help you boost your productivity and make the most of your remote work setup. Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or new to the game, these secrets will help you stay on track and accomplish your daily tasks.

3 Secrets to Working from Home

3 SECRETS TO WORKING FROM HOME – And actually getting STUFF done!


You didn’t think I was in a little thing like a global pandemic stop quick tip Tuesday’s digit it is a wild time in the world right now and first and foremost I hope you guys are staying safe you’re at home and hopefully this article gives you some tips for while you’re at home. With everything that is going on right now, a ton of people have been asked to work from home and it may be entertain you a bit maybe you’re out of things to do you’re out of things to watch and maybe this solo cheer you up a bit

Experience of Working from Home

It may sound great to work from home, but it can be challenging to actually get productive. I have been working from home for the last 12 years almost almost 13 years and during that time, I have learned a lot about what it takes to be productive while working remotely. A lot of my friends have also transitioned from traditional office jobs to remote work and faced similar challenges.

Tip 1: Create a Schedule

One of the greatest pitfalls of working from home is saying something like “I’ve got all day to get things done” which is a recipe for getting nothing done. I recommend creating a schedule for your entire day including your morning routine, work hours, and non-work time.

Tip 2: Make a To-Do List

Make a to-do list and live by it. I love checklists and I make them for pretty much everything in my life. It’s important to prioritize your tasks and focus on the top three items that are crucial for your day.

Tip 3: Designate a Dedicated Workspace

Having a dedicated workspace at home is critical for being productive. This area should be separate from your living space and free from distractions. It’s important to create a professional environment for yourself where you can focus on your work.


Working from home can be challenging, but with the right strategies in place, you can increase your productivity and get more done. By creating a schedule, making a to-do list, and designating a dedicated workspace, you can effectively work from home and accomplish your tasks.

3 SECRETS TO WORKING FROM HOME – And actually getting STUFF done!

1. Create a dedicated workspace

It’s important to have a designated area in your home where you can focus and be productive. Find a quiet spot away from distractions and set up a comfortable workspace with everything you need to get your work done.

2. Stick to a routine

Set specific work hours and stick to them. Having a routine will help you stay disciplined and avoid the temptation to slack off. Make sure to take regular breaks to recharge, but try to stay consistent with your schedule.

3. Minimize distractions

Turn off notifications and avoid multitasking. Create a work environment that helps you stay focused and productive. This could mean setting boundaries with family members or roommates, using noise-canceling headphones, or finding a time when your home is quiet.

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