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Are you tired of struggling to level your camera for smooth and stable shots? Look no further than the 3 Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base Accessories. These accessories are a game-changer for photographers and videographers, providing a seamless solution to achieve perfect leveling on any surface. Whether you’re shooting on uneven terrain or need a quick adjustment on a flat surface, the 3 Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base Accessories offer unrivaled versatility and convenience. In this blog, we will explore the various accessories available and discuss why they are a must-have for any serious filmmaker or photographer.

Introducing Three Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base Accessories

Three Legged Thing, a small British-based tripod and camera bag manufacturer, has introduced a couple of new tripod accessories that are worth considering. These accessories include the 75mm Bowl Leveling Base and the 75mm Bowl Handle for their Nikki and Tommy tripods. With their beautiful industrial design and impeccable finishing, Three Legged Thing continues to impress.

Why Three Legged Thing Stands Out

As someone who appreciates startups and their entrepreneurial spirit, Hugh Brownstone from Three Blind Men and an Elephant has a soft spot for Three Legged Thing. He has seen their journey and understands the joys and sorrows that come with such creative entrepreneurship.

The 75mm Bowl Leveling Base, priced at $160, is compatible with any tripod that has a three-eighth or quarter-inch stud. This leveling base allows for easy adjustments, ensuring that your camera remains level, even on uneven surfaces or slopes. It offers a sturdy foundation and enhances the stability of your tripod setup.

Additionally, Three Legged Thing offers the 75mm Bowl Handle, priced at $180, for their Nikki and Tommy tripods. This handle provides easy maneuverability, allowing you to pan and tilt smoothly while capturing your shots. The ergonomic design is both functional and visually appealing.

Enhanced Versatility with Three Legged Thing Accessories

What sets Three Legged Thing’s accessories apart is their ability to enhance the versatility of your tripod setup. With these accessories, even cameras as large as the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro 12K can be comfortably mounted on the Four-Section Carbon Fiber Nikki Tripod without compromising stability or ease of use.

Compared to larger and more expensive options, like the $2,100 Cartoni SDS-8 with a true fluid head, Three Legged Thing’s offerings provide a more compact and lightweight solution. This makes transportation and setup a breeze, especially for on-location shoots or travel scenarios.

Considerations and Trade-Offs

While the Three Legged Thing accessories offer impressive performance, it’s important to note that they do come with trade-offs. For example, the Cartoni SDS-8 with a true fluid head provides a larger surface area for smoother panning and tilting. It also offers faster setup and take-down times. However, if size and weight are a primary concern, Three Legged Thing’s accessories provide a compelling alternative.

It’s worth mentioning that Three Legged Thing’s accessories are more budget-friendly compared to their higher-end counterparts. This affordability allows photographers and videographers to invest in quality equipment without breaking the bank.


Three Legged Thing’s 75mm Bowl Leveling Base and 75mm Bowl Handle are excellent additions to their line of tripods. With their stunning design, impeccable finishing, and enhanced versatility, these accessories offer a compelling solution for photographers and videographers looking for a more compact and lightweight tripod setup.

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, consider exploring Three Legged Thing’s range of accessories to elevate your tripod game without compromising on quality or budget.

FAQ about 3 Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base Accessories

1. What are the accessories available for the 3 Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base?

The accessories available for the 3 Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base include a variety of tripod plates, quick release plates, leveling bowls, and handle extensions.

2. What are tripod plates and how are they used?

Tripod plates are attachment plates that are compatible with the 3 Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base. They provide a solid and stable connection between the camera and the tripod, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting.

3. What are quick release plates and why are they important?

Quick release plates are plates that attach to the tripod plates. They allow for quick and easy mounting and dismounting of the camera onto the tripod. This makes it convenient to switch between handheld and tripod shooting.

4. Why would I need a leveling bowl for the 3 Legged Thing 75mm Bowl Leveling Base?

A leveling bowl helps to adjust the tripod’s leveling base when shooting on uneven surfaces. It ensures that the camera remains steady and straight, allowing for smooth and accurate panning and tilting.

5. What is a handle extension and how does it enhance the tripod experience?

A handle extension is an accessory that can be attached to the tripod’s handle, providing additional length and leverage. It allows for smoother and more precise control while panning or tilting the camera, enhancing the overall tripod experience.

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