$269 GIMBAL with AI TRACKING sensor inbuilt!!!

Are you tired of shaky and unstable footage ruining your videos? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you – the $269 GIMBAL with AI TRACKING sensor inbuilt! This innovative device is designed to keep your camera steady and focused on your subject, no matter how fast you move or turn. Say goodbye to messy shots and hello to professional-quality videos with this high-tech gimbal. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the features and benefits of this must-have tool for any aspiring videographer or content creator. Let’s explore the world of smooth and reliable filming together!

$269 GIMBAL with AI TRACKING sensor inbuilt!!!

So this gimbal right here sets the standards for what we should be expecting from gimbals from now on and that is this yeah it’s tracking and I mean this could be the best small gimbal under 300 us and I mean look at this thing it’s Can away so cool we got a lot to get through so let’s get it what’s going on my 102,000 amazing friends I hope you’re all doing absolutely fantastic if you’re are new to my Channel please consider subscribing that would be absolutely amazing So today we’re actually going to Be talking about the fach scorp 2 and the fach scorp Mini 2 as well and I do have the original fotch scorp and the fotch scorp Pro so it is really good to sort of compare those to those models because we can see obviously what they actually did when it comes to upgrading These so first of all let’s get into some of the specs of the scorp 2 and the scorp Mini 2 so the scorp Mini 2 is a 4 inone small gimbal it’s designed for small mirrorless cameras poon shoot cameras smartphones and action cameras it has a nice 1.3 in touchcreen that has Access to the settings and it has a built-in AI tracking sensor with gesture control has a USBC port for charging a full Focus wheel that can be customized the ability to control certain devices through cables or Bluetooth or can be controlled through the fch app and can also be expanded with extra accessories Like follow Focus motor a f light and more it also has a total payload of 1.2 kilos all this in a very light package of 787 G and this currently costs 269 us for the standard pack or $299 for the extra kit now the scorp 2 is the larger Brother of the Mini 2 and features pretty much everything the mini 2 has but a couple more things such as a built-in kickstand an AB Focus button a/4 20 mount for the AR rosette accessory and has a larger payload of 2.5 kilos which will give you that ability to mount larger cameras or Lenses the scorp 2 will only cost you around 369 for the standard or 3.99 us for the added kit now obviously with those specs we do have to talk about that AI tracker but first of all I do want to talk about the differences between the scorp 1 and the scorp 2 so Just quickly the differences between the original scorp and the scorp 2 you can see they are pretty much the same the wheels are slightly different you do have a slightly different toggle on the scorp 2 which is kind of cool uh has a little bit better feedback than this one The screen’s in slightly different position you do obviously have that AI tracker in the new scorp as opposed to the original and this control arm can actually be taken off and be mounted vertically which is kind of cool whereas the original you couldn’t do that but other than that they are pretty much Identical when it comes to the build then the original uh scorp mini I don’t have that but I’ve got the scorp Mini 2 which obviously the AI tracker same thing there same thing here and uh you do have the phone mount as well or you can actually have this which is a Counterbalance if you do have slightly heavier cameras but that’s pretty much the differences between the original scorp and the scorp 2 and the scorp Mini 2 so this is probably the moment that you guys have been waiting for and that happens to come down to this AI tracking And I really really like it it is super responsive I could literally walk around come over here grab a whole bunch of things and I can just be a little bit more creative because of this tracker this just allows me to do so much more so much more movement I could use this For as a BTS videographer if I really wanted to but it is really Snappy and really responsive and if you do want to stop it then you just do this symbol and walk side to side do whatever you need to do and do the okay symbol again to Actually activate it which is really cool but I did actually notice if you do the okay symbol again it actually cancels it which is kind of cool which is perfectly fine you still do the okay symbol this just opens up the possibilities of doing so much more than Just having a static camera and especially if you don’t have someone to shoot content for you and you want to be a little bit more interactive this this is perfectly fine but let’s go outside let’s test it with Amber walk in front of it see what it does see if it gets Confused uh but if obviously there are…

The ai tracker and its capabilities

So even if I walk through the frame it’s still obviously just going to Track her which is really cool then Amber will do the symbol to stop the tracking and it’s perfectly fine she can walk out of frame I can go again and yeah I mean it’s seems pretty reliable especially when it comes to that distance I think the biggest thing As well is that it is tracking slightly off center so it looks like the center of the camera point is right here but the center of the tracking is directly in front so that kind of sucks it’d be nice if it was here I can see the camera is Slightly off to the side now one of the most interesting things about the mini 2 is this right here so essentially this is a counterbalance that you can actually add weights onto this side which will actually allow you to obviously have heavier camera setups now the payload of this is actually 1.2 Kilos which should suit a standard Sony Alpha camera and a relatively small lens uh so this can actually get away with quite a lot and that counterbalance just allows you to you know attach it properly otherwise it will sort of lean to one side so that is a really good Option to have and you’re can to actually adjust the amount of counterbalance weights you can put onto the side as well now don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure you should be able to buy this on the website itself as well so you can add it to any other Gimbal that you’re purchasing from fa Tech or I guess any other gimbal that you’ve already got now one of the most interesting features that I loved about the sculp original is that if you did press the F1 button on the left hand side it goes into fpv mode but fpv mode In vertical which obviously is very uh useful for Tik Tok Instagram YouTube shorts all those kind of things uh but this time you have to press the button twice because on the original if you accidentally tapped it once it would go into this mode and there were a few Times that I did tap it once accidentally because that’s where my thumb actually rests and obviously you don’t want that but your screen gets in the way a little bit in this mode but that is the biggest Pro about this version right here the scorp 2 is that That L bracket can actually come off and then you can actually attach this bottom plate to the side of the L bracket and mount it vert vertically without having to take the camera off mount it on a cage vertically and it just ends up being easier and…


And there you have it! The $269 gimbal with AI tracking sensor inbuilt is a game changer in the world of gimbals. With features such as a built-in AI tracking sensor, gesture control, and a lightweight design, this gimbal is perfect for creators looking to take their content to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the versatility and performance of this gimbal make it a must-have for any videographer. So if you’re in the market for a new gimbal, look no further than the $269 gimbal with AI tracking sensor inbuilt. You won’t be disappointed!


What is the $269 Gimbal with AI Tracking sensor inbuilt?

The $269 Gimbal with AI Tracking sensor inbuilt is a revolutionary camera stabilization device that utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically track subjects in a video or photo shoot.

How does the AI Tracking sensor work?

The AI Tracking sensor uses advanced algorithms to identify and lock onto a subject within the camera frame. It then uses the gimbal’s motors to smoothly follow the subject’s movements, keeping it in focus and centered at all times.

What are the benefits of using this gimbal?

Some benefits of using this gimbal include:
– Enhanced stability and smoothness in videos
– Effortless tracking of moving subjects
– Improved overall quality of footage
– Increased efficiency and productivity in shooting

Is the $269 Gimbal with AI Tracking sensor suitable for beginners?

Yes, the $269 Gimbal with AI Tracking sensor is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it suitable for beginners and experienced videographers alike.

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