$20 Reflector Lighing Hack!

Are you tired of spending a fortune on expensive lighting equipment for your photography or video projects? Look no further! We have a solution that will save you money and still give you professional results. Introducing the $20 reflector lighting hack! In this blog, we will show you how to create your own reflector using everyday materials that can be found at your local hardware store, all for under $20. With this budget-friendly hack, you can achieve soft and flattering lighting for your portraits, product shots, or even YouTube videos without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to expensive lighting setups and hello to the $20 reflector lighting hack!

$20 Reflector Lighting Hack


Hey guys what’s going on it’s Mitchell Ali here and today we’re talking about how you can use and modify natural light from the Sun to get better shots in your videos.

Comparing Equipment

It seems that as filmmakers we’ve become really accustomed to comparing ourselves and our work with others in the context of what camera gear or lenses we use. It’s easy to look at established professional DPS and think our work isn’t as good because they have professional cinema-grade equipment. This mindset can lead to a sense of paralysis and stop us from creating the things we want to create because we believe we don’t have the right equipment.

Using Natural Light

When we look at high production value sets, they often use natural light to achieve their desired look. However, they don’t just use raw sunlight – there are usually modifiers or bounces that enhance the lighting. In this video, I’ll show you some cheap and easy ways to harness and modify natural light to create more professional-looking videos.

The DIY Reflector

I went to the hardware store and found a cheap sheet of corfu plastic, which acts as a reflector. I punched holes in two sheets and connected them with a zip tie. This DIY reflector allows me to bounce more light into the scene or decrease the amount of light by folding it over. All in all, the bounce card cost me around $16 or $17.

The 5-in-1 Reflector

I also have a 5 mm one reflector that I got from Amazon. It has a diffuser to soften the light from the sun and four kinds of reflectors – black, silver, gold, and white. For this shoot, I used the white side as a diffuser.

The Importance of Assistants

When working with lighting setups like these, it’s important to have at least one assistant or a stand to hold the reflector. Two assistants provide even more control over the placement of the light. If you don’t have a crew to help, there are stands available that can hold the reflector or diffusion panel.

Example Scenarios

In the first scene, we used the DIY reflector and a diffusion panel to soften and control the harsh light coming from the left side and in front of the subject. By adjusting the exposure, we achieved a beautifully even-lit look.

In the second scene, we tackled a lighting scenario where sunlight was coming from behind the subject, creating shadows on the face. Using the DIY reflector, we bounced the light back into the scene to balance the exposure.


Although we only had time to shoot these two lighting scenarios, I’m excited to explore more outdoor lighting breakdowns using natural light and my DIY reflector. If you’re interested in the equipment used for this setup, you can find the links in the description below. If you enjoyed this content, please consider subscribing to my channel and leaving a like on this video. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video!

$20 Reflector Lighting Hack – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – $20 Reflector Lighting Hack!

What is the $20 Reflector Lighting Hack?

The $20 Reflector Lighting Hack is a simple and affordable technique to enhance your lighting setup using inexpensive reflectors. By utilizing these reflectors strategically, you can improve the lighting conditions for your photographs or videos without spending a fortune.

How does the $20 Reflector Lighting Hack work?

The hack involves purchasing a few inexpensive reflectors, such as white foam boards or silver reflector disks. These reflectors help redirect and modify existing light sources to better illuminate your subject. By positioning the reflectors strategically, you can enhance shadows, fill in light, or create more flattering lighting effects.

Where can I find the required reflectors for this hack?

You can find the necessary reflectors at most craft stores, home improvement stores, or online marketplaces. Look for white foam boards or silver reflector disks, as they provide the best results for this lighting hack.

What are some common lighting scenarios where the hack is beneficial?

The $20 Reflector Lighting Hack is useful in various lighting scenarios, such as portrait photography, product photography, or even video production. It helps improve the overall lighting quality by manipulating natural or artificial light sources to achieve desirable effects.

Are there any specific techniques for using the reflectors effectively?

Absolutely! Here are a few techniques to maximize the effectiveness of the reflectors:

  • Position the reflectors to bounce light onto the subject’s face, filling in any unflattering shadows.
  • Experiment with different angles and distances to achieve the desired lighting effect.
  • Combine multiple reflectors to create a more dynamic lighting setup.

Can this technique be used with professional lighting equipment?

Yes, the $20 Reflector Lighting Hack can be used alongside professional lighting setups. You can use reflectors to complement existing studio lighting, fill in shadows, or create more natural-looking lighting effects.

Is this hack suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This lighting hack is beginner-friendly, affordable, and versatile. It provides a great introduction to understanding light and its impact on photography or videography. Give it a try and see your images come to life!

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