2 NEW SONY CAMERAS!!! 10 CANON Lenses Coming?

Are you a photography enthusiast eagerly waiting for the latest camera releases? Look no further, as Sony has just unveiled not one, but two new cameras that are set to revolutionize the world of photography. With cutting-edge technology and innovative features, these cameras are sure to take your photography skills to new heights. But that’s not all – rumors are swirling that Canon is also planning to release not one or two, but a stunning collection of ten lenses! This blog post will delve into the details of these exciting new camera releases, giving you a sneak peek into the future of photography. Get ready to capture breathtaking shots like never before!

2 NEW SONY CAMERAS!!! 10 CANON Lenses Coming?

In this article, we will discuss the exciting news of two new Sony cameras and the possibility of 10 new Canon lenses. Read on to find out more!

Sony announces the a7c2 and a7cr

Sony has finally made the long-awaited announcements for the a7c2 and a7cr cameras. Although these are pre-production models, they give us a glimpse of what to expect. The a7c2 takes everything from the A7 IV but adds dual card slots and a new AI processing chip for improved autofocus. With a 33-megapixel BSI sensor, Bion’s XR processor, and an ISO range of 151-200, this camera promises excellent image and video quality. However, the evf and LCD may be a disappointment for some users. The a7c2 is priced at $2198, $300 less than the A7 IV.

On the other hand, the a7cr combines the A7 R5’s internals with the same body as the a7c2. With a remarkable 61-megapixel sensor, Bion’s XR processor, and a dedicated AI processor, this camera offers stunning image quality. While it lacks in some areas, such as only one SD card slot and a less satisfactory EVF and LCD screen, overall it remains a fantastic camera option for professionals. Priced at $2999, it is $900 less than the a7R 5.

Canon Rumors: New RF Mount Lenses

Source: Jaredpolin.froknowsphoto.com

According to Canon rumors, there is news of several new RF mount lenses to be released by Canon between now and March 2024. With expectations of eight to ten new lenses, Canon users can look forward to an array of options. Hopefully included in this list will be a professional ultra-wide-angle zoom, a 35mm f/1.2 lens, a 200mm f/2 lens, and an 85-135mm f/2 lens. Additionally, there are speculations of a wide-angle RFS zoom lens, perfect for vlogging. Perhaps third-party options from companies like Tamron and Sigma will also be available at more affordable price points for everyday enthusiasts.

B&H Build Expo

If you’re a photography and video enthusiast, don’t miss out on the B&H Build Expo happening on September 6th and 7th in New York City. With over 130 brands including Canon, Sony, Nikon, and others, and featuring 60 speakers across four different stages, this Expo promises to be an incredible event. Check out more details and sign up for free at bit.ly/throwbuild.

In conclusion, Sony’s new a7c2 and a7cr cameras bring compelling updates and features to the market. Meanwhile, Canon fans can anticipate the release of several new RF mount lenses, expanding their options for different photography needs. Exciting times are ahead for photography enthusiasts!

FAQ about the Topic: 2 NEW SONY CAMERAS!!! 10 CANON Lenses Coming?

  1. Q: Are there really two new Sony cameras being released?

    A: Yes, Sony has recently announced the launch of two new camera models.

  2. Q: Can you provide some details about these new Sony cameras?

    A: Unfortunately, further details about the specific features, specifications, and availability of the new Sony cameras have not been disclosed yet. We suggest staying tuned for official announcements from Sony or checking reputable camera news sources for updates.

  3. Q: Are there any rumors about the upcoming Canon lenses?

    A: Yes, there have been rumors circulating about the release of 10 new Canon lenses. However, please note that these are still rumors, and Canon has not made any official announcements regarding new lenses at this time.

  4. Q: When can we expect more information about the new Canon lenses?

    A: As of now, no specific timeline has been provided for the announcement or release of the rumored Canon lenses. Keep an eye on Canon’s official channels or trusted photography websites for updates as they become available.

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