Do you ever struggle to capture the perfect shot of your modified car? Are you tired of having to rely on others or settle for subpar photos? Well, look no further because we have the solution for you! In this blog, we will be discussing how to achieve 17 minutes of pure modified car photography with the Sony A6400. We will provide you with tips and techniques to help you capture stunning and dynamic images of your beloved modified car. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just an enthusiast looking to up your photography game, this blog is for you. So grab your camera and let’s get started!

17 Minutes of Pure Modified Car Photography with Sony A6400 | POV

17 Minutes of Pure Modified Car Photography with Sony A6400 | POV

What’s good guys today I’m going to be sharing with you a POV I shot in Liverpool early last month at the ultimate car show with the Sony a6400 and I paired it with the 18 to 50 and the 56 F14. All the photography you’re gonna see in today’s video have been Edited by presets. If you do want to check them out, link for them is in the description below. But of all that said and done let me share with you some of the photography I was able to capture. Thank you.

Liverpool Car Show

Look at all these cars, man! We’ve got a Skyline here, oh we got the shawako. I actually would love to own one of these cars myself, but I don’t think I could afford the upkeep. Oh, the Beamer there, we’re gonna be it’s so sorted photography content today, this is gonna be sick. Where do we start? Whoa, is that a super? Nice landscape shot off the back. Very nice. Okay, all right, next we’re going to use this, uh, what is this, an Audi, as a bit of a foreground to the Supra. Sit with me, snap, that is good, that is really good art shot. Like that, that is perfect. Now we’re going to get a portrait shot of the great light again. I now want to get a photo of the alloy right here. Oh yes, we need the 56 out soon to really get the F14, but for now, I’m shooting at about 50 mil on the 18 to 50 and it is giving us results. I’m gonna have to bring down the shutter speed to 150 of a second, so with no five action by civilization, we have to keep it really stable just so one of them are is going to be sharp, we’ll have to hope anyway and that is the result. Oh, God damn, that is beautiful, I love the color. Oh wow, look at that engine. Let’s get a shot of the engine bay, engine bay, that’s a nice detail shot. Look at that, that is, that is pornography. I don’t think I should be allowed to show this on YouTube. A nice headlight shot here from this angle. Oh wow, pure art. Like they’re speaking of art, we’ve got a super, oh that is exquisite. For our next shot, here we are going to just wait for these people to walk by and fill the free medicine portrait, oh, nice. I’ll be able to remove the background signs and in Photoshop and get them all cleared up, but wow, that is a shot, like went for a higher angle there, looking down at the car, shooting that at the widest possible at 18 on this lens, and it’s not looking bad, crowds are taken away from it a little bit, but you can’t really do much about that in this scenario. What we want right here, look at that, that is nice, look how low that is, not getting over speed bump, so it’s just insane, don’t worry about, have a good day guys.

Frequently Asked Questions


The video showcases 17 minutes of modified car photography using the Sony A6400 camera from a point-of-view perspective.

2. What equipment is used in the video?

The video primarily features the Sony A6400 camera and various modified cars as subjects. Additional photography equipment may be used, but the focus is on the A6400 and the modified cars.

3. Is the video suitable for beginners in car photography?

Yes, the video provides a POV perspective and showcases the process of photographing modified cars, making it suitable for beginners to learn from and gain insights into car photography using the Sony A6400.

4. Are there any tips or techniques shared in the video?

Yes, the video may include tips and techniques for capturing the best shots of modified cars using the Sony A6400 from a POV perspective.

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