120 seconds of PURE Photography tips on a rooftop!

Are you tired of struggling to capture the perfect shot every time you pick up your camera? Look no further than our blog dedicated to 120 seconds of PURE Photography tips on a rooftop! This quick and efficient guide is designed to give you the essential knowledge and techniques needed to elevate your photography skills, all within the stunning backdrop of a rooftop. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or a seasoned photographer searching for new inspiration, these tips will help you unlock the full potential of your camera and capture breathtaking rooftop images. So grab your camera and get ready to unleash your creativity in just 2 minutes!

120 Seconds of PURE Photography Tips on a Rooftop

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In this video sponsored by Story Blood and Promising Journaal en Chompy Nieuwbouw Photography, you will find 120 seconds of pure photography tips on a rooftop. If you’re interested in learning how to make the most of your rooftop photography experience and capture stunning images, keep reading!

Using the Flash to Enhance Your Photos

One tip to elevate your rooftop photography is to experiment with using a flash for some of your shots. The flash can help you expose your subject and the background in a balanced way. If you’re using an iPhone, you can connect an external flash like the Explorer 300 to enhance your lighting conditions and improve the overall quality of your photos.

Composition and Symmetry

When shooting on a rooftop, it’s important to consider composition and symmetry. Look for ways to create a visually appealing composition by incorporating elements of symmetry or asymmetry. For example, if you have two tall buildings in the background, you can position yourself and your subject in the middle to create an interesting composition. Play around with different angles and perspectives to add depth and visual interest to your images.

Telephoto Lens for Capturing Details

Using a telephoto lens can help you capture intricate details in your rooftop photography. It can also help you isolate your subject from the background, creating a more focused and impactful image. Experiment with different focal lengths and use your telephoto lens to bring out the textures, patterns, and shapes present on the rooftop.

Ambient Light Balancing and External Flash

When shooting on a rooftop, balancing ambient light and using an external flash can greatly enhance your photos. It’s important to understand how ambient light affects your images and make adjustments accordingly. You can use your flash to fill in shadows and add dynamic lighting effects, resulting in more compelling rooftop shots.

Capturing Moody Moments

To add a touch of moodiness to your rooftop photography, take advantage of the natural eye for detail and download presets that enhance the sky and overall ambiance. This can help you create images with a moody aesthetic, evoking emotions and creating a powerful visual storytelling experience for your viewers. Experiment with different presets and find the ones that best suit your artistic vision.

The Power of High-Quality Equipment

Investing in high-quality equipment, such as camera lenses and post-processing tools, can make a significant difference in the outcome of your rooftop photography. It’s worth considering using professional-grade tools to ensure sharpness, clarity, and vividness of your images. This can elevate the overall quality of your work and help you stand out in the competitive world of photography.


In conclusion, rooftop photography can offer unique and captivating opportunities to capture stunning images. By using techniques such as incorporating flash, playing with composition, balancing ambient light, and using high-quality equipment, you can take your rooftop photography to the next level. Remember to experiment, unleash your creativity, and have fun while exploring the world of rooftop photography!

FAQ – 120 seconds of PURE Photography tips on a rooftop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is “120 seconds of PURE Photography tips on a rooftop!”?

A: “120 seconds of PURE Photography tips on a rooftop!” is a photography-focused event where professional photographers share their expert tips and tricks in a quick 2-minute session held on a beautiful rooftop location.

Q: Where does the event take place?

A: The event takes place on a stunning rooftop venue. Please refer to our location section for more details.

Q: Can you provide the address of the rooftop venue?

A: We do not disclose the exact address publicly. However, upon registration, all attendees will receive an email containing the specific location details, including the address and directions to the rooftop venue.

Q: Who are the photographers conducting the sessions?

A: We have a lineup of experienced and renowned photographers who specialize in various genres such as landscape, portrait, street, and wildlife photography. Each session will be led by a different photographer, ensuring a diverse range of photography tips.

Q: How long does each session last?

A: Each photography session lasts exactly 2 minutes. Our aim is to provide quick, actionable tips that attendees can easily grasp and apply in their own photography endeavors.

Q: Do I need to bring my own camera?

A: It is recommended to bring your own camera, as the photographers might provide live demonstrations and hands-on exercises during the sessions. However, it is not mandatory, and you can still benefit from the tips and knowledge even if you don’t have a camera with you.

Q: Is the event suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! “120 seconds of PURE Photography tips on a rooftop!” caters to photographers of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or have advanced photography skills, you’ll find valuable insights and techniques to enhance your photography.

Q: How can I register for the event?

A: To register for the event, please visit our registration page where you’ll find a simple form to fill out with your details. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

Q: What is the registration fee?

A: We are delighted to offer this event completely free of charge to all attendees. However, due to limited spots, we recommend registering early to secure your place.

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