10 Things You NEED To Know About the HOLLYLAND LARK MAX Wireless System.

If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-quality wireless audio system, the HOLLYLAND LARK MAX Wireless System is definitely worth considering. This innovative device offers a range of features and capabilities that make it a standout choice for content creators, filmmakers, and anyone in need of professional-grade wireless audio. From its impressive range to its user-friendly interface, there are many reasons to consider adding the LARK MAX to your audio setup. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 key things you need to know about this impressive wireless system, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to upgrading your audio equipment.

10 Things You NEED To Know About the HOLLYLAND LARK MAX Wireless System

Foreign Audio system in my camera bag because I just never know when it’s going to come in handy for my content and the advantages of going Wireless are even more impressive and versatile when it has internal recording as well this is the Holly Land Lark Max and it not only Has the ability to do all that but it’s also got some extra tricks up its sleeves as well so in this video we’re going to talk about 10 essential things that you need to know about the Lark Max and an extra bonus 11th feature if you stick around to the end so Secure the cup let’s go outside for this one kicking things off with number one is that the Lark Max comes with everything that you need to record not just one but two subjects foreign so in the kit we’ve got two transmitter slash microphones that you would connect To a single receiver that you would then attach to your camera so you could shoot two-person interviews or you could just use one microphone as a backup or you could just swap them out when you run out of battery on one but speaking of that it also comes with a charging case That holds and charges everything which brings us to number two power Each microphone transmitter has an internal battery that will last up to seven and a half hours and the receiver will last up to nine hours and then on top of that the charging case has the ability to charge the whole kit two extra times and even with that much Battery life it still only takes two hours to charge from empty to full using the charging case but on top of the juice that you get from it the charging case looks pretty sick too and it’s super easy to use by just snapping the components in to their little homes like You’re tucking them in beyond the core of the kit that you’ve already seen the Lark Max also comes with a bunch of the extra goodies that make life even better foreign you get two win covers one for each of the microphones and they’re super easy To get on and off you get a bunch of different cables for charging or connecting to various devices like your camera your phone or your computer and then you also get a nice carrying case that holds all the extras as well as the main charging case within it all three Of the devices in the kit have a clip on the back of them so you can clip them to clothing or something like that and it also fits inside a hot shoe on your camera but those clips are also metal and it comes with a couple of little Magnetic discs so you can put the disc behind your shirt and attach the microphone in front number four is that the built-in microphones that you’ve been listening to this whole time in case you didn’t catch on to that have ENC noise canceling in them As far as I’m aware this is the same or very similar technology to what most headphones and earbuds use to accept an extra signal of the environmental noise reverse the polarity and then combine that back with the main signal to try and isolate the voice part of it I think anyway but regardless of how it’s done let’s take it for a quick spin noise canceling turned off [Applause] check check test test one two three noise canceling turned on check check test test one two three and as you just saw turning it on is as easy As hitting a little button on the side of the transmitter number five also has to do with the built-in microphone but it’s more that you have multiple options for sources of audio what I mean by that is that both of the transmitters also have an audio input That you can use if you already have a fancy lav mic that you’d like to use or maybe you’re trying to be a bit more discreet and you don’t want to have this on the front of your shirt and technically you could also plug in a typical on-camera shotgun microphone Into the transmitter and just use that as a wireless option number six may be my favorite feature on the Lark Max kit and that is the internal recording you can record high quality 24-bit 48 kilohertz wave files directly to each of the transmitters for up to 14 hours Because they’ve each got eight gigabytes of internal storage so one of my favorite ways to use the kit is to only pull out a transmitter not even worry about the receiver or anything like that and just hit record on the unit and then use that as its own little field Recorder then I can add another microphone onto my camera if I want to or if I’m trying to keep a low profile I don’t have to have anything on the camera at all and I can just use the internal microphones to sync the audio afterwards you can also set up the Transmitters to automatically start recording when you pull them out of the case and since you’ve got seven and a half hours of battery life from 14 hours of recording I just kind of leave it running all the time and then I never miss anything and that little bit of Extra work that it takes to sync things when you get back to your computer is totally worth it to know that you didn’t miss anything that being said there are still a couple of reasons why you might want to bust out that receiver every once in a while one of those being the Controls and that big beautiful bright OLED touch screen on the receiver we’ve got one dial that also doubles as a button as well as the touch screen so that we can see all of our different Vital Information we can change our settings on both the transmitters and the receiver and on the Side of the receiver the power button also doubles as a lock screen button so you can lock it so you don’t accidentally hit something that you didn’t mean to and one of the cool settings that you have within the receiver are the EQ controls there are three different EQ settings That you have to choose from there’s Hi-Fi low cut and vocal boost HiFi is designed to give you Clarity throughout the entire frequency range so this is good for just general purpose recording low cut is going to get rid of the low frequencies which is good for getting Rid of things like an air conditioning unit humming in the background traffic or even sometimes wind and vocal boost as the name implies is going to give a little boost to the frequencies that are predominantly found in the human voice so that you can isolate that a little Bit better from a noisy environment another cool thing that you can do if you choose to record through the receiver into something like a camera is choose how you’re recording There are three different options that you have there’s stereo mono and safety track technically if you’re recording to a camera you’re probably recording a left and a right track but if you’re putting the same thing on both of those tracks it sounds like it’s coming from the middle which mimics a mono channel In Stereo mode each of the transmitters is going to be recorded on a single track so either the left or the right track you then have the ability to pull those apart in your editor and mix them separately in mono mode it takes both transmitters it mixes the signals Together and puts them on both the left and right channel if you’re not planning on going into an editor and pulling apart the audio and mixing it properly


FAQs About HOLLYLAND LARK MAX Wireless System

What is the HOLLYLAND LARK MAX Wireless System?

The HOLLYLAND LARK MAX Wireless System is a professional wireless video transmission system designed for filmmakers and content creators.

What are the key features of the LARK MAX Wireless System?

The key features include a compact and lightweight design, 1080p video transmission, low latency, dual HDMI and SDI inputs/outputs, and a range of up to 300ft.

How does the LARK MAX Wireless System benefit filmmakers?

The system provides a reliable and high-quality wireless video transmission solution, allowing filmmakers to monitor and control their footage remotely without being tethered to their camera.

What kind of cameras can the LARK MAX Wireless System be used with?

The system is compatible with most professional cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and cinema cameras with HDMI or SDI outputs.

Can the LARK MAX Wireless System be used for live streaming?

Yes, the system supports live streaming, making it suitable for various applications, including live events, sports, and news broadcasting.

What is the setup process for the LARK MAX Wireless System?

The system is easy to set up and requires no complex configurations. Simply pair the transmitter and receiver, and you’re ready to start wirelessly transmitting video.

What accessories are included with the LARK MAX Wireless System?

The system comes with antennas, power cables, and a hard case for convenient storage and transportation.

What is the price range of the LARK MAX Wireless System?

The system is competitively priced and offers great value for its performance and features.

Is the LARK MAX Wireless System suitable for professional use?

Yes, the system is designed for professional use and has been widely used in various film and video production projects.

Where can I purchase the LARK MAX Wireless System?

The system is available for purchase through authorized HOLLYLAND dealers and online retailers.

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