10 Minutes Of Relaxing POV Surf Photography (Tamron 70-180mm 2.8)

Are you ready to capture the perfect surfing shot in stunning detail? With the Tamron 70-180mm 2.8 lens, you can now take your surf photography to the next level. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist looking to improve your skills, this lens provides the perfect solution for capturing breathtaking POV surf images. In just 10 minutes, you can relax and immerse yourself in the world of surf photography, capturing the beauty and excitement of the ocean in stunning detail. Join us as we explore the incredible capabilities of the Tamron 70-180mm 2.8 lens and learn how to take your surf photography to the next level.

10 Minutes Of Relaxing POV Surf Photography (Tamron 70-180mm 2.8)

10 Minutes Of Relaxing POV Surf Photography (Tamron 70-180mm 2.8)

Foreign this morning the weather was super beautiful so the photographer thought they’d come down and take some photos. They decided to shoot the beach and the surfers using their a74 and the Tamron 70-180 2.8 lens. They also planned to use a new GoPro Hero 11 to capture a POV perspective. The photographer mentioned that they were testing the GoPro before a trip to Japan.

Relaxing POV Surf Photography

The photographer decided to sit and observe the surfers for a while, as the setting was perfect with the city in the background. They described the scene of surfers taking off in the waves and the layers that could be captured. They mentioned using the compression and shooting at F5 at the moment.

Perfect Lens for Surf Photography

The photographer emphasized that the Tamron 70-180mm 2.8 lens was perfect for this kind of photography. They suggested that a longer lens would be ideal to capture shots further up and down the beach but noted that the 70-200mm range allowed for a wide shot as well.

Photography Technique

The photographer explained their autofocus mode, using spot tracking to track the desired object. They mentioned the ability to frame the shot and wait for the perfect moment as being similar to street photography.

Capturing the Perfect Shot

The photographer shared their perspective on framing the shots with the surrounding elements, such as trees, to add foreground interest. They expressed enjoyment in capturing the surfers and the onlookers in the background, creating a visually appealing composition.

After running out of battery and card space on the GoPro, the photographer concluded their session. They expressed hope that viewers enjoyed the photos and stated that they had a lot of fun shooting them. They also mentioned the availability of their preset pack for editing photos in the video description.

If viewers enjoyed the video, they were encouraged to leave a like and check out the photographer’s preset pack. The photographer then extended well wishes to the viewers and expressed a desire to check in with them soon.

FAQ: 10 Minutes Of Relaxing POV Surf Photography (Tamron 70-180mm 2.8)

What equipment was used for this surf photography?

The Tamron 70-180mm 2.8 lens was used for this POV surf photography. The photographer also used a high-quality camera to capture the stunning visuals.

How long is the video and what can I expect to see?

The video is 10 minutes long and it showcases relaxing POV surf photography. You can expect to see the beautiful ocean waves, surfers in action, and the serene beach scenery.

Is this video suitable for relaxation purposes?

Yes, the video is perfect for relaxation and unwinding. The calming visuals and soothing sounds of the ocean make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to de-stress and relax.

Can I use this video for personal or commercial purposes?

This video is meant for personal use and enjoyment. If you’d like to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the photographer for permission.

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